Energy flows where attention goes


We human beings are remarkable creatures, yet for some reason we can stare truth square in the face and still not see what’s right in front of us!

Our presence has graced the earth for over three and a half million years, yet only 400 years ago we still believed that the sun revolved around the earth. And only 120 years ago we still didn’t believe that the everyday person would ever be able to get off the ground and fly.

Which brings up the question, just what fundamental truths are many people still blind to?


The Law of Attraction is as as rigid and predictable as the law of gravity

Law of Attraction is one of these universal truths. It’s the law that states ‘thoughts create things’, and when used with a proper understanding it really can bring what’s truly in your heart into reality.

A lot of people wrongly consider Law of Attraction just woo-woo nonsense, but while it’s certainly been adopted by the more open minded, spiritual community, when I started my business I was delighted to discover that it had been covered in depth in one of the most famous, best selling mainstream business books of the 20th century, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.

It’s the same principle that’s behind positive thinking, it explains why creative visualisation is practised in every culture around the world, and it is an immutable law as rigid and predictable as the law of gravity.

But that’s not to say you can just put your shopping list out there of alll the things you want and just sit back on your bum expecting to get them. Oh no! There’s lots more to it than that!

There is work to do!


Practice mindfulness to beat the mind monkeys

You have to be consistently present to the thoughts that are flowing through your mind. Law of Attraction will bring you what you focus on most, so if you focus on what you do want you’ll get it, but if you focus on the things that aren’t going as smoothly in your life as you’d like, you’re stuck in a negative mindset or you just can’t help seeing the down side of life, then that’s what you will create more of in your life too, especially if the emotions around it are strong – positive or negative.

Having heart felt goals, wishes and desires, especially if they are for big change in our lives, all exist outside our experience. If you are wanting to significantly increase your fees and work with much higher end clients, for example, or you’re wanting to get more visible to reach more clients, the chances are that you are going to run into limiting beliefs about your level of self worth and bring up all manner of visibility issues that are programmed into your subconscious mind.

And that will, without exception, bring up fears and negative self talk that will lower your energy and try and beat you into submission – into believing a story you’re not worthy, not good enough, not lovable enough, or whatever your particular conditioning has been.

It’s not the truth, but your ego mind will make you feel like it is in order to keep you safely inside your comfort zone, which is its job. The ego is a necessary part of us that not only aims to keep us safe, but helped us define our individual nature from Source as we were developing as young children, and it creates the necessary tension within us to want to change and grow.


Why vision boards don’t always work

The ego mind only know what it has experienced. It cannot connect with a the wider universe in the way the heart can. True desires come from the heart and are dropped into our consciousness like breadcrumbs along a trail by the greater consciousness that flows through us, we are all connected to, and knows what’s in our highest good.

Even if we follow the ‘rules’ for manifesting through using vision boards, affirmations and the like, many times we find that we can manifest some, but not all the things we were focusing on.

There can be lots of reasons for this, but the most significant is that we all have a path to follow that leads to our greatest potential that has a lot more flow and energy, and it’s much easier to manifest the things we desire that are in alignment with this path because it’s like an airplane flying with the jet stream. It’s an unseen current that helps us move towards our goal faster.

If your goals come from the head or go against the flow of this life current, that’s not to say you won’t get it, but it will require you to focus longer and harder, by which time we often give up and decide it wasn’t worth the effort after all.

Our big goals get us excited and bring us alive. They make life worth living and give us hope and meaning. They give us fortitude and motivation when the mind gremlins are yelling at us to stay where we are. They energise us and raise our vibration to ever increasing levels so we can intuitively sense when we are in alignment with this natural, supportive current that will lead us towards our best life, and they will attract what you truly desire into your life.


Playing with the parking Buddha

A good way of proving the validity of this law to yourself is to start with a really small goal whose outcome you can feel detached from. I call it ‘playing with the parking Buddha’ and is great for when you need to find a parking space.

All you have to do is imagine vividly that you are going to find a space almost immediately, very close to the place you want to be. Don’t let a flicker of doubt enter your mind. Just visualize yourself turning into that space and feel how good you will feel when it happens.

Then, when you’re in your car and approaching where you want to park, continue to feel the feelings with the conviction of success, and claim your space. It will be there, just where you need it!

All you need to do now is thank the Parking Buddha!

This has worked for me countless times, and it’s a really good way for building your belief in the principle. Things that are bigger or more important come about in exactly the same way, but they just tend to take longer.


So whether you’re visualising, day dreaming or worrying on your way to work, recognise this principle. Understand its existence in your life, because when you do you really can start to use it to turn your wishes into reality.

Living the life of your dreams really is only thoughts away.


If you want to make big changes in your own life using Law of Attraction, you’re ready to invest in your future and you’d like support with the fears and mind monkeys which are keeping you stuck, or help to get back into flow with your own ‘jet stream’ to the life you were born to live, then why not apply for a complimentary 40 minute no-obligation ‘discovery session’ with me?


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