You have Greatness within you…

I don’t just means your talents, experience and what you DO, but the unique essence of WHO YOU ARE – and the world needs you to be YOU!

But stepping up, and stepping into the unknown to live your potential is no walk in the park!

It’s a hero(ine)’s journey.

And every time you cross the threshold to another level, or embark on a new adventure to fulfil your desires and potential, you get tested and challenged. Our deepest fears, frustrations, self doubts and not-enoughness show up in our inner world, trying to keep us from our true path.

But they only have the power that we bestow on them if we’ve forgotten how powerful we really are.

Yes, YOU are powerful beyond measure!

There is so much more to you than the small, human self your ego would have you believe.

You are an Infinite Being experiencing having a physical form, while at the same time, intrinsically connected to All That Is; the all-knowing, all-powerful, unconditionally loving, creative consciousness of the universe.

And when you choose to live more from this Greatness and Light that you are, where lack and limitation do not exist, YOU get to sit in the driving seat of your life and live this journey as a grand adventure of limitless opportunity.

No, there’s no magic bullet… BUT, everything is possible.

It is the transcendental path of fire that all heroes must walk – your soul’s quest into the unknown. And if you are willing to do what it takes to handle the challenges, the rewards of fulfilment, love, abundance, freedom and joy will be yours.

You can take your time and walk the path alone, where the tricks and traps of your small self are many, or if you’d prefer it, you can journey with me – a spiritual guide who’s been walking this path for 30+ years, who can see through your ego’s story to the Greatness you really are.

It would be my honour to journey with you!

Hi, I’m Cathy. I’m a transformation coach and multi-dimensional healer.

I help Lightworkers, sensitives, empathic and intuitive change-makers – and people who just love growing – work through the body’s wisdom, the unconscious mind and Source Consciousness, to step up and claim the bigger life that is waiting for them.

Through facilitating very deep internal shifts I help you expand beyond what you currently believe is possible. This provides greater clarity, peace, happiness, abundance and flow in your life and business.

I facilitate transformation through very clear, high vibrational energy work, and practical and grounded intuitive or channeled guidance, aligned with what you’re here to do at a soul level. It’s very fast, lasting and you’ll directly experience it, so you’ll know the shift has taken place.

Most of what I know comes from direct personal experiences that have occurred because of the deep trust I’ve had in so many years of following my own inner guidance to make big leaps of faith into the unknown. I walk my talk, and as an experienced guide, I journey alongside my clients, guiding them to step into their Greatness, to powerfully create their lives without limits.

Discover how you can work with me to create the changes you want...

To receive more abundance in all areas of life, I can help you:

  • Reach a whole new level of self belief about what’s possible for you.
  • Free you from using lack of money as an excuse to hold yourself back.
  • Make clear decisions that will take you closer to your dreams.
  • Stop hustling, pushing and striving your way to burn-out.
  • Take action towards living your purpose without self-sabotaging.
  • Transition through a major life change with grace and awareness .
  • Learn easy energy techniques to handle every situation.
  • Manage your boundaries to create harmonious and empowered relationships.
  • Deal with the inner demons and saboteurs that are keeping you stuck.
  • Develop your intuitive knowing, and trust in yourself and the Universe.
  • Feel good about yourself and peaceful inside, regardless of your life situation.
  • Think bigger, clear the confusion of too many choices and free yourself from procrastination.
So isn’t it time you stepped into YOUR POWER so you can start creating the world you want?

Apply for a complimentary Introductory Call today, and take that next step to living from the Greatness you really are!

To your transformation!
Much love,

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