Flow Alignment Possibility Sessions

If you’re feeling stuck, frustrated and confused in your life situation, it can often be because you’re trying to make decisions based on the ‘small-self’ limitations of what you believe is possible for you.

Trying to create your life from here can be an uphill battle because it requires you to use force to move your life forward, which is hard work. And if you’ve been operating out of alignment with your true path, you may find that you put in a lot of effort to get somewhere that you thought you wanted to go, only to feel disappointed and unfulfilled once you got there.

In truth, you are an unlimited being, and while it requires you to take action, there is an optimal path that is most in alignment with your soul, which when you take it, and meet the challenges with full acceptance, will bring much more ease, flow, joy, abundance and satisfaction into your life.

It only takes a mindset shift and direct connection to your own experience of Source/Universe/God/Goddess/Creative Intelligence to change your world – which is easier than you might imagine.

When you partner with Divine Consciousness and access the fully expansive, liberated and empowered state within you, you have the ability to direct pure creative energy into anything that feels good to you.

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Possibility Sessions are great for gettting unstuck, dreaming bigger by opening up to wider possibilities, finding alignment and getting clarity about what’s truly in your heart so you can let go of the confusing head stuff that’s causing you to procrastinate, self-sabotage, doubt yourself and spin your wheels.

Usually during the session we’ll talk about your desires and the change you’re wanting to achieve in your life. Then, by working with your Higher Self through a light, trance-like state and your body’s wisdom, we’ll explore those desires for truth and alignment, and clear whatever limiting beliefs present themselves from your subconscious mind, leaving you with clarity and new inspiration to move ahead with confidence.

If you allow yourself to let go the sessions are deeply transformational.


  • Single 90 minute Flow Alignment Session – £222

Great for clearing the head stuff that’s keeping you stuck around a specific single issue and getting you moving again.


  • 3 x 60 minute sessions – £444

Good for working on a particular issue that may have deep roots, requiring a few sessions to release the programmes holding it in place. Or you could use them as monthly realignment sessions to maintain forward momentum within your life and business.


  • 5 hours flexi – £555

Making a significant change in your life situation typically requires identity change work. This takes place in the deeper levels of the unconscious mind. Early identity-shaping events get held in the unconscious like tangled threads. Our younger selves made meanings about who we were and what was possible for us based on those things that happened, and we developed safety strategies that stopped us from feeling the same kind of pain again. Those beliefs and avoidance strategies created the programmes that continue to run our lives until we consciously revisit the memories with compassion, non-judgement and unconditional love. Then we can untangle the threads, heal the stories that prevent us from changing, choose new empowering beliefs and move forward with freedom and confidence.

It’s different for each person, so how much time that takes depends on the change you want, the strength of the protections that are holding your programming in place, and the different events that reinforced the programming. Often, once the earliest or key event is collapsed, the lesser ones dissolve quickly and easily.

This package offers you the time you need to go deep, and you can use as much or as little as you need in the sessions so that you feel safe and supported if and when buried patterns rise to the surface as part of the healing and transformation process.

Additional one-hour blocks can be bought as needed for £111.

Please note that these Possibility Sessions are one-off sessions and do not include additional support in between. All sessions bought must be used within three months.

Sessions are by Zoom video call and a recording  of the call will be made available.

Contact me at connect@cathyballard.com to have a brief chat about what you need and how I can best support you.