What my clients say…

Renewed sense of enthusiasm and excitement

I admire and respect Cathy because she demonstrates how you can have business flair without being a grasping, shoulder-padded Apprentice-style loudmouth. She’s a networker and facilitator who proves women in business no longer need to step over others to be successful. Cathy’s coaching style is gentle, wise and empathic. She is generous and genuinely wants her clients to get results.

I found working with Cathy’s meditations and having private 1-2-1 coaching with Cathy gave me the impetus to follow through on several big changes to my life and business. Cathy’s unique blend of spiritual wisdom and entrepreneurship helped me see my situation in a new way, leading to a renewed sense of enthusiasm and excitement about the future. She gave me a gentle yet firm push towards greater happiness for which I am very grateful. Thank you Cathy.

Amy Garner

Soul Support, amygarner.co.uk

Everything feels different. I feel braver, clearer, stronger…

Cathy helped me in two sessions through my ‘I’m not good enough’ and my ‘oh my god I need to think bigger but I’m scared’ patterns. I loved how she went straight to the core and with love, compassion and wisdom we were able to shift both of these big patterns. Cathy is a master at creating a safe space where everything can be looked at, loved and integrated.

After the session everything feels different. I feel braver. Clearer. Stronger and with a gentleness inside for those parts of me that feel scared from time to time. I have more clarity and confidence that I am truly on the right track and that I am truly supported on all levels. Thank you Cathy for the amazing transformational energywork you do!

Irene Langeveld

Thriving With Sensitivity, thrivingwithsensitivity.com

One of the most significant experiences of my life

What seemed like a pretty ambitious goal for a single session turned into one of the most significant experiences of my life.

Cathy led me with care and compassion to a deep realisation and for that I am eternally grateful.

Lee Mollins

Vishnu Yoga, vishnuyoga.co.uk

I was surprised to find that I’d become fully booked during the program

I applied to join the programme during a period of illness and burnout, and was looking for ways to ground my energy and feel safe in my body so I could get out of the frenetic ‘doing’ of the separate self, connect to Source and engage the flow.

I was looking for more ease and peace in my life and I wanted to change the old patterns of worrying about scarcity and struggling to have ‘just enough’. I knew I had to stop pushing my body to the limits or I would be seriously ill again.

Doing the programme taught me how to establish a daily connection practice that I really look forward to and that never feels like a chore. Some old limiting beliefs around money have also shifted, so that rather than being a ‘just enough’ kind of a person, I’m now free to allow myself to set goals and intentions of allowing abundance in every area of my life.

I was surprised to find that I’d become fully-booked during the programme, even though I’d had a long gap due to illness.

The daily meditations and visualisations were really helpful in grounding my energy, and I now have reliable ways of bringing myself back to centre whenever I notice I’m being triggered into compulsive ‘doing’ again.

The 1-2-1 sessions were priceless. Cathy is a master at holding a safe and loving space, and has great intuition and empathy with her clients. As a result I’m finally able to feel safe and relaxed being here in the body, a shift I’d been wanting to make for a long time. Thank you, Cathy, for all that you do! I would certainly recommend working with you – the results are potentially life-changing!

Linda Anderson

Tap Into Your Success, tapintoyoursuccess.co.uk

I was surprised by the speed of my manifestation

I was surprised by the speed of my manifestation once I started working with Cathy. I’ve done other manifestation processes before but I’ve always felt a bit frustrated about the waiting part. With Cathy she helps you really let this go so you can enjoy the moment and stop worrying about the actual manifestation.

I looked forward to the powerful meditations each day, and Cathy’s intuition is spot on – I couldn’t believe the stuff that came up that was holding me back and it was so good to release.

I would recommend this to anyone who has been struggling with getting their dreams manifested.

Kelly Morgan

Shake Up to Wake Up Coach, kellymorgan.tv

I was surprised by how much change could happen in a short time

It was amazing, energising, inspiring and I feel back on track and motivated again. Not just with my business but with my health and relationship goals too.

I was surprised by how much change could happen in a short time, but I have a long term view of things now, which means I’m less overwhelmed and enjoying the flow more. I also know that ups and downs are normal and any difficulties will pass.

The future is looking super sparkly and the present is pretty good too. I would definitely recommend this to other people. I think it was brilliant! Thank you so much Cathy, I wish I could be coached by you every week!

Natasha Mann

Women’s Life Coaching, reclaimyoursparkle.co.uk

I have more energy… and things are flowing better (including money)

My goal for the Flow Alignment Intensive was to get more clarity and it worked!

Since the programme, I’ve felt lighter – both physically and mentally – and I have reinstated some healthy habits in a way that feels good so I have more energy. I am much less hard on myself than before the programme, things are flowing better (including money), and I am even planning my dream wedding, which didn’t seem possible before.

Thanks so much for this programme Cathy. It’s made the world of difference!

Sara Stafford-Williams

Heart-centred VA, sarastaffordwilliams.com

Reunited with a happy, juicy version of the future I’d forgotten was possible

During Cathy’s FLOW programme I experienced the most amazing results very quickly. I had been looking for a new home for nearly two years and I had a “lightbulb moment” and realised I did not want to move away. Within 48 hours I had found a house, made an offer and had it accepted. The move went very smoothly and I am now happily settled in my new home.

A year later I booked a 1-2-1 session with Cathy to help me release blocks from a previous relationship I knew were holding me back. Cathy very quickly and specifically helped me to identify these blocks. She helped me to cut cords in a way which made sense to me, without jargon, and all the time enabling me to feel that it was safe to do so.

She reunited me with a happy and juicy vision of the future I had forgotten was possible– reconnecting me with my inner child and all the things that make my heart sing.

I now feel so much lighter. I have a technique that works to keep “energy vampires” from feeding off my energy, I have clarity, I know what I want and that I deserve to be happy.

I cannot recommend Cathy’s 1-2-1 transformation sessions highly enough. It has made a huge difference to me and I am profoundly grateful to Cathy for her support during my transformation into a new and shiny version of myself!

Louise Wilson

It would be fair to say it’s simply been life-changing!

Joining the Flow Alignment program is probably the wisest decision I took in 2015. In only thirty days it expanded my self-awareness exponentially and helped me move forward in my life resulting in so many surprising added benefits.

It would be fair to say it’s simply been life-changing!

This is not your average “learn a new skill” course – the work involved is internal, subtle, uncomfortable at times but very powerful. Cathy’s meditations and support throughout is top-notch and the skills and practises make me feel better equipped for all sort of challenges. I would highly recommend this program to anyone.

Alicia Benito

I knew the process was working when I suddenly had a burst of creative ideas

I love you Cathy Ballard! Everything is made more simple by you and you provide such a safe space for personal transformation.

During the course, I realised that business is different from busy-ness, that more than anything I value connection, that I’m on the right path and I just need to trust.

I knew the ‘Flow Process’ began to work immediately when I suddenly had a burst of creative ideas, was finally able to acknowledge my biggest strength, and had the realisation of what I want to do with the rest of my life!”

Alison Appiah

Very powerful exercises and visualisations

I booked a session with Cathy as I was quite stressed but especially because I could regularly feel this stress in physical symptoms: at some moments I could not breathe well at all and I felt a heavy pressure point on my diaphragm!

The session was very emotional and the exercises and visualisations Cathy invited me to do were very powerful. The same evening I could breathe really easily and the pressure point is now gone!

Delphine Wolf

Career Coach, delphicoach.ch

I have more confidence, resources and self belief

Before I started working with Cathy I didn’t know where to start with my business ideas, and I was scared of not knowing things I needed to do. I felt overwhelmed with all I thought I had to do and didn’t have much confidence and trust in my abilities or my intuition. I didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted to do nor how to do it.

Now I feel so much less scared and much more discerning in the way I take my business forward. You have given me so much information, resources and tools to use. You’ve helped me find my intuition, and can now trust that my own decisions are the right ones when deciding on next steps.

You are a good springboard to push off from! Working with you gave me the forum to explore my ideas and that was the best thing.

I had a sense of being held and supported whilst we were working together. It was also a lot of fun having our Skype chats every two weeks. I believe that through investing in you for the support, I have talked through many things and possibly skipped over some potential time consuming problems that I would have experienced. I have linked with others and extended my support network. I have more confidence, resources and self belief now!

Sundy Gilchrist

Love and Relationship Coach, sundygilchrist.com

Cathy has an amazing gift for getting straight to the heart of what matters most

Cathy has an amazing gift for being able to get straight to the heart of what matters most and what you really need in the moment. She beautifully holds the space and guides you to a place of clarity and vision in such a way that you can’t help but feel supported and lifted.

Susan Francis

Business Management, susanfrancis.co.uk

I now have a stream of new clients working with me

There is something very powerful and deep about the work Cathy does on ‘Flow’.

I have had several one-to-one sessions with Cathy during the Flow Alignment program, and if you get the opportunity to do this the only thing you need to do is say ‘yes’!

I felt energised and got clarity after every session with Cathy but the real value lay in the stuff I didn’t initially recognise – changes were taking place on a much deeper level, which I only recognised over time.

Working with Cathy has helped me professionally and I have seen a stream of new clients working with me. Her meditations are fantastic and they have helped me become much calmer and more relaxed in the build up to a major work event.

If you get the chance to work with Cathy then grab it with both hands, you will not regret it

Carole Bozkurt

The Blueprint Practice, blueprintpractice.com

Definitely pushed my edges… and the support was second to none

The Flow Alignment program came at the right time for me when I was feeling a little stuck and struggling to move forward with what I wanted to achieve.

What was key for me was the “getting comfortable feeling uncomfortable” to deal with ongoing challenges. The program definitely pushed my edges and Cathy’s mediations and 1-2-1 support was second to none.

I definitely felt a shift in mind-set and continue to practice the mediations which enables me to focus and move forward.

Working Cathy was very enjoyable. I’m so glad that I took the decision to sign up. It was well worth it!

Sharon Carberry


Motivating, inspiring and hugely practical

Working with Cathy as a coach has far exceeded my expectations. Her coaching approach is personal, motivating, inspiring and hugely practical. She has directly helped me across many aspects of life, not only work related.

Cathy is an expert in her field who cares about her clients. She takes a real pride in helping people and shares her knowledge freely. She has put many work and personal issues into perspective and helped me to balance these. I felt very at ease during the coaching sessions, able to talk about everything that was on my mind with the knowledge that it was in total confidence and that she really cares about helping you to work through the issues.

The sessions with Cathy on the Flow Alignment program has been pivotal in making me understand who I am as a person, and how I can use the skills to benefit both my work and personal life. Her meditations and the quality of material provided for this is very impressive.

Highly recommended!

Urvashi Desai

Cathy’s meditations facilitate inner states of calm and wellbeing

Cathy is a very loving and generous person, and that energy alone is very powerful in creating shifts for her clients.

As someone who is deeply committed to inner work (both my own and supporting clients to do the same), I know and appreciate the power of effective meditations. Whilst I have I led many of my own meditations as well as listened to many led by others, I can honestly say that Cathy’s range of meditations are my current favourite for facilitating states of inner calm and wellbeing (a fertile ground for flow and manifestation).

I am really happy to recommend her work.

Karen Skehel

Walk on Waves Coaching, wow-coaching.co.uk

I’m feeling lighter, more free and confident

I had been enjoying Cathy’s online workshops/videos and had been wanting to work with her for a while. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect and my thoughts were very scattered at the beginning of our session.

Cathy managed to magically make her way through my mind clutter and get down to the nitty gritty! I loved the visualisations and finished the session feeling lighter, more free and with a confidence that with the right intentions life will turn out as it should. Thanks Cathy and I look forward to working together again in the future.

Sarra Moore

Health and Wellbeing Therapist, damagelimitation.org

No other healing modalities I’ve tried have had such quick and powerful impact!

Wow! I can’t recommend working with Cathy enough. I have gained such a lot of clarity and insight from just two sessions with her. I am amazed!

I have done many many different healing modalities over the years and none have had such a quick and powerful impact for me.

I feel I have been going round and round in circles for years, knowing what I didn’t want to do but having no idea as to what I did want to do. I was feeling very low and frustrated and just didn’t know what to do next.

I had listened to some of Cathy’s webinars before and always found them great, having really powerful experiences from them, so I felt drawn to work with her. Her focus is brilliant, always bringing you back to topic and seeing how you can take something proactive from it that you can work with.

I haven’t necessarily answered all my questions, but I also wasn’t expecting to, what I do have though is something I can focus on now and the confidence to think differently about my life and what I am doing. It feels like through following this step we identified and engaging with it more will follow. I feel very positive!

I really can not recommend working with Cathy enough. She is warm, insightful and understanding and really helps you identify what is important to you.

Daniela Beer


She exudes understanding, insight and kindness

Initially I decided not to join the programme and wrote an email to Cathy explaining why. When I read it back before pushing the send button a little voice inside me pointed out that all the reasons I had cited just demonstrated why I should be doing the programme.

Interestingly enough my initial goals changed fairly rapidly and connected with what I really need to achieve. I have gained much during this process, I feel as if I have really picked myself apart and continued to bring awareness to my beliefs and behaviours with a true kindness.

Working with Cathy has been a real pleasure, she exudes understanding, insight and kindness. I fear judgement, but I did not have one moment during this course where I felt judged by anyone. I would absolutely recommend the programme to others. It will bring some light in to areas of your life which will reach all those dark corners!

Julia Jenkins

Mindful Sound and Gong, julia-jenkins.co.uk

My mind is now healthier, calmer and naturally sees the good

I decided to apply for the Flow Alignment 5 week course as I totally trusted Cathy, her skills and knowledge and it felt absolutely right to do the course with her.

What I have realised from doing the course is that everything that has brought me up to this point has been perfect for the journey I’m on, that I have more power than I could ever possibly imagine, and that by just ‘being’ with the uncomfortable things that arise, by nor resisting, I can move forward.

I feel that I’m a lot more positive than I was prior to the course and also that my mind is healthier, calmer and naturally sees the good and benefit in circumstances. I would definately recommend Cathy and her programme to others who have blockages to clear, she is incredible skilled as well as being relateable and genuine.

Antonia Lewis

It’s crazy to think that, before working with you, I had serious issues with visibility!

Wow wow wow! Cathy I am eternally grateful for the moment you choose to step into your truth. You see you were the only one that fit the bill for one – to one coaching. I knew I could be fully open and from day 1 it was full disclosure. This was absolutely critical as I understood that I needed to be able to do this in order to have a smidgen of a chance of moving forward.

I was also aware of your innate and nurtured intuitive ability, so understood that there was certainly limited space for fear driven B.S on my part.

I was only ever going to move forward working with you.

Thanks to your guidance and support, step by step I found myself owning my truth, comfortable, confident of my path and purpose. It is crazy to think that before working with you, I had some serious issues with visibility – that old self now representing a vague memory. What a transformation to think I am now helping others to embrace their authentic confident selves and find their purpose. Still having fun and loving the journey.

Philippa Ibe

The Triumphant Woman, thetriumphantwoman.com

Helps you to connect to your inner purpose

My session was Cathy was fantastic! Cathy helped me to relax from the start of the session. She intuitively helped me to clear some blocks that were holding me back.

Cathy very gently helps you to connect to your inner purpose and the rest just happens. I found the session valuable and I think Cathy’s work is just what we need when we’re stuck. I cannot recommend her enough.

Beverley Bramwell

Her Career Confidence, beverleybramwell.com

I had lost my way and now I’m back in alignment again

Thank you for reconnecting me to my flow, I had lost my way and speaking to you has brought me back into alignment again. I now feel clearer and much more positive about the future and what it holds for me.

You are truly a very magical women who has so much light to share with others and I feel so greatfull for your support in my journey. You are an inspiration!

Natalie Bourne

Helped me on a journey to self acceptance

Cathy has really helped me on my journey to self acceptance. Several people have remarked on some positive changes including being more open about my needs and who I am. Cathy has enabled me to bring positivity into my life, something I found very difficult not too long ago. I can now implement daily strategies which go a long way in changing my way of thinking. Cathy has a lovely manner and has worked with me to help me visualise negative thoughts and feelings in order to release them. I have been immensely relaxed in Cathy’s company too!

Rebecca Rollez

I feel more relaxed and willing to surrender

I had an inspiring and clarifying coaching session with Cathy today. She gently and purposefully led me to some important insights using energy alignment methods to set up the process. I feel more relaxed and willing to surrender to the flow whilst feeling inspired with some action points to illuminate the next phase of my journey.

Kindy Kaur

The person to go to if you need clarity, a bigger vision and renewed hope

I had one of the Flow Alignment Sessions and it was really really helpful! Cathy gave me some great ideas and shared so much of her knowledge: it was amazing to see such generosity!! She shared different ways in which I could package some of my knowledge, giving me options that I didn’t even consider before!!! She is definitely the person to go to if you need clarity, a bigger vision and renewed hope for the success of your business!!

Anna Florio

Psychic & Transformation Coach, wisewomanprogram.co.uk

Helped me gain new insights very quickly

They say that you can tell a lot from the first few seconds of meeting someone. Within the first few seconds of my session with Cathy I knew that I was in safe hands. There is something about the cleanness and clarity which she works that helped me gain new insights very quickly. I also felt a strong sense of compassion which held me while I was feeling tender. I am fussy with who I work with and Cathy ticked all of my boxes.

Miguel Dean

Stepping Stones in the Mist, migueldean.net

You empowered me to see that my business dream is possible

Whilst I have known my relationship with loved ones has been off kilter for a long time, I had never been able to get past the thinking stage to really feel it and heal, and to understand from their perspective as well as my own what impact it was having on my life. Especially when it comes to recognising my worth.

I know I am powerful but you really helped me feel and connect the mind with the body and spirit.

I loved the way you were able to empower me to see that my business dream is possible and I am excited by the prospect of what the changes will bring.

Karen Bashford

Money Mindset Coaching, karenbashford.com

Helped increase my confidence and pushed me past many of my fears

I wanted to create and lead regular workshops, to get more clear and focussed about who I wanted to coach, and to learn how to attract the right clients. Cathy had done all this so she felt right, and I felt safe with her.

I was immediately drawn to Cathy’s warmth, honesty and courage. She was successfully driving her business forward despite her vulnerabilities and through her I saw that I too could step out and do the same, it was time.

Before working with Cathy I lacked focus and confidence in myself. I felt that no one would find value in my services and I was afraid of being visible. I had an idea of how I wanted my business to be but I was afraid and felt that, in order to get there, I needed professional support from someone who’d been there.

Cathy’s genuine interest, patience, intuition, compassion, her unwavering support and heart-driven approach to everything I brought has reminded me of my own passion and purpose, helped increase my confidence, pushed me past many of my initial fears and has gotten me more focussed.

Working with Cathy has also fostered the relationship between my spirituality and this reality, in that, I have become more aware of ways to incorporate the spiritual aspect of myself into my work with, and for, others.

I now run two monthly groups and have expanded my range of services. I’m much more clear about who my ideal clients are and know that I offer a very valuable service.

Cathy continues to be an inspiration, an amazing mentor and is a great honour to know, well after our period of working together.

Seah Wraye

Transition Coach & Reiki Practitioner, seahwraye.com

Helped me gain new insights very quickly

They say that you can tell a lot from the first few seconds of meeting someone. Within the first few seconds of my session with Cathy I knew that I was in safe hands. There is something about the cleanness and clarity which she works that helped me gain new insights very quickly. I also felt a strong sense of compassion which held me while I was feeling tender. I am fussy with who I work with and Cathy ticked all of my boxes.

Miguel Dean

Stepping Stones in the Mist, migueldean.net

Now my business runs on rocket fuel and it’s a fun ride!

I chose to work with Cathy as I could tell she ‘got’ what I was saying, she understood where others did not.

Before working with her I felt frustrated, negative, lost and isolated, knowing I had so much more to give, but not having the confidence to take the right step. I’d made lots of these ‘steps’ before but they always came to an abrupt halt after a short amount of time, which led to a lack of wanting to live my dreams. I wanted to be doing something else but wasn’t sure which direction to take.

I cannot thank Cathy enough for her clarity and patience when working with me. I feel so completely different.

The whole experience has been life changing to say the least, in a very positive way. I feel totally aligned with my business and have a brand that fits my unique skills. Most of all, after 25 years of mostly misery at work, I feel joy when working on projects and when working with clients. It all feels effortless and flows easily.

Cathy managed to decipher from who I am a brand and artwork that fits in a way I cannot explain.The artwork is me! It is a perfect fit. I love it!

The effect is that I am attracting the right people into my business, who get me, who are aligned with my purpose of helping entrepreneurs and business owners easily create more profit, fun and integrity in their business.

I feel truly grateful and would definitely say to anybody that is sitting on the fence, who wants to but is unsure – do it! It probably will be one of the best decisions you make both for business and personally.

Before I met Cathy, it was like my business engine was running on unleaded. Now my business runs on rocket fuel and it is a fun ride!

Steven J. Cole

The Barefoot Business Mentor, barefootbusinessmentor.com

Got more clarity almost instantaneously

I wanted to say big thank you to Cathy Ballard for our Flow Assessment session the other day. I truly enjoyed the process you took me through and got more clarity almost instantaneously. I have been indeed in the flow since then! I am experiencing a wave of creativity and have written a few blog posts – which are braver and more authentic.

I now see clearly what actions to take and just need to start doing things rather than thinking about doing them. Thank you so, so much!

Aska Kolton

Get Ready for Love, getreadyforlove.co.uk

I have smashed a lot of fear and doubt

I had a set of five brilliant coaching sessions with Cathy, she helped me see that tapping into my heart and true self, I can unlock the flow of life which will bring abundance in so many forms.

Cathy spent time teaching me meditative practises to stay focussed and aligned with myself, this has positively impacted the bad relationship I’ve had with my sister for years – we now speak regularly on the phone and see each other in person when we can.

The removal of the block in my personal life has been very important and meant I have shifted focus to much more clarity within my business. Since working with Cathy I have smashed a lot of fear and doubt that has been holding me back.

Recently I had a funding application accepted in full which has given me a huge confidence boost and increased the momentum in my business, I feel so energised for what the future will bring! Thank you Cathy for the incredible work you do!!

I now see clearly what actions to take and just need to start doing things rather than thinking about doing them. Thank you so, so much!

Amy Clayton

Actually Amy Song Writing & Tuition, actuallyamy.co.uk

Very powerful process

I wholeheartedly enjoyed the programme and found it to be a very powerful process for helping me to gain clarity about my business goals, which was my intention in signing up.

However, it also gave me so much more in terms of seeing how to easily increase my energy by doing the FLOW mediation, and staying in my body by checking in with my feelings, with both of these tools I found my general outlook on my life
reverberated on a higher, more positive level.

Cathy is a warm, authentic and very highly skilled trainer, who gets down into the process to help build up to my highest self, and gives great advice about getting through the challenges which come with deciding to live my dream. Thank you Cathy!!!

Melanie Smith

African Spiritual Practices, evolvewithoyadina.com

I could never have hoped for such clarity

I spent just over an hour in a Flow Alignment Session with Cathy and whilst I had a good idea of what I wanted to achieve I could never have hoped for such clarity of vision without Cathy’s help.

Not only did I find her method easy and fun to do, but I came away with a certainty about my goals that I previously was only vague about. I am now clear on my next steps, and feel confident about achieving them! Thank you Cathy. Your enthusiasm
for my project has ignited the fire within me once and for all!

Darius McStay

Cathy connected me to my true purpose

I was immediately put at ease after chatting with Cathy for just a few minutes. After going through some energy exercises I started to feel a huge swelling in my throat. Within seconds I had the biggest coughing fit of my life! It was like I was clearing all of the blocks I had inside me. By the end of our call I felt a beautiful clarity in what I’m doing.

Cathy reconnected me to my true purpose and it was as if she gave me permission to model my life and business around what made me feel good, as opposed to what I ‘think’ I should be doing. I feel that Cathy and I had a genuine connection and I will definitely be working with her again in the future.

Carly Taylor

Very powerful and enlightening experiences

My journey with Cathy’s programme has taken me through some highs and lows of self-reflection, and some very powerful and enlightening experiences. With full support to understanding your intentions and guided meditations to manifesting these intentions, Cathy delivers the programme completely from her heart. Her beautiful energy and joy in helping others is so apparent in her work, and throughout the programme you get the sense that she really cares about every one of us taking part.

Not only did I manifest new clients and a lottery win during the programme, more importantly I have found the full power of my spirit and learned how to express my true self and follow my life purpose.

Sarah Oliver

I had so many ah-ha moments

I just had an amazing session with Cathy. Recently I found myself overwhelmed, and nothing I did in my business seemed to work. While being guided by Cathy, I had so many ah-ha moments and saw where my inner pain and unresolved issues were keeping me stuck and in a place of self-sabotage and procrastination.

I came out of the session feeling energized and with a new passion for the business and life I so desired. Cathy helped me to go deep within to clear my blocks and to get new focus and flow. Without her expertise and help I would still be in that dark place, confused, going in circles.

After our session I felt lighter, like the weight’s off my shoulders, and I am looking forward to see my journey unfold so I can make a positive impact in the world and help others to shine and realize their potential too.

Tatiana Fecikova

Women’s Finance Coach, tatiana-fecikova.com

I’m astonished at how well I feel

After talking to Cathy I am astonished at how well I feel.

I feel lighter, more free, able to get things done and handle the challenging times ahead.

Daniella Acitelli

I had several big shifts and feel so much lighter

During my session I had several big shifts, and feel so much lighter. I released the heavy pressure on my chest and tapped into beautiful messages of creating and playing! I feel free to create and bring forth my offerings my way, and to have a lot of fun doing it. I feel excited that this fits into my dream of sailing and traveling… knowing I will be able to offer these anywhere I am.

Thank You so much for assisting me to get into the Flow and to release the energetic blocks and beliefs that were keeping me from fully serving those who are waiting for me!

Alicia Kent

Akasha Bloom, akashabloom.com

Being coached by Cathy really feels like a discovery journey

I wanted to turn my passion for helping people into a business, but didn’t know how to sell myself or market what I do, and I needed help to overcome the conflict between my rational, practical, business minded head and my great big warm, loving heart that just wanted to help anyone and everyone for free!

I needed to create a brand around that which sounded and felt like an extension of me… but who would get THAT? …Enter Cathy Ballard!

When I first met Cathy she was so…. REAL and so gentle – yet so strong in her passion and knowledge, and so … beaming with excitement! When I spoke to her and started to explain my confusion with what to do, how to do it, what to name it, how to share it … I remember her smiling and literally completing my sentences … and so a little voice inside shrieked with joy: ‘SHE REALLY GETS ME!!’

Cathy really gets it – she’s really empathetic, she knows your struggles, she knows your fears but most of all, she’s been there before … over and over – for herself and with her clients. Being coached by Cathy really feels like a discovery journey while all along you get a very valuable training course at the same time.

After working with Cathy, my head and my heart started working together and even enjoying the dance of discovery, creation and action!!

I have since started manifesting all sorts of miracles into my life – all sorts of opportunities and most of all, it feels right and it definitely works right also!

Rocsana Alina

I felt safe to share whatever came up

I want to do a public shout out to the wonderful Cathy Ballard for some work we did a while back:

‘Cathy is deeply intuitive and wields her soft power with such love. She opened a space within which I felt safe to share whatever came up, and I felt very held by her intuitive listening and guidance. What came up was not what either of us expected, but luckily Cathy has enough self-belief and trust to follow the flow, and I received a valuable insight from the experience. Cathy is also a true visionary – this means her work is always done from a place of seeing the highest good for you and for our world’

Kate Wolf

Wild Woman Success, wildwomansuccess.com

WOW… This manifestation shit really works!

WOW Cathy Ballard! Wow is all I can say! This manifestation sh*t really works! I saw a house I wanted to move into, viewed it the next day, made an offer and had it accepted. The whole process took 48 hours! I feel much happier about life in general and now feel like the world is my oyster!

Louise Wilson

Really brought to the surface what I was struggling with

Thank you for a really open, honest and intuitive session.

You were extremely switched on to my energy levels, immediately picking up on what made me feel vulnerable and what made me feel passionate and happy.

The meditation was the best part! It was beautiful and really brought to the surface what I was struggling with and not wanting to confront.

You were also extremely generous with your ideas and suggestions an you’ve definitely encouraged me to weave my stories and get writing!

Shailee Noronha

Helped me to see where I’m going and what I want to do

I really enjoyed The Flow Process. It helped me reconnect to myself and work out why I run certain patterns. Once I discovered why I run a pattern that holds me back I was able to understand where it came from and then release it. That is powerful stuff! It also helped me see where I’m going and what I really want to do in the future which was unclear for a while. I would totally recommend Cathy to work with. She is calm and intuitive and has a lovely, caring and compassionate and understanding way of working.

Jo Tocher

Jo Tocher Holistics, jotocherholistics.com

Less stressed and more in control

I would highly recommend Cathy’s transformational work. After undertaking the 21day flow work I feel less stressed and more in control of my future. I have learnt to prioritise my health and the time I spend on myself has improved. Life feels like I have more opportunities. I have moved forward and manifested the start of my business, and even managed to manifest a top surgeon for my upcoming operation!!
If you want change then this is definitely the programme for you.”

Deborah Bond

The B Company

Safe environment to explore your spiritual self

Cathy has a natural ability to put you at ease. Her soothing voice and calm, inspiring personality creates such a safe environment to explore your spiritual self. Her Flow Project has enabled me to relax during a difficult point in my life and start to see the wood for the trees. I would highly recommend working with Cathy to anyone who wants to start changing their life.

Kezia Luckett

Kezia, kezialuckett.com

Was a great way of quieting my mind

Flow was great way of quieting my mind. Helped me to find my special place which I look forward to going to for healing and realigning myself. Can’t thank you enough. Totally recommended. Kind, caring healing. Listening to other people’s transformations was so up lifting. Amazing, thanks Cathy.”

Samantha Rich

Phenomenal week with work

The Flow Project has been an excellent reminder of how to connect and become aligned. The programme felt incredible. Everything really started to spin with positive vibes, I had a phenomenal week with work and also heard some positive news about one of my ‘dreams’ that has been on my vision board for 2 years! Of course the doubt gremlins of ‘it can’t possibly all go this well’ started creeping in and I found your candidness and reminders about the negative ego talk which we all have, the most valuable thing to keep me on track.

I think we are all naturally sceptical that when this all starts to work that something will come along to the contrary and I found your help and acknowledgement of the resistance that comes up particularly refreshing and useful. I would definitely recommend this programme to others.”

Joanne Davis

Bellequest, bellequest.co.uk

I had no idea it would have such a positive impact…

Thank you Cathy for inviting me onto the Flow programme. I had no idea it would have such a positive impact. My key learning is that when I am experiencing resistance, instead of either pushing through or giving up, I now have the tools to get back into the flow. During these last 3 weeks I have created and done a webinar which I would not have conceived of doing before this project. Thank you again so much. I highly recommend this programme.”

Tamara Donn

Transformation for Women, tamaradonn.comm

Confident in my ability to do, be and have anything I want in my life…

The FLOW Project was a wonderful experience. It challenged me to put me first again without feeling guilty – even if it was just for a few minutes a day – and to re-focus on what I REALLY want from life. At the start of the project I was feeling uncertain and overwhelmed as I switched (again) from being employed to working full time on my business, and the programme helped me to manage and balance my energy during the transition.

I’m finishing the programme feeling confident in my ability to do, be and have anything I want in my life – and I didn’t even do everything Cathy said perfectly (oops). I’ve even booked myself into a very nice hotel for 3 days for a conference I’m attending, something that I didn’t think I’d be able to afford at the start of the programme but during this process the money has appeared from a very unexpected source. This was a goal I’d set myself near the start of the FLOW Project and I believe it’s no coincidence. I highly recommend the FLOW Project or anything other way you can work with the lovely Cathy Ballard. Thanks so much for creating this Cathy!

Sara Stafford-Williams

Heart-centred VA, sarastaffordwilliams.com

Amazing for new bookings…

This week has been amazing for new bookings! My best month ever had been in April and within three weeks of starting the programme I had surpassed it!”

Isobel Gordon

In the Right Hands, intherighthands.co.uk

Helped me make some key decisions…

I engaged Cathy’s help recently as I was intrigued by her concept of ‘Brand From the Heart’ as I was a little unsure of the direction for my business. Prior to our meeting she sent through a comprehensive questionnaire which really got me thinking about some key issues I have been facing in my business. That exercise alone was very enlightening!

We met for a morning session during which time we covered a huge amount of stuff together and I was really impressed with the focus and understanding Cathy was able to have about my business in just a short time. She was able to ask me just the right questions to help me make some key decisions. Cathy’s intuitive nature coupled with her solid business and marketing focus enabled me to come to some important conclusions about the best direction for my business. Subsequently I have launched another training product within my business and have several other opportunities in the pipeline. Thank you Cathy!

Beth Parmar

Happy Family Life, happyfamilylife.co.uk

Fantastic at finding the ‘authentic you’…

Cathy is absolutely fantastic at finding the authentic you. Using a questionnaire which digs deep to find out what you are expecting and wanting, Cathy uses her unique ability to create amazing branding direction from the information you provide. The feedback I have received for my ‘The Money Goddess’ brand has been “It’s so you!”

I couldn’t ask for anything else, because it is so me!

I am so excited to be able to have all my brand flow together as one. Thank you, Cathy for being so insightful in producing my ‘Brand from the Heart’ for me. I have already recommended you to others and will continue to do so without hesitation.

Karen Bashford

The Money Goddess, karenbashford.com

Focus and clarity to get what you want…

This was an amazing experience and I’ve got so much from the session!

I’m so excited! I feel like I’m going away with lots of tools that I can use in my business, I’ve far more clarity about my business vision and I’ve a clear direction to move forwards in. You’ve drawn out of me strengths I have that I hadn’t been aware of, and I now have a true feeling of passion and desire for what I believe I can do.

Before the session with you, sales and marketing were quite scary for me, but you’ve helped me break down those barriers and I feel really confident because you’ve showed me that there are lots of ways to connect with the people I want to work with.

Cathy, I can’t thank you enough for the value you’ve given me. My self belief is so much higher! I thoroughly encourage anyone to work with you because it will help you explore your dreams and aspirations and create your authentic and unique brand.

Helen Jane

Living By Design, helenjane.co.uk

Heart-centred and intuitive approach…

Having developed and managed the branding process for other organisations, it was very strange to be in the ‘hot seat’.

Cathy’s approach to developing a brand is certainly heart centred and intuitive and very different to what I have been accustomed to. She really wanted to understand the essence of who I am in order to glean what my brand should be.

We covered so much in a day, but due to Cathy’s approach it seemed no time had passed at all. I have come away filling like I have my ‘big girl pants on’ ready and poised to step into my own and be authentic in myself – I am the brand. A very big step for me, but having read the notes taken on the day I feel comfortable about that.

Cathy has shown me how I can be authentic without leaving it all on the kitchen table which was my huge concern about me being the brand. Although very intense I thoroughly enjoyed the session and working with Cathy, who I think is simply amazing. I think anyone starting in business should avoid taking short cuts and ensure they use someone who is credible and an expert in authentic brand creation like Cathy.

Jay Kamara

1812 Marketing, 1812marketing.com

Instils self confidence…

What I have taken away from working with Cathy at The Aphrodite Club are a number of tools that have helped me see and challenge some of my core beliefs and turn around negative thoughts.

Cathy is a kind and thoughtful person who is really willing to listen and give guidance. She can help you turn those negative thoughts into positive ones and instil self confidence. She is a friendly helping hand!

I would like to say a big “Thank you”. It has been lovely to take this journey of self development.

Deborah Temple

DST Design, dstdesign.co.uk

Helped me be really creative…

Working with Cathy was great – she is so knowledgeable, positive and full of energy.

Her questions helped me be really creative and brought out lots of new ideas and insights into what I want to bring into the world through my work.

I feel much greater clarity about my next steps now and how to market my therapy practice effectively to attract new clients and grow my business.

Daniel Hahn

Open to Change, open-to-change.com

Focus and clarity to get what you want…

I had a Branding Call with Cathy two days ago. For some reason I seem to have attracted customers of late who turned out to be time-wasters and I needed some direction as to how I could do things differently to attract the right customers.

Cathy helped me to see how to change my focus and get clear about what I wanted in order to achieve my goals. I followed her advice and today I had the perfect customer who ordered immediately! Thank you!!

Suzie Cooper

Amazing Kangen Water, amazingkangenwater.co.uk

You created something very special…

I enjoyed the workshop very much and I would really recommend working with you.

Well done on your achievements with The Aphrodite Club, Cathy – you created something very special!

Julie Marah

The Wife Coach, juliemarah.com

The beginning of a life changing experience…

I kept coming across periods of my life where things would become frantic, fearful and stressful, and I would also feel less confident than my usual self. I joined Cathy’s Aphrodite Club and here I am ten months later and I have changed.

Cathy is wonderful, personable and has such a calming nature about her. There is no doubt that she is absolutely passionate about what she does. The classes we attend for three hours every month hone in on all areas of “you” and “who you think you are”, but in fact aren’t! You can find that perhaps you are leading your life through the eyes of someone else, or trying to live up to other peoples’ expectations.

Cathy gives you direction through wonderful tools and exercises to take you to the real level of you. Her classes come in many formats and sometimes it can be emotional and other times it can be elating. There is no doubt however that I walk away from the room relaxed and more informed and confident about myself. Thank you Cathy for taking me on the beginning of a life changing experience.

Gill Parkins

GVA Support, gvasupport.co.uk

Greater self awareness and increased wisdom…

Cathy is a genuine, capable and committed person and would be very beneficial to collaborate with.

I just want to thank you for inspiring me. You have done what I would love to do which is to present and share your knowledge in a natural and loving way. I am left with a greater sense of self awareness and increased wisdom, and your classes leave me feeling spiritually uplifted and rewarded.

Karen Mistlin

Space2Be, space2be.org

Ever increasing connection to my authentic self…

What I’ve got from working with you and attending The Aphrodite Club is the confidence, ability, desire, passion and an ever increasing connection to my authentic self. I’ve learned to believe in myself and I know that I can be an inspiration to others.

Cathy, you truly have been an inspiration to me. Thank you for having the courage to step out of yourself as you’ve enabled me to step out too!

To anyone considering working with Cathy, DO IT! You would be making a sound investment. Thanks Cathy.

Marina Martin

A great person to travel with spiritually…

What I have learned from working with Cathy is the importance of being in your heart and following your dreams. She taught me meditation and other powerful tools to reduce the focus on my mind and create change in my life.

Cathy is very inspiring and heart-centred. She is a great person to travel with spiritually! And she breaks it all down into easy to follow bite sized chunks.

Eleanor Hatherley

Living Lighter, living-lighter.co.uk

An inspirational approach…

Some of the best things that I experienced at The Aphrodite Club were the meditations that Cathy led, ‘heart-centred thinking’, and getting lots of reminders of NLP and positive attraction strategies.

Her workshops always offer well prepared food for thought and an inspirational approach.

Joanne Davis

Fine Fettle, finefettle.org.uk