Tarot for clarity and alignment

Transformational tarot for clarity, empowerment and alignment

Transformational tarot is my style of using tarot cards to assist change, healing and integration for someone by blending the visual aid of tarot with intuitively-led coaching questions, energy transmission and channelled guidance.

I’ve been doing tarot readings for over thirty years and have had at least one deck with me wherever I’ve lived or travelled in the world. To me they’re like old friends that you can bounce ideas back and forth with that really help you to see the bigger picture and unconscious hidden influences, trust your intuition and free up your mind from holding onto too many options. I love using them in my day to day life, and now I’m using them with clients, too.

I don’t use tarot for telling the future. The future is not fixed. Timelines are very fluid and change easily with the decisions we and others make. As much as we’d all like some solid sense of certainty about what’s going to happen, it’s not helpful for us to receive that kind of guidance, because in doing so we give away our power that we could be using to create our lives. The truth is that we are so much more powerful than we let ourselves believe, and we can create the future we do want by making different choices, by doing our inner work, or by changing our frequency.

Whenever I work with my coaching clients I work with my intuition to help them find clarity so that they can fully see the purpose of their present circumstances and the hidden gifts therein. We explore potential outcomes of different possible choices, we look at where their soul wants them to be, and how to access their power to transcend obstacles and expand into their greater life.

The addition of tarot helps us focus on what one’s soul most wants us to address, and as we get further into the reading I get guided to ask deeper coaching questions and to channel guidance to help my client see new perspectives and possibilities. It’s a collaboration between me, my client and Source, which brings its loving energy through the cards, helping you let go of what no longer serves you and bringing you back into a greater state of alignment, positivity and flow.

I’m told by clients that it’s a very healing process, and for me it’s endlessly exciting to witness the shifts that they make as they find clarity or confirmation in the cards about their life situations and the decisions they were thinking of making.

Clients leave lighter when they see a visual reflection of what they knew inside themselves to be true, but didn’t trust. There’s a greater sense of ease when you know what you can let go of, what you need to give your energy to and what you need to do next. It makes it easier to take action because it feels aligned.

I had my first tarot reading with Cathy recently and I have to say, I have had a few different tarot readings, but I just loved the accuracy of the cards and the way Cathy interpreted them. She was clearly channelling the right meaning for ME specifically. Also, how she tuned right into what questions to ask to help me gain more and more clarity for my life felt like a really bespoke experience and was incredibly healing. If you know Cathy and what an intuitive and deep healer she is…imagine her let loose with Tarot cards!! You know you are in good hands and you will come away having a major shift.

Jo Lawrence

Transformational tarot readings can help you:

  • Find clarity about something going on in life; what its purpose is and what to do about it. 
  • Become conscious of hidden sabotaging energies and patterns so that you can disarm them.
  • Make decisions when you’re not sure which way to go.
  • Clarify possible outcomes of various different choices.
  • Shed new light on relationships with other people, your finances, your wellbeing and your work.
  • Restore peace of mind, increase self-acceptance and expand understanding.
  • Let go of emotional overwhelm and confusion.
  • Stop procrastinating, get moving and make confident, aligned choices.
  • Confirm your own intuition so you trust yourself and your own knowing more.
  • Find reassurance and validation when you’re in transition.
  • Stop avoiding things that need addressing.
  • Reframe a situation to find the gifts.
  • Make more space in your life by having a new understanding of what you can let go of.

Cathy did a tarot reading that completely blew my mind! Not only was she spot on in giving an analysis of life as it was, but also managed to weave in empowering questions for me to ask about future choices that opened up my mind.

Anna Van der Vliet

Cost for tarot readings

If you’d like to book in for a reading with me, prices are as follows:

£50 for a 30 minute session.

£100 for an hour.

A short session is useful when you have just one thing you want to know about and you want clarity and guidance about how to get unstuck and move ahead, or simply to confirm a decision that you’re thinking of making. A longer session gives us time to dive deeper into the issue where I will use my coaching and intuitive gifts to help you ask the most impactful questions so you get the clearest answers, bringing about a deeper level of transformation and breakthrough.

To make the best use of our time together, please have your questions or issue clear in your mind. The clearer you are in asking, the clearer and more specific the guidance will be.

All sessions are done via Zoom video link and include a recording of the call.


You can select and pay for the time you’d like by clicking one of the buttons below.

Once you’ve paid for the amount of time you’d like, I will send you a link to my online booking service so you can find a convenient time in your schedule for your transformational tarot session. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at connect@cathyballard.com .

I had a fantastic tarot reading with Cathy. It felt like each card gave me more clarity about my situation and I now know how to proceed. That is important to me. It made me feel more in touch with my feelings so that I can stay true to myself in my process. Thank you.

Disa Edwinsson