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111 Questions for tarot, oracle cards and journal prompts

This guide will help you to strengthen and develop your own intuition when working with tarot cards, oracle cards, stream of consciousness writing and art journalling, or can be used as prompts for deep reflection in meditation.

The 111 questions are divided into different categories: 

Path and purpose Money and abundance – Work and success

Love and relationships – Family and friends – Health and happiness

Asking the right questions to your unconscious mind / Higher Self can unlock a trove of insight and knowledge that can be used to make powerful, life-affirming decisions. Use these questions as a starting point and then add your own questions as you get more proficient.

As you develop your intuition and discover you can trust its guidance by asking powerful questions, your confidence will grow and you’ll take more aligned action steps towards an abundant, joy-filled and meaningful life you love.

111 Questions for tarot, oracle cards and journal prompts

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