5 planets in retrograde last month! Did the sh*t hit the fan for you too?


I’m curious. Did you find last month was a crazy month of upheaval, inner questioning and deconstruction, peppered with self doubt and wild moments of intense joy and clarity?


It seems to have been for lots of people that I’ve been speaking with recently.


It certainly was for me!


I’m no astrologer, but I know the planets have played their part. Five were in retrograde at different times in April –  Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto. And when a planet is in retrograde it usually brings some chaos.


You’ve probably heard of, or experienced ‘Mercury in retrograde’ when your technology and communications can break down, you feel misunderstood, your internet, phone or computers stop working for no apparent reason, and so on…


Well think of that, with the compound effect of four other planets, all influencing different areas of your life.


The power of planets in retrograde

You may have experienced the effect of this as a sense of not knowing whether you’re coming or going, or walking on shifting sands. This would have made making clear decisions, planning and taking action difficult, and generally feeling frustrated that you’re not getting further ahead.


When planets are in retrograde they influence your unconscious, feminine energy. It’s typically a time to slow down, go within, get creative, operate from your heart, your intuition and your feelings, connect with others and explore your inner dreams and desires.


When we tune into, and honour this feminine energy, not only can we can ride out the chaos, but we can use it as an opportunity to release many destructive and limiting egoic patterns, to restore harmony and flow.


If you don’t, and you use your mind and your masculine energy to move ahead, to get busy ‘doing’, and force your way forward, then it’s very likely that you would have felt a lot of resistance, emotional intensity, and havoc. Especially if you are sensitive.


Balancing masculine and feminine energy


Oh how the sh*t hits the fan when you don’t listen!

I’ve discovered most of this in retrospect. A good friend of mine who is really into the effects of the planets had warned me it was coming. But did I listen?


No, I did not!


I never expected such a big impact, and it has been a really challenging time.


I was trying to be productive, efficient, business-like and effective by using my mental processes to get stuff done as usual, and SO MANY THINGS DIDN’T WORK!


I couldn’t focus on anything for long, I wasn’t inspired to do my marketing, and as I got caught deeper into the quagmire of confusion and self doubt I got triggered by lots of things.


I’ve had a couple of mini-meltdowns. My inner critic was pretty vocal… “You should be doing better than this or be further along…”, “You’re wasting time…”, “Why haven’t you finished xyz…”, “How can you be teaching others to feel happy, peaceful, abundant and in flow when you’re not doing it yourself…”, etc.


I’m sure you know how this goes from your own mean little mind gremlins.


I met some pretty old patterns of shame, judgement, pain, fear, victimhood and sadness.


But fortunately, I’ve been taking myself through my own programme of self observation and surrender, and because I stayed present to most of this discomfort, and used my energy tools to clear it, it’s been a huge opportunity for learning and transformation.


* And just so you know, whenever you’re experiencing negative emotion in your own life, it helps to remember that it is simply old crap coming out to be released because of some intention or desire for change that you’d sent out to the universe. It’s the universe responding to your request – BECAUSE YOU ARE THAT POWERFUL, and as long as you offer no resistance it will work itself out of your energy system and be gone for good.



It’s always darkest before the dawn

On reflection as I write this, I now realise that it was my natural instinct and sensitivity to energy that drew me inwards through this time, even though I fought it at times, and I spent the month generally being very creative and introspective.


In fact, although I thought I was being really unproductive, and I was giving myself a hard time because little was finished and ‘put out there’, when I review the month I am astonished at how much I have achieved.


I’ve developed a whole new self awareness tool, which I’ve called ‘Soul Light Archetypes’, which I’ll be sharing with you soon. I’ve been developing new energy clearing tools for personal healing and transformation, and I was able to follow my intuition and throw out all the planning I’d done for a workshop to run a very powerful group healing session on the fly instead, using these tools, which was awesome.


I’ve had numerous light bulb moments, deep insights and discovered new parts of me that I’d been blind to because of unconscious fears, which all this energetic turmoil has brought into consciousness. And my limiting beliefs about the abundance we can all experience in our lives has been blown wide open too, something I’ve been able to weave into the workshop and my client sessions, which is having a profound effect.


Some of the things that really helped me which you might find helpful – whether the planets are retrograde or not – are:

  • Giving yourself permission to feel everything that’s coming up, without judging the emotions. It’s one thing to have an intention to stay in a high vibe state, but if you’re feeling crap and you want to rant, cry and roar, then let yourself safely express that, or it will play havoc until you’ve released resistance to feeling it.


  • Practicing gratitude for all the blessings that you have in your life.


  • Being greedy for support. I invested financially in my wellbeing and my business with coaching, healing, workshops and study programmes, because I know that it helps me expand and grow, and gives the universe the message that I mean business! And I reached out to friends and family for connection and emotional support. Both were a stretch.


  • Practicing consistent energy work to keep clearing your energy field. It’s such an unstable time right now, energetically, and thinking it’s enough to complete a course, have a retreat weekend or do some healing work with a practitioner is simply not going to cut it. You wouldn’t have a spa day and then decide that you don’t need to shower or relax on a daily basis after, would you? Energy work is the same. To get the benefits you need to have a daily practice that really feels good to you. And be sure not to just go through the motions – you really need to feel it in your body so it’s grounded.


  • Choosing what you want, not focusing on what you don’t want. You create your reality from the inside out. Before you can manifest what you want in the physical, you first have to feel the joy, abundance, connection, freedom, or whatever feeling you are wanting to experience, on the inside by playing with your imagination and focusing on what you want.If something is happening you don’t want or like, let it go, and re-focus on feeling what you do want or like. Remember that everything you are perceiving with your physical senses is a result of past beliefs and thinking. Every day you get to choose new thoughts and create anew.


  • Developing the trust that you are always Divinely supported, and focusing on that feeling of universal, unwavering support even when the external ‘evidence’ seems to show the opposite. This the trickiest part of the manifestation process. It’s a journey that requires a leap of faith to break through the ego’s control, so be prepared to have some resistance show up, but once you’ve got this, you have the magic key to manifesting anything you want!


So actually, although it was a hellish month for me in many ways, it has created some incredible breakthroughs. Which just goes to show, it always works out in the end once you stop resisting, and when something is super-challenging and you are tested to your limit, then you can be pretty sure you are on the way to a breakthrough, because it’s always darkest before the dawn.


And you?

Have you been experiencing similar chaos?


Did you struggle to make clear choices and take consistent action?


Could you feel something pulling you from within to be more introspective – and did you fight it, or go with it?


In this unique time of transformation that humanity and the planet are going through, you can be sure to expect many more of these periods of upheaval. So try your best to follow the flow of your powerful inner urges, especially at times when planets are in retrograde, even if it goes against everything your head says.


The more you can go with the flow and allow the energies to guide you, and the more you trust in whatever the Universe brings for you, the easier your life will be.


Here’s to living an abundant, happy life!


Much love,
Cathy Ballard – Spiritual Buisness Mentor and Transformation Coach

P.S. If you’re ready and willing to open up to your Unlimited Abundance adventure, please feel free to contact me for a no-strings chat, and let’s see what’s possible together.