Are you a ‘Making it Happen’ kind of person?


Are you someone who wants to make a difference in the world, and who wants to find alignment with your soul’s purpose?  If you are then I bet you’ve done lots of workshops, trainings and seminars, you know your stuff, and you’re prepared to do what it takes to live your calling and follow your heart.


But I also bet that you have times where you’re frustrated because you’’re still not where you want to be, even though you can almost taste it, touch it and feel it, and you’ve been doing whatever you can to make it happen.


But did you realise that, according to Abraham Hicks…


“Someone who likes to make things happen is the opposite of someone who trusts; because someone who trusts LETS things happen,”


Because if you focus on what’s not manifested that you want in your life, your mind is actually focusing you against the flow, and you will experience this as tension or not feeling good.


But the truth is you may not be as far away from the feelings you want to experience, or the results you’d like, as you think.


You just need to let go of the oars and stop paddling upstream!


For you to be recognising that you’re not yet where you want to be suggests that you’ve already done the inner, energetic creative work, which is the basis of manifesting anything, and you now just need to let the Law of Attraction go to work to bring it into the physical and into your experience.


It’s not about making it happen – because in that mindset you are focused on the future, which is different from where you are now. Essentially it’s about surrender and making peace with where you are; stopping resistance and letting the current of the universe move you in the right direction towards what you want.


So if you’re experiencing lack, what are you resisting your current reality and what are you focusing on?


Remember that where your attention goes, energy flows – which means you create more of what you’re focusing on most, and if that’s on how things aren’t working, then you’ll create more of that.


So keep focusing on what you do want. Take responsibility for your thoughts and your energy and make that the most important work that you do.


Once you have changed your inner reality it’s only a matter of time before it has to show up in your external world.


I’d love to know your thoughts about this – whether you’ve experienced this to be true, or whether you’ve been stuck in that frustrated place using force to make things happen and not getting anywhere.


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To your transformation,

Cathy Ballard – Spiritual Buisness Mentor and Transformation Coach