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What the trees taught me…

This is part three of my recent American adventure.

I have to admit, I am a total tree hugger! And tapping into the consciousness of trees is something that fills me up and makes me happy without fail. Some of the sequoias, or giant redwood trees, in Yosemite National Park are the oldest on the planet. One, named “Giant Grizzly” is two and a half thousand years old! It started growing around the time of the Buddha and 500 years before Jesus Christ!

 Doesn’t it make your mind boggle?!!

They live in a very rare micro climate, of which there are very few left in the world, but they can survive through sub-zero snow-covered winters, droughts and summer fires. They are able to do this because they’re equipped with the most amazing natural resource –  a special thick bark that protects them.

The fires are an important part of their yearly cycle because the other trees cannot survive them, so their competition for light and water is kept at bay.

And if the fires do happen to burn right through the bark to expose their core wood they are able to heal themselves from within by regenerating more bark to cover the wound so they are protected once again, and they can continue growing.

You might think that trees as tall as these have very deep roots, but they don’t. Their roots are shallow, but very, very wide, and intertwine with the rocks and the roots of their neighbours for more stability.




Takeaway: The analogy that comes to mind is that to create your life’s work – to become the full expression of who you’re coded to become – who you are at your roots is vitally important.

You need to know who you are and who you’re not. You need to know what brings you alive; what your purpose on this earth is, what brings life meaning; what you’re growing for; that you’re inherently valuable just as you are, and why it’s worth all the effort that life will demand of you.

And along life’s journey all manner of situations and events will challenge you: there will be rocks in your path to grow around, but that will ultimately give you a strong foundation, and at times you will get burned. But you have unlimited natural inner resources to draw on, so you can heal from the inside out and continue growing through the natural intelligence of the Source energy that created you; flourishing where others who are less resilient, or less committed will not.

The consciousness of trees and what they have to teach us is wonderful, and they also demonstrate beautifully the power and strength to endure through the shared support of others.

Question: Who are you at your roots? What are the things in your life that make it worth living, that really matter to you; that bring you alive? What supports you to grow and flourish, to be your greatest expression of who you can be?

Brainstorm everything you can think of and take steps to give those things more focus and attention – because where focus goes, energy flows, which is what’s required to bring more of what matters most to you into your life.

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