On October 30th, much to my absolute joy and surprise, I had a sell-out launch of my new business networking group, Winning Women Central London. It has to go down as one of my best days of 2013 and I’m still on a happy high!

Blowing my own trumpet has never come naturally to me, but when I look back to the scared shaking leaf I was doing my first four minute ‘icebreaker’ speech on a Toastmasters stage in February 2012, I’m so proud of myself because of what I’ve just done. I feel like I’ve taken some huge steps and because of that wonderful opportunities are opening up everywhere.

Back then, to get me anywhere near a stage it took a few NLP and hypnotherapy sessions to deal with the shaking and the problem of total brain freeze whenever I had the spotlight on me, but the thing that made the biggest shift in me was putting a stake in the ground, deciding on a date to launch The Aphrodite Club – my first personal development group, and telling people about it.

I had made a commitment to the dream in my heart before I knew how I could ever make it happen and then went to find out how to do it and deal with the fears that were standing in the way. Once I’d done that, all kinds of surprising help came my way.

That process of getting clear about what I truly want, cutting off any escape route so I can’t back out and taking the big leap of faith into the unknown has served me well ever since.

It hasn’t been an easy journey by any means. Flying by the seat of your pants into the unknown is downright scary! And the bigger your dreams you go for, the louder the inner gremlins tell you that you’re crazy to think you can be it, do it or have it.

Thoughts of getting a J.O.B. in order to pay the rent heralded the darkest moments, but you know, they do say that the darkest time is before the dawn and I’ve found this to be true many times, so you could take it as a sign of a break through if you can just keep going and refuse to quit.

When you persevere, take steps forward and keep focused on what you want in your heart you will be sure to manifest it.

The thing that has consistently helped me to get what I really want is to visualise the ‘future me’ happily being, doing or having what I’m wishing for. I get deeply into the higher emotions of what receiving what I want will bring for myself and others, and the positive impact it will make for the greater good.

I spend at least half an hour every morning consciously imagining and feeling how it will feel to have freedom of time and money and the joy that will bring to myself, friends and family; how good it feels to speak confidently so my future clients feel safe, supported and inspired, and so on.

All these positive emotional states are just vibrations of energy, and at the deepest level we are purely energetic beings with our own unique frequency of energy. When you consciously bring these imagined experiences into your energy field you are raising your vibration to be more in alignment with what it is you want.

It is a physical law that like energies attract, so when your vibration is totally aligned you will naturally draw the experience you desire to you. And it’s actually quite a simple process, although not an easy one, which is where having a coach or mentor, or trusted friends who believe in you can make all the difference.

But honestly, if I can go from that fear-filled woman with a big dream to bringing off something I could have never imagined possible, then anyone can, and what you can create really is only limited by your beliefs and your imagination, so what are you waiting for? Get into your heart and make those dreams a reality!

If this resonates with you and you want to find out more about how I could help you create the life of your dreams then please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.