Allow yourself to open to the universe

Are your desires still not manifesting, despite following everything you know about how to manifest?


To experience more of what you truly want you need to expand your capacity to receive.

Maybe this is true for you…

You’re ‘doing the work’ – you’re visualising regularly, stepping into the future you and feeling how it will be to have what you’re wishing for, staying positive, dealing with the mind gremlins…

…all essential steps for successful manifesting.

You KNOW you deserve more than you currently have. And you know more is POSSIBLE.

So why does it still seem hard to manifest in consistent ways so we don’t have to keep going through periods of boom or bust, and instead create a welcome and consistent flow of PLENTY?

One reason for why this happens is that our current identity, or self-concept, doesn’t feel congruent with the version of us we see in our dreams and desires, which is much more expanded. And when our desires are out of alignment with our unconscious programmes surrounding our identity, the unconscious always wins.

So your visualisation work won’t have much effect unless you are also working on clearing your limiting beliefs and releasing your fears.

Ultimately, every part of you comes from love, from Source, so every part of you is worthy and deserving of abundance. It’s your true nature. But at some time or other in our past, where we might have experienced feelings of shame, guilt, unworthiness, fear, self-loathing and so on, our human selves wrongly judged those parts of us as being bad, wrong, undesireable, undeserving of good things and of no value.

And because we’re typically programmed to avoid pain, those aspects of us got pushed away, buried, split off, and we did all we could to avoid them showing up, re-experiencing them and exposing the ‘awful truth’ about who we really are.

In doing so, we made ourselves smaller, more contracted… because that’s easier to control and keep safe.

Unless we confront the lies that we bought into about ourselves, we will continue to live from our smallness and our limiting unconscious programmes.

When we accept more of who we are – warts and all – we widen our self-concept. And when we can welcome back the parts of us that we have judged and split off from, and release the lie, then not only is there more of us that’s available to receive the abundance we desire, but the accompanying gift of awareness heals us and expands our sense of what’s possible for us.

To do this we have to meet our edges and look into our shadows.

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