In a little less than two weeks I will be jetting off on an American adventure.

This is how it came about…

Part way through last year I had an intuitive feeling that going to America would be good for my business. I didn’t have any more clarity than that, but I could feel my spirit soar at the idea!

It stirred up my old passion for buying one way tickets to somewhere in the world based purely on an intuitive calling.

I used to love that feeling of stepping into the unknown where anything was possible; a pure state of being, and letting go to whatever would unfold because there was no way of controlling things.

In my twenties and thirties I’d spent several years this way travelling my spiritual odyssey, because there was something that made me feel so alive when I was outside the everyday routine.

I was more open to chance encounters and opportunities, and so much more alert that signs along the path became clear and lead me in the direction of experiences that grew my soul exponentially, making me feel vibrant, happy and fulfilled.

I had the chance to work with spiritual teachers in Japan and India, and then was invited to co-build a consciousness centre in New Zealand, which I helped run, and taught at for over five years.

But then I came back to the UK because I thought it was time to grow up, get a proper job and settle down!

So for the last ten years my wings have been clipped!


The synchronicities have started…

But after this notion about going to America was ignited I started to think about how brilliant it would be to go to San Francisco and California – I’d been before and never got to Yosemite National Park, which is something I’d always wanted to do.

Two days later I got an email from a world class high performance expert promoting his new online programme. The programme was just what I was looking for, but apart from anything else, it included two free tickets to his ‘High Performance Academy’ being held in San Francisco!

If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is! 

But it was a sizeable investment with no guarantees, and I had to get past all the head talk that wanted to keep me playing safe and small, so it was still a stretch to commit to going.

But when an obvious sign like this comes up you have to take it, or you are giving out a message that you are not worthy of receiving, and the universe will support you in that thinking by giving you matching experiences of lack or limitation.

So I made that internal commitment to myself.

And once I did that I invited a friend, who immediately said YES! So not only are we going to the event but we’re going to go hiking in Yosemite for three days and then drive up the Highway Coast.

I’m picturing Thelma and Louise!

It all seems so in flow. I’m excited to bring my old ‘travelling’ self out of retirement and embrace the magic of what might come.


But it’s certainly not all a bed of roses…

I feel something powerful has awakened in me that wants to be expressed through my work, that’s connected with my purpose, which is exciting, but I don’t know how it fits yet.

This reawakening has been playing havoc in my life as I’m no longer fully aligned with how my business currently is, so doing anything marketing-related for the last seven weeks has been like pushing rocks uphill!

Do you know what I mean?

That feeling that you can’t fully express what you do because something isn’t congruent…

…You can’t express yourself with full integrity, so you hold back?

And even when you make an effort to go out networking, or write marketing copy, people unconsciously pick up on this incongruence and that causes confusion… And confused people don’t buy!

We spend our money on how we perceive we’re going to feel as a result of buying a product or service from someone, so wouldn’t you feel much better, and be much more confident about spending your money with someone who was totally passionate and clear about what they offered?

Uncertainty and lack of clarity is definitely not good for business!

So to be very honest with you, although life feels like it’s flowing, my business has ground to a halt!

It’s a bit uncomfortable! (understatement!)

But I believe things happen for a reason, and life has a way of testing you like this to make sure you’re fully committed before it gives you what you were seeking; and when it does give, it usually gives you way more than you’d imagined.


Authenticity / Flaw-thenticity

I wanted to be transparent and share with you what I’m going through, and take you with me as I move past it, which I know I will. So if you’re experiencing something similar you might get comfort, inspiration and hope from knowing that it happens to all of us, and that there’s a way through.

I think it’s important to be real, and not act like everything’s perfect in my world when it’s really not. I don’t think that serves anyone.

And I want you to know that if you’re there too then you are NOT alone, and I understand your struggle!

Being in a position where things are not going as you had wanted or planned will bring up all your head stuff and resistance!

But challenging times are all part of the spiritual journey, of developing faith in the abundance of the universe.

What I have noticed is that when I resist what is, and I try to apply effort in an attempt to change things, not much happens, I end up wasting time and I just feel worse.


Preparing the ground for success

So this time I made the conscious choice not to force things, and instead I’ve been doing lots of energetic clearing work. I’ve been journalling, meditating, relaxing, preparing the ground so that the seeds I plant have the best chance of growing strongly, accepting that this is not a time for doing, making space and surrendering to the process.

It hasn’t been easy. I’ve seen how much my identity and self worth has been tied in with doing, so it’s been really uncomfortable to not do, and just be, and frustrating that after what seems like ages I am still not feeling the impulse to put my energy in a particular direction.


The adventure has started…

But I have learned so much. The funny thing is I feel like I have already started travelling and I feel really happy, at peace and excited about the future.

When you’re travelling you can’t force things. You live in a space of alert anticipation and curiosity. If you’re too rigid and try too hard to control things you will have a hard time, because things always come out of left field to test you and help you grow. So you have to learn to yield but be responsive, so when the opportunities come you are ready to act.

I know I have a lot to give, and a lot to teach, and the perfect vehicle to deliver this will appear at some point, plus I know I can be incredibly focused and put the effort and hours in when my heart’s in it, so when the time is right I trust I can do what’s required.

So I’m completely confident that all will be well.


Can you feel it?

Having shared this with quite a few people who are sensitive truth-seekers who work with energy I am astounded to find so many going through something so similar in their own lives and businesses right now.

There is definitely something in the air!

I’d love to hear your comments about this topic if it touches you too.

And if any of this does resonate with you, and you are struggling in your business or your life, and you would like a spiritual guide to walk beside you along your path in life, then please get in touch. I’d absolutely love to help!

Plus, when we’re in ‘our stuff’ it’s never easy to see ourselves, and we need someone to mirror the truth back to us so we can shift and realign our energy.

I have a suspicion that this might well be what I’m here for!



I originally posted this a week ago and I have never had so many comments, phone calls and messages from people saying how much what I’ve written resonates with them! I’ve had more ‘discovery calls’ with people who want help than ever before (sorry if you were wanting to book one before I go away, but I have just run out of time now!), and as I’ve been talking to people in my networks and community I’m getting a picture that something BIG is happening on a global scale.

Life is urging us to grow, evolve and wake up to our highest expression of being. If we succumb to fear and try to hold on to what we know that’s safe and comfortable then it will be a painful and uncomfortable ride, because one way or another you will have to move.It is an intense ride!

But if you can be vulnerable and trust your sensitivity; surrender and let go of the parts of you that no longer serve, or that aren’t your true Self, then you can expect a very positive transformation.

And as Sophie Bashford says in her blog

Ask of your Highest Guidance to be (re-)aligned with the work & career, relationships, health, living situations and environments that only reflect your Divine Nature, and the True Purpose you have come to serve here.

Ask for limiting and self-sabotaging patterns to be healed.

Ask for compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love to permeate your consciousness.

Ask for the very Highest Decisions to be made through you clearly and confidently.

Ask for the words that you need to express yourself to others with love, clarity and assertiveness.

Ask for your Life to be a reflection of the Divine Magnificence and Power that you Are.

And Breathe. Deeply. Regularly.

And Know That Change is Safe.


So I will keep you posted with what turns up and my adventures in California!

See you on the other side!

Until next time, stay positive and be happy 🙂

To your transformation,
Much love,

Cathy x