How has your inner guidance been during the past few weeks of lock-down from Coronavirus?

Did it tell you to jump straight in and get sharing, serving and showing up, or have you been feeling frustrated that you weren’t getting the green light to go for it?

Frustration tends to be my go-to place of resistance.

Until recently I had been doing pretty well with not having as much forward momentum in my work as I would have liked. I hadn’t felt the intuitive impulse to share, I fortunately wasn’t desperate for money, and I didn’t want to force anything. So I was surrendered. But I have been feeling the stirrings to serve in a bigger way, and lately it’s led me through a period of self doubt because I didn’t have clarity about what that was.  

For over 12 months I have been following guidance to pull back from marketing my business. I pared down everything I was doing. I worked with just a handful of special clients, wrote my novel when the inspiration came and was receiving money and support through a higher consciousness gifting circle, which I joined in 2017. Apart from that I have been quite unplugged, making space for something new…

And now, with the onset of this pandemic, I’ve been feeling the energy rising…

Perhaps you’ve been feeling a lot of energy coming through you, keeping you awake at night, intense dreaming, emotions yo-yoing that seem out of proportion to personal triggers, emotions that don’t seem to belong to you, lethargy to the point of struggling to get out of bed, and off the charts enthusiasm in contrast?

I’ve been going through all this myself, so to get some perspective on it I went to my current favourite place in nature amongst a small, magical circle of beeches and asked the trees, our beautiful Mother Gaia and my higher self team for guidance.

This is what came through, and I know it is not just for me, so I hope it serves you too.

We hear your heart’s call…

Dear ones,

We hear your heart’s call and we honour you for choosing to connect with us, with your greatest knowing and loving guidance.

The difficult experiences you are having at times does not mean you are off track or out of flow, even if you may have been feeling this way. There is much growth, learning and expansion into all aspects of yourself taking place in this transition time. 

You know this to be true. You are truly someone who holds the light, and your light is so needed right now. This is a time when the Lightworkers and healers are coming into their power.

The fact that you are allowing yourself to go through this period of self doubt and confusion with no resistance means you are moving onto your higher timeline at great pace. Your willingness to fully feel all the uncomfortable feelings without pushing any of it away means that the patterns and early programming responsible for these emotions are releasing rapidly from your energetic blueprint, and your vibration is rising.

This is exactly what is needed at this time. Holding space for yourself and others to navigate this process will create exponential shifts in the collective frequency, moving humanity more quickly into a reality of greater peace, love, compassion, joy, well being, freedom and abundance for all.

As you know, currently there is a great deal of fear and resistance in the collective field of humanity, a feeling of constraint and oppression as people suffer the unnatural state of imposed lockdown and disconnection from the shared space of loved ones and the wider human family.

There are many like you who are able to hold the light and support those who are falling into the trap of believing they are their small self, living and experiencing the current world circumstances from their conditioned mental structures, which are perpetuating fear, anger, anxiety, grief, sadness and powerlessness.

But this view is only one point of view.

And you are at a choice point.

We cannot stress this enough.

A New Earth… The Golden Age… The Great Awakening… many names for a point in your human and planetary evolution that offers so much possibility for so many.

This is an exceptional time in your history. Those who are awake or awakening are feeling the potency of its potential.

The polarity on the planet between love and fear is at its highest point ever. Your collective frequency has been rising rapidly and gathering momentum since the 2012 Stargate opened, bringing with it much more light to the planet. And in your 3D duality, always with greater light comes darker shadows. 

But fear not.

When many of you come together to shine light into the shadows from every direction, the shadows are eliminated.

Your assignment now is to choose. Do you align with the light – with what feels good, expansive, with endless possibility and potential for a new Earth that can include all the love, kindness, caring, abundance, freedom, security, food and support for all – UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS?

Or do you let yourselves get gripped by fear, and believe in the negativity in the world, which is being constantly peddled to you by the main stream media, reinforcing the doom and gloom, pulling humanity into a collective field of scarcity, lack, struggle, chaos, contraction, overwhelm, uncertainty – and at the root of it all… SEPARATION?

Please share with all that this can be seen as an opportunity, even when you are riding the waves of chaos. 

Let the grief, anger and sadness of all that is falling away be fully felt. This is healthy and essential work as you move into higher states of being.

You are sensitive. You are here to be a part of a whole new way of living. Right now you are in a global process that has changed your whole reality in such a few short weeks to something that was previously unimaginable.

Although current circumstances are far from the experience you want, look how fast you can create something new when you all work together with a shared intent! Look how powerful you are!

The slate is being wiped clean and you are collectively being offered the opportunity to co-create and rewrite, redraw and reinvent your world as you would have it, for yourselves, and as a legacy to leave your children, with plenty for all.

It is possible, but it requires your absolute belief, your focus and attention to bring it into being.

You are all powerful beings. 

You are pure consciousness.

So what is the BEST world that you can imagine?

You have the collective powers of the universe at your fingertips. Most of you have forgotten this, but many more of you will awaken and remember this in the upcoming few years. This will be a mass awakening.

You may think or believe that you are not powerful as one individual human being, but you are never alone. You are part of one great human family on Earth. Your contribution of your heart and mind towards creating a more beneficial future for all – without needing to know HOW at this stage – will make a difference.

Leave the HOW up to the Universe. It is not your business to know that. All is in hand. What you do need to realise is that the Universe is always working in your favour, no matter how external circumstances appear. The wise, loving, intelligent and benevolent force of life that grows everything in Nature towards its fullest potential is growing you towards your greatest expression also. 

You are not separate from Nature. You are ONE with it. And you are LIGHT.

Many of the Lightworkers on earth had been trying to do everything on their own, rather than joining together with their soul brothers and sisters in collaboration. By doing so, you are missing out on the powerful mirrors that you offer one another. By supporting, and being supported by other light bearers you will have your light reflected back to you, reminding you of who you really are – an infinite being, a unique spark of god-consciousness. They will help you remember this at the times you drop back into unconsciousness, into the illusion you have long believed about yourself as being just one small human being in a body, trying to survive.

By bringing yourselves together and choosing unity, by giving and receiving support with pure intent and staying in connection with Mother Nature, you are creating an exponential shift in frequency in the collective field between you all. This will serve to free you from the strong pull of fear, density of the third dimension, doubt, confusion and powerlessness that the majority of humanity is feeding. It will strengthen you so that together you may create a more loving, prosperous, caring, compassionate, rich and nourishing future for yourselves and the planet, leading the way for others who are still in the awakening process.

We ask you to consciously make a choice about what you are aligning with – LOVE or FEAR.

You have the power within you.

You always did.


You are so very needed.

The challenges are many, be it money fears, lack and scarcity of resources, overwhelming change and uncertainty in your work life or business, relationship pressures under lockdown, health issues or personal freedoms taken away. You are all in this together.

But the question is, are you willing to let go of the resistance to all that is happening and all you are feeling in this moment? 

Are you willing to let go of what was, and look beyond this reality and energetically step into what could be? 

Are you ready for something new and greater to manifest?

Trying to cling to past structures, identity and ways of being that once felt so familiar, pre-Coronavirus – are no longer tenable, and will only exacerbate suffering. The changes being wrought in the world at large, and in the consciousness of humanity, are too great to go back to any previous ‘normal’.

This is your moment to release resistance and let yourselves be carried.

It is a world of uncertainty, yes. But you are a child of the universe. Your heart and natural genius will guide you through the unfamiliar terrain towards a whole new way of life, and your greatest joy – even if you do not have mental clarity about what that looks like yet.

Taking the path of least resistance does not mean that you won’t feel the ups and downs. All that is old must fall away, and it will be like riding the waves on the ocean. But the currents and tides know where to take you if you surrender to them.

Follow your natural inner impulses to create, to share, to connect with others.

Centre yourself, ground, do what you need to do to care for your energy.

It’s okay to feel good and shine when so many others are in despair. Your pioneering light will serve to lift them.

In fact, it’s imperative that you be yourself. The golden age that is coming into being right now will be created by those of you who are pure of heart, connected to your own sense of joy, love, peace, gratitude, celebration of life, faith in the ONE life and connection to Mother Nature.

Rise above all you are hearing from outside of yourself and the stories in the media.

Trust your knowing of who you really are. Trust your connection to your inner wisdom and timeless knowledge. Trust your creative power. And support others to do the same.

As you remember to do this you activate one another.

Have faith in the great process of transformation that is underway. As we collectively step into the New Earth frequency the gifts available to you as Lightworkers will be plenty. Be prepared for the opening of your psychic centres, immediate healings, instant manifestations and so much more. All the inner work you have done in the past few years will be richly rewarded.

All is unfolding exactly as it should, for the highest good of all.

Blessings to all.

Manifesting a new world vision together


I’ve found channeling to be such a great support, especially through these last few weeks where we’ve been launched into uncertainty. Detaching from my thinking brain and writing or speaking what comes through from my higher self team seems to cut straight to the heart of my blocks, or gently and lovingly guides me back into flow to be able to take the next aligned step.


I find it beautiful that the process of evolutionary transformation at the macro level for humanity and the planet operates within the same principles to call abundance in for yourself.


DON’T FORGET… it’s the PROCESS – or JOURNEY of transformation which brings you into energetic alignment and to the point of attraction with what you desire.


Navigate the path by holding your vision lightly and your faith fiercely.


With big visions expect big shifts and upgrades. You will be triggered as your ego identity is brought into question, so it’s not always fun – after all, the ego loves to hold onto the old sense of self, which keeps you where you are.


So as you go, keep connecting to your Infinite Self, because that is where you will find everything you need. Meanwhile, give your human self as much love, compassion, encouragement and validation as you can. Be mindful and just go ONE STEP AT A TIME, moment by moment. There’s no hurry! In fact, time is so strange right now because we are shifting timelines, so letting go of time as we have known it will really support your transition. 


This self-mastery and resilience is the true gift, because if you can develop this you’ll be able to navigate through any challenge that life brings on your way to living an unlimited life, and one you want to share with the wider world.




Choose the best world you could imagine – for yourself, for humanity and for the planet

Have your desires manifested as you would have liked?

If you’ve been feeling frustrated and stuck it could be because you’re blocking yourself through self doubt, inner constraints and resistance to what is happening in your life right now.

You may have let go of your focus and vision because you didn’t 100% believe it was possible, or you let limiting beliefs or fears, which could be conscious or unconscious, derail or distract you. You may not have clearly chosen what you want or maybe you don’t fully believe in the true power of your Infinite Self.

But you absolutely do have the POWER within you to create what your heart’s calling for. We all do. And as mentioned in the channeling, more and more of us will open up and embody this power.

How about taking this time of a major global event as an opportunity to re-focus, and connect with the group mind of millions who are calling for something better for all?

What do you wish to create? What is the life you wish to live? What world do you wish to leave as a legacy?

You are here to make an impact. Most Lightworkers aim too small, too safe. This is often what makes manifesting much harder, because it’s not in true alignment with the magnificence you’re here to be.

This is YOUR time.

The universe knows this, so it keeps you in a state of dissatisfaction, nudging you on until you choose a juicy, expansive enough vision to step into that it can really get behind, giving you the ride of your life so you feel truly ALIVE.

So why not dream up the world you would like to live in?

How do you choose to be? How do you choose to show up in the world? How willing are you to step into self-mastery, self-leadership and personal responsibility and accountability?

How do you choose to be loved, honoured, acknowledged, respected, validated, empowered, supported, encouraged, appreciated and held by others?

Imagine a world where people are supporting one another, where everyone feels cared for and valued as part of a community? How much easier could you imagine life to be?

How might it be if the wealth of the world gets distributed more fairly so people have more time to be and freedom to do the work that they’re passionate about, rather than being slaves to making money to get by? What if the whole financial system changed to be more about serving all people, rather than just the ruling elite, so that everyone had access to the incredible abundance of our bountiful planet?

How might the systems and governance in our societies, schools and organisations be restructured to be more supportive, to encourage values like peace, love, compassion, connection, empowerment, confidence, creativity, worthiness, personal responsibility, healthy boundaries, authenticity, abundance for all and living in harmony with Mother Nature?

Let your imagination and desires for a New Earth run free, and know that you are adding them to a collective vision that has so much creative power right now in this polarised time.

My invitation to you – two things…

1. Channeled sessions

Can I support you by offering a gentle hand to guide you back into flow and bring clarity; to help you access an elevated, more resourceful vibrational state through channeled sessions, where you will connect with your bigger vision, and where you can meet your own Higher Self, natural genius, deep knowing, and infinite creative power?

Are you curious about how to open up to receiving more, to new ways of having things manifest and release your abundance blocks?

If yes, click here for a special offer.

I also offer a programme for working in a deeper way with me on my website. If it resonates but doesn’t quite fit your needs, I’m open to having a conversation with you to co-create a bespoke container of support that feels aligned for us both.

2. Collaboration

Secondly, if you have a creative project that you’re looking to co-create with others that feels aligned with what I’ve shared in this blog, then let’s have a chat. I would love to hear your thoughts, and you never know what miracle wants to be created through us (with others?) by our willingness to show up and listen!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you much peace and love in these exceptional times.

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