Private Coaching and healing adventure

This private coaching and healing adventure is an immersive journey into yourself that will create significant lasting change. It will help you push the boundaries of possibility to create more abundance, love, joy and freedom in your life and work, teach you empowering mindset and multi-dimensional energy tools, and develop your trust and belief in your own true power.

A transformational adventure into the self

 So much is changing on the planet right now, and while those shifts are bringing up plenty of global challenges, it also makes it a rich time of self-discovery, transformation and personal growth. But if you are sensitive, intuitive, strongly connected to your spiritual self, or you know your purpose is to serve in a bigger way, then you will be more aware than most of an inner tension as different parts of you pull in opposite directions…

Something exciting rising in you… an inner call to be more and serve others… a feeling of opportunity… wanting to pull ahead… wanting to be more soul-led and authentic in your life and work… 

But at the same time, the brakes on!

As the tension grows it gets more uncomfortable. You might have truly heartfelt desires to make change, but at the same time feel stuck and frustrated. You doubt and second-guess yourself, you let yourself get distracted, you over-think things, you get in your own way and sabotage your progress and you wish you had more certainty or clarity to see the way ahead. 

It can show up in any area of life – your work, your finances, your relationships, your wellbeing, your purpose – but there will typically be one or two areas that are a familiar challenge.

So even though you can feel something inside you is calling you to be more, it’s easy to fall into playing small, believing you don’t have the power to make change, buying into the struggle of fear, lack and limitation and so you stop yourself moving forward.

Pulling in two directions

But those are just limiting beliefs playing out based on what, at some point in your earlier life, you decided was true about yourself, that you inherited from your family or ancestors, took on from societal conditioning, or even carried through from a past life. 

Yes, beliefs are powerful, because they inform the unconscious behaviours and choices we make that create our reality, but they are not fixed. 

And more importantly, they are not as powerful as the transformational loving consciousness of your Higher Self, which can dissolve and unravel inner obstacles and resistance to change remarkably fast, and get more parts of you pulling together. 

To embark on a journey to meet your blocks and saboteurs and step into the unknown is a courageous thing, so you need to be fully supported and feel safely held. Expect to be gently called out when you’re getting in your own way, but also expect to participate fully in the empowering process of dismantling your limiting beliefs.  

As you come back into connection with your authenticity, Source Energy and your highest, most powerful version of yourself, then those inner saboteurs will soon lose their power. 

As you’re coached through the transformational process to move beyond what you thought was a big, ugly, impenetrable block, not only will you discover that there is always a gift and a release of new energy that you can then channel into creating a life you love, where you can be more of your authentic, beautiful self, you will also access a whole new level of belief about who you are and what else might be possible…

And then things can really start to shift!

Transformation coaching

Example package for private coaching

This three or six month container will support you to rewrite limiting beliefs, release fears and blocks, heal past wounds and traumas, help you discover a new vision for your life and empower you to become the person you need to be to create it. 

What you can expect to experience on this life-changing journey is:

  • To be deeply and safely held.
  • To clear the fog of your mind, revealing a clear vision of your true desires.
  • Liberation from emotional patterns that have tripped you up your whole life.
  • A deeper sense of empowerment.
  • Clarity about the next right steps to take.
  • To be reminded of your Greatness whenever you fall into self doubt.
  • To have the habit patterns of your mind challenged when they are not serving what you say you want.
  • To develop your intuitive knowing and connection with Source.
  • To build your self-trust, self-belief and self-confidence.
  • To deepen your faith and knowing that the loving Universe is guiding you into alignment with who you’re here to be.
  • To trust that the Higher Intelligence of Life always has your back, no matter what crosses your path.

Below is an example of how a three-month private coaching package could look, however, together we will create a bespoke container to perfectly suit your needs.

  • Three hour deep dive session – access your highest vision and start to clear what’s in the way.
  • 6 x fortnightly 60 minute 1-2-1 video calls – support and guidance to create momentum and empowerment.
  • WhatsApp voicemail support – Q&A for the most intense periods of your journey, should you need it.
  • Audio recordings of all Zoom sessions – practicing the energy processes will deepen integration.


You’ll experience a combination of laser-focused coaching that accesses your subconscious mind and meets you at a somatic/body level, powerful high frequency healing energy to align you with the highest love and clear limiting patterns from this, ancestral and past lives, intuitive guidance, connection with your Higher Self and inner guidance. Plus you’ll learn mindset and energy tools to generate significant, positive transformation that will serve you your whole life.

And if you’re ready and willing to commit to the journey and put your wellbeing at the centre of your life, a quantum leap into a new way of living and being is possible.

Sessions are by Zoom video call, or in-person by agreement if you are able to travel to East Cheshire.

So, if you feel called, let’s connect!


Contact me at if you have any questions, or use my online booking service to arrange a complimentary ‘Possibility Call’ to see if this programme is right for you. I won’t sell you anything, so you can fully relax! 

And if you like the sound of having some support, but you’re not ready to go quite so deep, you might prefer Transformational Tarot coaching sessions.

Calls take place via Zoom. Please complete the questions in the booking form to give me some background as to where you would like to be in your life and where you are now so that we can make the most of our time together.

I’m looking forward to talking to you!

Much love,

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