Return to centre

Finding balance in the between space

The planet and humanity is in flux. We are in a huge transition to a better way of living and being – the long-prophesied Golden Age.

But with every transition it means that old ways of doing things, old structures and systems and old paradigms in thinking have to fall or be cleared to make space for the new and better – out there in the world, and inside ourselves.

It’s an exciting time of rebirth, where more of us are learning how to harness our soul energy, but this transition process is awkward, messy, shocking, frightening at times, uncomfortable, painful, irritating… and very necessary for our collective transformation.

We are going through our struggles, and while we might not like it, the resistance we’re meeting has value. It builds our strength, resiliency, inner resources and self-belief, and helps us birth into our fullest expressions of who we’re supposed to be – as a race, and as the uniquely gifted individual human beings we are.

Return to centre

This world wide emotional purge we’re going through is happening because we’re waking up to the dense energies and shadow aspects on the planet, and more conscious of our own darkness and shadow selves. We’re being guided to work through our individual issues with our families, our relationships, our life stories and the lessons we came here to learn as souls, which all adds to the collective up-levelling.

Your specific soul lesson in this life might be to stand in your sovereign power, develop your softness as a feminine super-power, or to allow life to bring you all you need to grow with less resistance; surrender to a Higher Intelligence, or develop patience, rather than push and use force to make things happen in your world.

These are BIG lessons that show up over and over until we’ve fully learned them, and they will feel particularly intense right now.

But while it might feel difficult to be with the experience of what’s coming up, the light that’s now pouring onto the planet is assisting our transformation, making it easier and faster than ever to calm the waves of discomfort and move through the emotional turbulence.

By using some simple energy processes, reconnecting to your soul light and power, and viewing your situation through a different lens you can transmute energies, heal your heart, raise your frequency and find greater equilibrium to handle whatever circumstances you’re facing.  

Part of this collective evolutionary process is about being more embodied, while acknowledging and experiencing ourselves as spiritual, energetic, unlimited beings. It’s about learning to be at home in, and staying in our bodies WHILE we are processing the intensity of emotions, rather than taking off to a less uncomfortable place ‘out of body’. 

Having the willingness to be uncomfortable.

But it’s also about managing your energy and self-care, taking responsibility for your own boundaries and knowing your limits so your nervous system isn’t overwhelmed by exposure to more than you can handle – from things shared by family and friends, stressors in your environment, your food, the news or the chaos created by all the shifts that are happening as we go through a global identity crisis where we don’t know what’s real out there any more.

If you fully allow the transformation process, the energy will pass through you, removing heart walls at it goes, and be released for good. But if it doesn’t seem to be shifting ‘fast enough’ for you or you go into self-doubt, or fears and emotions get too overwhelming, and you resist feeling and go into guardedness, then you slow down the process.

What has your personal big struggle been?

What’s come up for you to be healed through this great up-levelling process?

– Maybe you succumbed to the virus and struggled with prolonged sickness, shocked because you have always lived such a clean, healthy lifestyle – how could it happen to you?!! 

– Maybe you’ve lived life as a free spirit and have found the lockdown and other restrictions that have clipped your wings difficult? 

– Maybe you’ve suffered bereavements, break-ups, loss, loneliness, missing human touch and smiles, or felt painfully separated from your loved ones?

– Maybe your beliefs and viewpoints about what’s happening ‘out there’ amongst all the confusion and conflicting information being presented to us in the media are different from those of your family and friends and your truth isn’t being honoured, so you’re left feeling disrespected, judged and even ridiculed, causing even more isolation and separation?

– Maybe you’ve been a very organised, structured person in the past who relied on planning and certainty to manage your work and your family life, and all that has been turned on its head now there’s no certainty.

– Maybe you’ve lost your job, and your security and sense of safety feels precarious.

– Maybe you’ve been feeling uncreative and stagnant, frustrated that you’re not clear about your next steps and craving a breakthrough and momentum.

– Maybe you’re just struggling to deal with the overwhelm of so many emotions from what’s going on at home and in the world at large, and you’re just trying to get through each day…

The list is endless!

The tentacles of this pandemic have impacted us all in so many ways. 

But in every one of your fears and challenges lies the seed of your healing transformation.

Return to centre

And that’s exactly what’s happening here on a grand scale.

Our abundant difficulties are triggering us all right now and the wounded, previously hidden parts of ourselves are more increasingly breaking through the surface into our conscious awareness to be healed as part of this en masse awakening.

We’re being taken through an internal emotional and spiritual declutter, whether we choose it or not!

And while it might be fast, and getting faster, I know it’s not easy to trust that everything is going to be okay.

Things will never go back to the way they were, and more chaos is still to come, but we will certainly make it through.

Right now, we are between timelines, and we have much personal transformation work to do in the process of anchoring the light frequencies for a New Earth.

And that’s what ‘Return to Centre’ sessions can support you with.


‘Return to centre’ – supportive sessions to transition the chaos with grace

Remember how it was when you were taught to swim? Someone would have been there guiding you, reassuring you that you were safe, believing in you and encouraging you so that you believed you could do it, with a hand beneath you so you didn’t sink.

They couldn’t do the swimming for you, and you had to go through the panic and discomfort of getting splashed and gulping water from time to time. But if you did regular lessons to build momentum, before long you were swimming – believing in your own ability, no longer needed that supporting hand and able to bounce back quickly if someone dunked you or you got a bit out of depth. 

YOU did it. No one else.

This empowering, supporting hand is what I am offering.

When we’ve lost our own centre and positivity it helps to be lifted into a higher vibration through someone else’s light, energy and strength. It helps us get into a higher resonance so we can access our own stability and feel our soul-truth in our own hearts, especially when our heads have been caught up in fear, confusion and uncertainty. 

I can help lift you into a higher state. I can also see your greatness and what’s possible for you beyond the limits of your ego/small self and the influence of doubt, fear and negativity. I can reflect back your brilliance to you so that you really see how amazing and valuable you are – and I won’t let you get away with playing small, operating from your default identity and old story – because that’s not the truth of who you are. It is just a temporary illusion that are caught in, and with support, you can shake off the old from yourself at a much faster rate and with more ease.

I will assist you to connect with Source energy and your Divine nature so you can see for yourself how you’re buying into limited thinking, know your own truth and sense what else is possible for you – so you can embrace yourself as the creator you really are, and which is so needed on the planet right now. 

If you need reassurance when you’re having a wobble and things look dark, I can help you reframe whatever challenges you’re experiencing so you can see and receive the gifts in the situation from your soul’s perspective, and manage the chaos and confusion from a higher place.

This will help you feel more at peace with not knowing what’s coming, and move beyond fear as you go step by step into the unknown, letting your inner guidance lead you.

These sessions will help you feel safer in your amazing, intelligent body, better able to access your own inner resources.

It’s a hand to hold as you manage the transition process from 3D to 5D, integrating your shadow aspects and making space within yourself for the new to take root as you help co-create a much brighter future world.

Return to centre

This is for you if…

  • You are a truth-seeker who might have lost your centre from the crazy-making times we’ve been living through, but you are passionate about personal and spiritual development.
  • You are highly sensitive/empathic and feel overloaded by the collective field of fear in the world, and need a hand to lift yourself above the heaviness back into the light.
  • You want to be able to empty out your concerns and emotions and share on any topic without being judged, and you are willing to be honest, vulnerable and responsible for your reality.
  • You want a higher perspective on current circumstances so you can let go of resistance and trust in life to support you.
  • You want to free your mind of limiting thoughts so you can make different, empowering choices to get unstuck.
  • You’d love to reconnect with your own inner guidance and Higher Self team.

This is not for you if…

  • There’s a level of comfort in your often-repeated story that you aren’t yet ready to let go of.
  • You are attached to your belief that the pandemic, the government, other people, God/Universe, etc, are to blame for your current life experience.
  • You want a quick fix or a magic pill to change things.
  • You’re expecting someone else to have the solution, or tell you what to do, to transform your circumstances.
  • You aren’t willing to take responsibility for yourself or committed to practicing self-care to improve your situation.
  • You’re resigned to battling through on your own and aren’t ready to ask for help at the moment.
Return to centre

Return to Centre – the practical nuts and bolts


  • Six week container of weekly sessions.

    The regular touchpoint is important. This is about empowering you by developing the momentum, inner strength and capacity to manage whatever comes up for you, rather than relying on someone outside of yourself to ‘fix’ you or do it for you, but knowing that I have your back and won’t let you drop. (Like learning to swim!)

    As always, I am intuitively guided through our sessions, which will depend on your unique situation, but the important part is helping you connect to the spiritual truth, healing, power and wisdom within yourself because that is ultimately where your peace, resilience and inner resources come from.

    I do this through bespoke energy processes, guided activations, offering you higher perspectives and new possibilities to choose, and pinpointing your limiting beliefs and blind spots that are keeping you in resistance, fear and tension.

    If you need to cancel, give me at least two or three hours notice and we can arrange a new time, but this is about taking personal responsibility, so no-shows are not refunded.
    • Progress review.

      At the end of six weeks we’ll review your progress and how you’re feeling. If you feel this work is supporting you in a way that feels good, you may sign up for an additional six sessions, or book in for one-off energy tune-up sessions once you feel you’ve reached a place where you don’t need weekly support.

      If at any point you are having a particularly difficult time and you would like an additional session to support you that week, that’s absolutely fine. You can simply pay for the additional sessions you need.
      • Forty minute sessions.

        This is not counselling or an opportunity to talk for the sake of talking. This is about developing your awareness to get clear about what’s showing up for you, being the observer of the story you’re telling yourself, and learning to be detached from it. That way, we can use laser-like focus to work through whatever is sticking you or causing you difficulty, build your resilience to manage your emotions between sessions and give you empowering tools to support that.

        All sessions will take place on Zoom and are recorded as Mp3s for you to download.
        • Self-directed practice between sessions.

          This is part of taking responsibility for the changes you wish to see in your life. I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want to do, but I will encourage you to do the energy practices I teach you, journal, listen to meditations or generally give yourself the care you need to build up your own inner resources. Basically, do what feels good to you!
          • Pricing – each session costs £66

            The total cost for the six weeks of ‘Return to Centre’ sessions is £396.

            Payment can be made in full up-front or set up as a standing order.
            • I have six places available.

              To navigate the transition with all that’s unknown in the world right now, I am mindful of managing my energy so I can serve in the best way possible, so for now I am only offering six client spaces at one time.

              Once these six spaces are taken you may go on a wait-list and I’ll let you know when the next available slot is available.
              • Session days

                I currently have session times available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

              You can expect to feel:

              Lighter, clearer, happier, stronger and more relaxed.
              More trusting in the unfolding process of life and your own inner resources.
              More connected to your Divine guidance.
              More in flow, accepting, allowing, receptive, peaceful and at ease.
              Less stressed, stuck, confused, tense and needing to control life.
              More supported, seen and accepted, no matter what you’re experiencing.
              More aligned and authentically yourself.
              More grounded, embodied and better able to cope with whatever life throws at you.
              More energised, hopeful, focused and generally more positive.

              I can’t guarantee how long your journey will be to reclaim some of these states. Your process is your process, but as you develop the ability to get more in touch with your own inner resources you access the personal power to change your life whenever you need to.

              As ever, the value is always in the journey, rather than the destination!

              Cathy portrait

              Hi, I’m Cathy!

              I am a mentor and visionary coach for spiritual paradigm-shifters and sensitive empaths.

              It’s my absolute pleasure and privilege to help amazing individuals like you to develop and trust your connection to Source, master your spiritual power and reclaim your worth and value.

              Joy, love, satisfaction and abundance are a natural by-product of authentically aligning with this incredible part of you.

              I bring through very high-frequency energy by working intuitively with Higher Consciousness. Holding you gently in a very safe space, I help you see with absolute clarity what is consuming your energy and focus, where you’re in your own way, what needs to be let go of, and the next steps on the path that you can take action on towards your highest potential and most fulfilling life.

              The numerology of ‘6’ energy

              You may be curious about my choice of 6s – in my pricing, container length and number of clients I’m intending to work with…

              I’ve been receiving this guidance for a couple of months, and I was hesitant to price my 121 work so much lower than usual, but I recently felt a kind of internal ‘go-ahead’ and although this is a beta-test, which I will probably tweak to stay aligned, right now it feels congruent. So for whatever reason, I’m simply trusting.

              I have a vision of the unity consciousness grid surrounding the planet as the flower of life sacred geometry. The purpose of the grid is to hold the frequencies of love, abundance and equality for all. It supports humanity with mass awakening and the task of ascending our Earth and all that resides on and within her to a higher state of existence.

              The flower of life is based on the mathematics and geometry of number six.

              Number six resonates with the attributes and energies of healing, honesty and integrity, love, service, truth, protection, order, grace, simplicity, beauty, compassion, idealism, community, stability, manifesting abundance, material needs, harmony, planetary issues, balance, peace and self-less service to humanity.

              I think that’s exactly what we all need right now!

              It’s also about trusting in the Universe and Divine assistance, which can come through human and non-physical support and guidance alike if you’re open to receiving it. And trusting that, when your desires are based in service, your needs will always be met.

              So this is the energy and intention that I hold for this work.

              Next steps

              If this resonates with you and you would like my support via one of these six places, simply click the button above or email me at, where we can schedule a 15-20 minute chat to see if this will give you what you need right now.

              If it feels aligned, we can schedule a preliminary session and take it from there.

              I’m excited to offer this and I look forward to working with you at this most amazing time of transition to our New Earth that our hearts have been calling for.


              Much love,

              Cathy x
              Return to centre