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Find out how using powerful archetypal tarot cards in this four-week Align and Flow intensive coaching journey can help you release unconscious obstacles and beliefs that might be blocking your flow of abundance, trust your own intuition, raise your vibration and kick-start a whole new way of living and being.

Align and Flow Coaching Intensive

Clear out the mental clutter and noise to hear your Higher Guidance

Usually, we have so many thoughts, ideas and possible choices in our minds all competing for our attention that’s it’s difficult to know what to listen to, where to put our focus and what to take action on.

You want to make the best, most aligned choices for yourself, but when life gets busy it’s hard to hear and trust the quiet whispers of your inner guidance, and so by default, you keep on making the same familiar choices, creating the same unsatisfying circumstances.

You know you want some things to change, but it’s easy to put off making decisions and instead procrastinate for fear of getting it wrong. So you end up spinning your wheels, which leaves you feeing stuck and frustrated.

Maybe you can feel that good stuff is wanting to come your way and you’re not afraid to do what it takes to make it happen, but when you’re holding onto so many things in case you miss out or make the wrong choice, not only does it consume a lot of energy to keep all those possibilities alive, but when you’re holding onto so much there’s no space for receiving more! Time to prioritise?


Tarot cards are a mirror

Perhaps the most beautiful thing that tarot cards do is mirror back to you what’s already inside you to validate and confirm what you already know. That clarity can help put an end to doubting, denying or putting off taking action for one reason or another.

The cards are a powerful coaching tool because our unconscious minds connect so easily with images, symbols and stories. When you see something in the cards or hear something in the interpretations that resonates with your own circumstances and the changes you’d like to make, it makes it all seem more tangible and real because you can feel the truth of it in your body.

By seeing your inner thoughts displayed literally in front of your eyes, it helps you trust yourself so that you can make clear, confident decisions that will move your life forward. Or alternatively, they might suggest that you stop pushing ahead, rest and wait patiently before taking action until circumstances are more aligned, which will save you a whole lot of energy!

Tarot cards help you become aware of your hidden beliefs and unconscious behaviours so you can see yourself more fully, as well as how the influences of external situations and other people are impacting your energy. And they help you untangle and de-clutter the jumble of thoughts, expectations, beliefs, conclusions and emotions that you may be holding onto that contribute to feeling overwhelmed, heavy and stuck; instead making things simpler, clearer and lighter – raising your vibration.

Tarot cards are not predictive in this experience, although they do suggest how energy might flow into the near future if you follow a particular course of action or direction, but they will show you how you’re sabotaging yourself so that you can make more empowered, conscious choices.

Once you can clearly see and feel what resonates in your body as true, it’s easy to make a decision and take action – and taking action is what changes your life, one step at a time.

Tarot spread with crystals

Get ready for a bit of high-vibe magic!

This ‘Align and Flow’ Coaching Intensive is a fun and fascinating, yet deep exploration into yourself, with lots of practical coaching, divine guidance and plenty of hand-holding when you need it.

In this 1-2-1 coaching experience I will guide you through a coaching process that holds you to your highest possibility. You have so much power available to you to create the life you truly desire, and the cards will speak to you from this place so that you will feel and know this to be true for yourself.

It’s a wonderful adventure into yourself to see what’s possible, to see what your Higher Self wants you to know, to clear limitations that you are currently unaware of but that will open the door to new paths, opportunities and experiences that are perfect for you.

It would also especially help you if you’re going through, or have just been through a shake-up or a life transition, such as your children leaving for university, a relationship break-up, retirement, changing or losing your job, reinventing your business, bereavement, moving to another country, reaching a pivotal age or time in your life… or if you’re just ready for something new!

If you find yourself evaluating your life, you have lots of questions about your success, what you’re doing with your life and why, where you’re going and what’s important to you, then this could be a good way to reclaim and recover your sense of self, discover what you want for your life and kick start a new joyful and fulfilling way of living and being.

The Align and Flow Coaching Intensive will help you to:

  • Tune into a clearer vision of what you most want for your life. 

  • Find clarity about your next steps so that you can get unstuck, move forward and build momentum in a way that feels good to you: align and flow!

  • See where your hidden blocks are that cause fear, procrastination, or confusion so that you can address them head on, begin to clear them and build up resilience to the things that might typically distract you, trip you up or pull you off your path.

  • Find a state of congruence and coherence where your heart and mind are working harmoniously together, oriented towards the outcome you desire.

Transformational tarot for clarity, empowerment and alignment

Here are some of the real breakthroughs that clients have had in just a few short weeks…

💖   Major life-changes averted that would have been very costly, stressful and out of alignment.
💖   Relationship passion and magic reignited after months of worry and distance.
💖   New clients and unexpected abundance without having to try.
💖   Significant health improvements.
💖   Feeling uplifted, alive and back in flow.
💖   Low-vibe and stuck to high-vibe manifesting queen.
💖   Acceptance onto a professional course after nine years of failed attempts to qualify.
💖   Healed family relationships.
💖   Empowerment to leave a narcissistic relationship.
💖   Deeper connection with spirit guides and intuition leading to greater self-trust.
💖   Greater peace and acceptance.
💖   Letting go of the non-essential to restore lightness and joy.
💖   New light on relationships, wellbeing, finances and work.
💖   Peak life experiences and connection to Source.
💖   Clarity about the way forward and a sense of being on the right path…

And many more…


Transformational Tarot interview - Jacqui Kemp

Align and Flow Coaching Intensive: PRICE


What’s Included?

90 minute deep dive session + vision activation process

For this one month intensive 1-2-1 coaching programme we will kick off with an initial tarot spread to address your current life situation and explore what you are wanting to change through the mirror of the cards and through your energetic resonance with their guidance. This resonance within you acts as your internal compass for what’s true and aligned for you, and as you progress through the programme you will develop this awareness further.

As more questions come up we will do further spreads that go deeper and deeper into the underlying patterns and inner obstacles at the core of the situation, as well as the gifts and resources available to you. We will talk about every area of your life so that any guidance you receive feels congruent and holistic, and do a short guided activation process to get a clear sense of your highest intention and vision.

The cards connect you with your higher guidance, your conscious awareness and your unconscious mind. I use my coaching skills and my intuitive gifts to help you ask powerful questions and I often channel information through.

Since you will be totally involved in the exploration process, it will help you develop your own intuitive abilities, you’ll pick information up from the cards yourself that resonates and it will strengthen your trust in the process.

It’s a gorgeous collaboration between you, me and Source, which guides the cards.


3 x 60-minute weekly sessions

There will be three further weekly one-hour sessions on Zoom designed to keep your momentum going by giving you the opportunity to ask the deeper questions that come up along the way, and which will lift your energy progressively higher from one week to the next.


Voxer messaging

In between weekly calls you can ask me questions that I will answer with the cards via Voxer messaging. Voxer is a voice messaging app that you use like a walkie-talkie.

If anything comes up that causes you to stall or question yourself between our weekly calls, you can leave me a voice message and when I next have time I will do a quick spread and leave you a voicemail with answers from the cards, which might be a simple one or three-card spread or a slightly more complex spread, depending on your questions. So you never need to be stuck for too long.

This will generally be during Monday to Friday office hours, but if I am able to answer outside of those times, I will. 

Spreads and question prompts

I will send you a downloadable pdf with helpful tarot spreads and questions to ask the cards if you want to practice. The one-card spread questions are also good for asking oracle cards or for journaling prompts.

* You don’t need to do any kind of practice or homework outside of the sessions to get the benefit that this programme offers, and you don’t need to know anything about tarot or have any cards. But if you’re keen to deepen your tarot journey or you’re simply curious and want to play, this is a good place to start! 

Deeper healing when needed

The process that you experience with the cards is very transformative in itself, but if we meet unhealed parts of yourself that would benefit from a deeper healing session, then there is the option of an additional 90 minute healing session discounted from £222 to £150. But as you may not need this it’s only included here as an extra.

Interested or just plain curious?

Book a call with me now to see if this right for you, and let’s get the ball rolling!

Jo - Tarot testimonial

Hello! I’m Cathy, I’m an intuitive transformational coach, spiritual guide and healer. I use energy psychology, mindset tools, and transformational tarot to support women who want to explore their spiritual side, their power and what’s possible for their lives.

And if they lack clarity, self-belief or confidence I help them to tune into the bigger vision of their lives and dissolve limiting beliefs, sabotaging patterns and emotional blocks, so that they feel empowered to take action towards becoming who they were born to be.

I first got captivated by tarot over thirty years ago and it’s been part of my personal practice ever since. Now I’m delighted to be sharing this fabulous tool with my coaching clients.


You can read about how tarot changed my life here.
Cathy - Transformational Tarot Coaching

Get in touch!

Contact me at if you have any questions or you’d like to register your interest.

If you’d like to arrange a brief chat about the programme, then click here to book a time for us to talk via my online scheduling service. Or if you’d prefer to have a single ‘Transformational Tarot’ session with me to see if you like it, click here.

I look forward to getting the cards out for you!

Much love,

Cathy x


Below are the video testimonials from my first group of clients who helped me to beta-test this coaching with tarot programme, which I originally called ‘Transformational Tarot’. I’ve changed the programme a bit following the feedback, so now its name is ‘Align and Flow Intensive’ to reflect the results that showed up consistently from client to client.

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