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One of my private clients was a talented young actress, and as you probably know, acting is a tough gig. But by learning how to master her energy she started manifesting magic and miracles!

Buying into a fixed point of view

To be an actor you have to be passionate, talented and totally determined because there’s incredible competition for relatively few roles – especially the ones that pay well.


And you have to be prepared to get rejected – over and over, and over, and over, and over again.


There could be dozens of other actors going for the same role, even if just for three seconds in a commercial, never mind getting jobs in plays, movies and tv.


You might think you’re perfect for a role, but if the people casting the parts don’t like you for some reason, or they have a specific kind of person in mind that they will only know when they see you, then you don’t get cast, and all that time preparing was for nothing.


Acting is a greedy mistress. It won’t let you have another career that gives you any kind of satisfaction and fulfilment because you always have to go to auditions at the drop of a hat, for maybe hours at a time. It’s often impossible to hold most other jobs down, so bar and restaurant work is usually what you have to settle for.


And as you might imagine, that kind of work doesn’t pay well. But you’ve still got living expenses, agent and/or manager fees, portfolio head shots to pay for and print, transport costs and taxes, etc, etc, etc.


If you are lucky enough to land a paid role for a time, the stability and security only lasts as long as the job. And then the panic sets in as you prepare to get back out there looking for parts, going for auditions, and going through the whole stressful process again.


Sounds even tougher than being an entrepreneur, doesn’t it!


No wonder there are so many actors struggling financially and emotionally.


What if it doesn’t have to be this way?


What if that’s just a fixed picture that people have bought into that says ‘this is how it is to be an actor’, and so they live out that reality without ever properly challenging it?


And what if YOU are buying into a fixed picture about how ‘something is’ in your life and work?


It’s those fixed pictures that cause us to get stuck, or feel like we’re living a life that’s smaller than who we intuitively know we’re born to be.


But the good news is, they are an ILLUSION, and they can be changed because they are only solid if you believe them to be.


The reality is, everything is energy, nothing is static and you are infinitely connected to all of it through the greater field of consciousness, which you are constantly influencing through your thoughts.


It is possible to create anything by changing it at the energetic level through INTENTION and FOCUS, which means you change your life experience.


You are more powerful than you know.

My client had been working with me for a couple of months. She had landed a great role in a play for a few weeks, but it was only a short run, and she was panicking because the end was looming. She began experiencing that sinking feeling of having to get back on the treadmill to chase roles again, and it was starting to get her down.


Every couple of weeks we had a call where I taught her how to connect with her Infinite Self – her Greatness that’s beyond limitation, fear and lack – and approach her challenges from that perspective.


With practice she learned how to master her energy in certain areas of her life so that it started to flow with much greater ease and joy.


She was a brilliant client to work with because she practiced what I taught her daily, and she loved the magic!


And so, when she had a wobble because she didn’t know where the next job was coming from, and she was telling herself it could be months before she found something, I taught her a few specific energy tools to shift that.


Less than a week later I got this text from her.


Testimonial from client


I LOVE it when I hear stories like this!


Much love


If you’d like support to move your own life forward in more satisfying and fulfilling ways and 1-2-1 attention is what resonates with you, then I invite you to have a ‘Possibility Call’ with me to see if working together will help you step into the life and abundance you’re not yet living.

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