When you set intentions for things to change in your life you have to be willing to let go of how things are going to come about, and be open for the magic and miracles to happen in their own time.

Studies have shown that one of the simplest keys to staying motivated over time, instead of waiting until you’ve either achieved your goal or failed, is to continually look for signs of progress, and when you find one, be curious about it and celebrate it with all your heart. Hold on to any evidence you can find that you are moving in the right direction, hold it large in your mind and delight in it.

When you do this you are putting yourself in the energy of success, and through the Law of Attraction you will attract more experiences of success to you, and an ongoing sense of progress.

My intention for 2015 is to experience more fun and freedom, travel, meet new people, have exciting adventures, do more speaking, share my transformation work and do more of what I love.

This morning I connected with someone who might be part of fulfilling that intention. It involves a possible Peruvian Odyssey – and it gave me goose bumps…


The bug that never completely disappears…

Last week I attended a psycho-kinesiology training course. On the last day in the afternoon while we were practising I got paired up with a lovely lady, Melanie, and discovered she was off to Peru over the holidays because her husband’s family lived in Cuzco.

For quite a few years in my twenties I went travelling round the world – it was kind of a spiritual mission, searching for who I was and challenging myself to be less scared in life. It led me to have lots of amazing experiences with various spiritual teachers, and gave me a lot of knowledge of different countries, cultures and spiritual practices.

I spent a month or so travelling the tourist track through Peru as well as off the beaten track, and discovered an amazing country, lovely people and a fascinating and colourful history. There lots of sacred sites and there’s a strong shamanic tradition underlying the Christian culture that the conquistadors could never stamp out in the same way that Paganism and natural healing arts was pushed down in Britain and Europe.

Anyway, we got chatting and it was all lovely to reminisce, but then the course ended.

Shortly after, we connected on Facebook and Melanie messaged me to say that some of the muscle testing work we’d been doing together had helped her get motivated with something for her business. As we got chatting again she mentioned leaving for Peru in a couple of weeks time, and I got a sudden flash of intuition to ask her if she might be interested in running a spiritual trip to Peru with me!

As some of you might know, I helped create and run a consciousness centre in New Zealand for several years, and at one point I had the desire to run my own spiritual self discovery trip to Peru with one of my colleagues for our community, but back then I didn’t have the self confidence or sales and marketing know-how to make it happen. It didn’t have enough energy behind it to manifest, so that idea got buried…

…But every now and then it raises its head and it gives me goose bumps.


Goose bumps – a little nudge to take notice…

And goose bumps are always a helpful little sign from your Higher Self that things have Truth for you or are happening and in motion, so you need to take notice, be alert and tune in to what’s being presented to you. If it’s an opportunity that’s in alignment with what you’ve asked for then you need to act on it.

From throwing that question to Melanie it’s got her excited too! She has the right connections in Peru, she knows it reallly well, she has a female friend who’s a shaman who travels round the world doing ceremonies, and she’s going to check everything out when she’s over there, so it has the potential of something wonderful!

Obviously this is an idea in embryonic stage, but I’m putting it out there to see if people might be drawn to a personal transformation experience like nothing you could get in this country, that could be like reinventing your limited self to step into your True Personal Power.

If the idea calls to people and they intuitively get a “Yes, I want to know more”, then that would be so awesome!

If things don’t unfold in that direction then I will still be alert for something to come my way because that’s what I’ve asked for and, like ordering food in a restaurant, I expect it to come at some point. This project might not be quite the right thing for me right now, but it is a sign of things to come.

I always used to go travelling with an intention to follow my inner guidance on a one way ticket with no detailed itinerary, just to see where it would take me, and it changed my life for the better in ways I can’t begin to list, so I have learned to trust my intuition will take me to where I need to be for the next stage of my journey, and I trust that my intentions are making waves in the universe!

What powerful intentions are you setting for 2015?

Have you had time to think about it yet?

Don’t wait until January. Get dreaming now so it starts to manifest and the universal cogs start turning, bringing your dreams closer!!!

And if you have set intentions, what signs do you imagine might show up for you?


I’d love to hear your comments about this, and if you enjoyed reading it please share. If this Peruvian vision has legs and it’s something people want to do I will keep you posted!

To your transformation…

With love,