Activate your power

I think I’m power-obsessed… mwahahahahahaha!

Last week I wrote a blog, Reclaim Your Innate Power, which came about because in these current times so many people are looking to others for a solution, and in doing so, they are giving their own power away.

As always, in every adversity is a gift, if we choose to look for it, so once we become aware that we’re expecting others to do something for us, or waiting for something outside of ourselves to change, then we can take back responsibility for our own lives, have more agency, and as a result, feel more in control over our actions and their consequences.

So perhaps this is the Divinely orchestrated point in time for us to finally step into our innate power in order to co-create the future we collectively aspire to live, that harmoniously and sustainably supports humanity and our beautiful planet?

If that’s true, then it’s up to us to make it happen – not through force, or making others do things against their truth, but by being the change, inspiring others to support a shared vision and activating those resources within ourselves.

And definitely not by expecting others to do it for us, just passively following along.

Activate your power

Powerlessness is an illusion

While this powerlessness is playing out on the global level, I’ve been watching it playing out in peoples’ personal lives around me, among friends, family, clients – and in my own life, which felt maddeningly STUCK for a while.

I was hearing people say things like “That’s just how things are… We can’t do anything about it… I don’t have any choice… Let’s wait and see what happens… I don’t know what to do… I don’t have the energy… I can’t change things… We can’t expect things to be different right now…”

A whole lot of reasons easily roll off the tongue about why people are not taking action in their lives or stepping more fully into their life purpose, when, before the pandemic, they would have perhaps challenged their limiting beliefs and not let things derail or distract them.

While all of these statements might have some logic to them, they are not statements of truth.

They are just perspectives – limiting beliefs that are an illusion, even if they appear true.

But the powerlessness in the collective consciousness is undoubtedly having a big effect on us at a personal level. In this case, influencing passivity, so it’s no wonder that other things in life don’t feel like they’re moving forwards and we find ourselves in a funk of stuckness!

Something else that contributes to us not moving forwards towards our dreams is that we leak a lot of energy by focusing on what we don’t want, rather than what we do want. We are being bombarded with draining news that activates fear and restrictions that hurt us emotionally. 

Just look at the two pictures below and notice how your body responds.

Activate your power
Activate your power

How much more are you focusing on what you believe you can’t change or have rather than on your dreams and goals?

Activate your power
Activate your power

Well, the good news is that, although there are other influences in the field, activating your innate power is actually within fairly easy reach...

If you are alive, then you can access it!
When you do, you might find that new ideas, vision and inspiration bubbles up into your awareness that ignites your passion, gives you renewed energy and urges you to take action in different, more creative ways.
For example, I was meditating the other morning on what I could offer that would serve people the most right now. In my ‘pre-pandemic’ Flow Alignment Sessions I typically worked with people who wanted clarity about the bigger vision for their lives and support them to clear the patterns and blocks hidden in their unconscious mind that were keeping them small, in fear and that were stopping them from embodying their vision.
For someone to effectively make those changes meant they had to be willing to dive into their shadow places to meet the parts of themselves that at some point they decided were unacceptable, unloveable and unworthy so they could reintegrate them into their wholeness.
This is deep work.
It usually takes time for the psyche to trust, to be willing to expand its comfort zone and open up enough to let us go into those dark places, so sessions would typically last 60-90 minutes. Also, in a session, we would completely clear the emotional block, so the path ahead would stay clear until they were ready for the next layer to be addressed, which might be two to four weeks depending on the client.
But that was then, and this is now…

Activate your power

Peoples’ needs have changed a lot

Right now, life is so upside down and overwhelming that our emotional triggers are incredibly close to the surface, so we really don’t need any help in going deep to access our unhelpful patterns!

They are showing up all too often and all too easily.

So instead of going deep, what I’m seeing people need more is to feel resourced on a day to day basis to handle all the difficulties and changes in life, to consciously work with the life force that flows through us all in an active, rather than passive way, consciously increase the practice of our self-care, find the gifts in the resistance we’re experiencing and build our resilience, strength and power.

In fact, I would suggest that current events are the perfect circumstances to help us, as a collective, develop this active creative power within ourselves more than ever before. But we have to watch ourselves so carefully and catch it when we find ourselves sitting back and making excuses like, 'there’s no time, we’re not feeling like it, not inspired, too busy to put ourselves first…' or we’re buying into the head talk that stops us moving forward.

That is not the energy that is going to help us create the better world we wish to live in and leave as a legacy!

We need to be fully present with life, observe what’s happening in our body, thoughts and energy, and take responsibility for our lives.

Because no one else is going to do that for us.

It starts with us!

Activate your power

Do you need to activate your personal power more creatively?

Here are some reflective questions to ponder or journal on…


  • What have you noticed about your own behaviours and head talk that might be keeping you caught in limiting thoughts about what’s possible and cut off from your power?
  • What have you noticed in the mirror provided by the people around you, or in the energies playing out on the world stage, that reinforces your stuckness? Being irritated and frustrated by other’s inaction and passivity is a sign you haven’t activated your own power centre in certain ways.
  • What ways of doing things pre-pandemic are not working as they used to in your business or life?
  • Do you need to acknowledge that you yourself are changed as you pass through the emotional crucible of life today, and adjust your expectations of yourself, of others and of your ways of doing things?
  • Are there some changes that you need to make to accept and meet people where they are now?
  • How differently might life look and feel to you if you were vibrating with inner power, feeling the fire of passion in your belly, trusting that all possibilities were open to you, and you were galvanised in your focus and aligned actions?
  • What goals or intentions can you set yourself during these strange times that will help you move forward, even if it’s just small steps or small goals?
Activate your power

What you focus on, you create more of

Even though we’ve been forced to live in a different way since the first lockdown, and it’s seemed like freedoms and personal powers have been diminished, the universal laws still operate and the quantum field still responds to where we choose to put our focus.

We are still powerful creators, but the situation has created opportunities to achieve results in different areas of life than we had time, space or inspiration for before.

The goals and intentions that I’ve been able to focus on since lockdown were:

  • Lose 9kg to feel more comfortable in my clothes and feel stronger in my body.
  • Find the truth about my relationship so I could restore my happiness, peace and energy.
  • Have more in-person connection with friends and family.
  • Realign to my purpose – reconnect to my writing and my business in a bigger way.
  • Feel supported while I find my alignment.

My results over nine months:

  • I beat my target weight, I feel in good shape and I’ve healed my achilles pain.
  • My ex and I had an amicable break-up, I have loads of energy and I feel more deeply and lovingly connected with others despite the physical separation of social distancing.
  • I’m loving spending time with my parents, seeing old friends, making new ones, and I’m even getting on board with dating!
  • I have anchored a daily channelling practice that is hugely beneficial for confidence and alignment, I am writing every day after feeling stuck for months, with so many ideas the problem is now more about the overwhelm of what to focus on first!
  • I feel super-supported by my family, healers, friends and through the amazing bodywork sessions I’m receiving and the embodiment work I’m learning.

It’s only now as I write this that I realise how much I have achieved, and I am amazed!

It’s taken focus and commitment, but not much more time and things seemed to arrange themselves because I was passionate about what I was doing, so it has been kind of effortless, although I wouldn’t say it has all been easy.

I had to observe my inner self really carefully, be willing to meet my shadows head-on and process a lot of old, painful feelings, so things were emotionally quite messy and out of control at times. To manage I had to put myself first, have some difficult conversations with people and treat myself with lots of love, compassion and self-care.

I made it through some really tough places, which feels amazing!

I’m still having shaky moments here and there where old buried anxiety is coming up, and I have lots that I want to achieve that feels a bit like a mountain to climb, but and I have grown stronger, learned a lot along the way from simply holding focus and intention and I have a deeper trust in the whole manifestation process.

I feel pretty excited about life and what’s coming, and hopefully, I’ve changed some habits for good. But we’re still in a crazy place in the world today, so it is not all rainbows and unicorns!

There’s much more to process, individually and collectively, to lift the vibration to a level that calls in the New Earth reality we wish to live in, so I think that means digging deeper than we ever thought possible.

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If you are struggling with the overwhelm of emotions that life and work during these conditions is bringing up, and you can’t see the wood for the trees, please be assured that you do have the inner resources to make it through. 

You are never given more than you were designed to cope with. But we really do need one another right now to remind us who we really are as powerful souls, and that together we can transcend all that’s difficult. 

If you’d like to hear about a new 121 container I’m creating to support people through the ups and downs of this crazy, overwhelming time, while helping you to continue to bring your dreams and goals to fruition, please do get in touch. 

It will be an experiment that requires high-end commitment rather than high-end investment, and is about helping you ignite your innate power and limitless thinking.

You can email me at


In the meantime, here is a meditation I created that helps you access your Infinite Light to bring creative power to your dreams and desires for co-creating a New Earth, and connects you with the greater network of Lightworkers around the planet to bring healing and positive transformation to all in these current times.




 Until next time, 

Keep focused on the light!

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