Why isn't my vision board working?

The frustration of inconsistent manifesting with vision boards

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why isn’t my vision board working?” I have!

I’ve been doing vision boards for years, but for a long time the results I got were pretty sketchy. Sometimes loads of things that I’d put on my board manifested, and other times it seemed like virtually nothing showed up.

It frustrated me that results weren’t CONSISTENT, so maybe they didn’t really work.

But I was still intrigued and I loved making them, because it was time carved out just for me to focus on my dreams, hopes and desires, and to get creative with colour, inspiring images and glue.

And after all, so many other people swore by them and got consistent results…

So what was I doing wrong?

Here are a few things I’ve learned in the meantime that make manifesting with vision boards more successful, and some reasons why your vision boarding doesn’t manifest what you want in a consistent way…

 What NOT to do…

A quick recap on vision boarding no-nos that mess up your manifesting 

  • Don’t put things on your vision board when you’re coming from a place of lack – ie putting something on the board because you don’t want to feel the current absence of a thing or experience in your life. Focus on what you DO want that fires up your passion.
  • Don’t put things on your board that you THINK you SHOULD want, simply because that’s what everyone wants – money, relationship, success, etc... That will be coming from your head, not your heart, and if you’re vague with asking the universe, you’ll get vague and unsatisfying results, so be specific in what you’re calling into your life.
  • Don’t put things on your board that are really other people’s ideas of success rather than TRUE, AUTHENTIC desires that are ALIGNED with your soul and purpose. To recognise authentic juicy dreams and goals, you will probably feel a sense of expansion, upliftment, joy and some anticipation at being stretched, because you will be called to grow into who you need to be in order to become an energetic match for what you’re wanting to manifest.
  • Let go of expectations on how and when things will show up. There are so many things that need to line up when there’s something big that you want to manifest. The real value of experimenting with manifesting is not to get what you want too easily, but to grow. It’s the journey which is important because it changes you into a bigger, more confident version of yourself with greater self-belief, and that spurs you onto the next milestone in your soul’s evolution. If you fall into self-doubt and give up too quickly because things aren’t manifesting fast enough, then you’ll miss this valuable lesson. And while the universe doesn’t necessarily bring you exactly what you want, it will bring you exactly what you need in every moment to help you evolve, even if that’s a challenging experience.

Tips to get the best results from a vision boarding session at home

Prepare sacred space.

Do what’s necessary to ring fence this precious time for yourself without distractions and set it up energetically by smudging with sage, palo santo or similar. You might like to do your own special cacao ceremony or other ritual to focus your energy and connect within to your Higher Self/Universe.

Have all you need on hand to feel relaxed, nurtured, comfortable and inspired: your favourite music, some herbal tea, treats, incense or essential oils in a diffuser.

Get your materials ready: magazines, paints, brushes and other art materials, scissors, glue, paper, card, a big art journal like the one I’m using, or a canvas.

Meditate and connect to your vision

Ground and centre yourself, and connect with the joyful energy of your desires, connecting to your heart and specifically with the feelings of how it will be when you have what you desire – step into that future version of you.

The purpose is to drop out of your thinking mind and into your body and your heart’s true intentions; those that are aligned with your soul’s potential – your own unique blueprint. 

When you get this bit right and choose images, words and colours from this vibration to put on your board, when you see your board, this energy will help to pull you through any bumps in the road that might distract or derail you. It helps you keep going as you grow into who you need to become in order to manifest what you want.

Staying tuned into the energy of your heart’s vision, with soft focus, scan quickly through magazines and pull out whole pages that touch you in some way. Don’t overthink this or get specific yet. Just create a pile from which to choose your final images from your board.

You probably won’t be able to fit everything on your board, so this choosing process is important. It gets you to prioritise what’s most important to you by feeling the energy of the words and images, and then you can let go of anything else. 

Get creative

So now you can get your scissors and glue out and start getting creative, placing the pieces in such a way that they feel good to look at. You can add any other embellishments with paint and colour, and if you don’t find the exact images to fit part of your vision, something non-negotiable, then you can paint, draw or write something to represent it and stick it on.

When you’re happy with what you’ve created, spend some minutes reflecting on what you’ve created. Make any amendments to make it feel absolutely how you want it to be. Then sit with it. Take it in. Absorb it. Feel it. Notice how it touches you and reconnect with your vision that seeded this creation.

Prepare your mindset for success

This is a good time to journal any thoughts, impressions or insights about what you experienced, how it will be when you have what you want, why it’s possible for you to have this and also any potential obstacles that you can anticipate, with potential creative solutions, positive affirmation statements and empowering beliefs that will help you move through them.

You can find a few more journal prompts for supercharging your manifesting in this blog I wrote a few years ago.


So that should help you create a vision board that is a pleasure to make and a joy to look at – one that actually WORKS!

Let me know how you get on!

If you’d like to join me in person at my vision boarding workshop in a beautiful country venue in Cheshire, all the details are below.

Vision Board Magic for Manifesting

Shrigley Hall Hotel and Spa, Macclesfield, Cheshire

Friday 23rd February – 9.30am to 4.30pm

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Are you ready to kickstart your dreams into reality?


Vision board magic for manifesting - group
Vision board

Join us for a transformational day dedicated purely to you and your best life! Our Vision Board Magic for Manifesting workshop is your chance to create a vision board that you LOVE and that actually WORKS to help you manifest a life you love

Vision boarding is a powerfully transformative process which helps to:

  • ️Clarify your values and prioritise what’s most important to you.
  • ️Inspire you to make powerful choices.
  • ️Motivate you to take action towards what you want. 
  • ️Activate the Law of Attraction so your energy helps draw what you want to you.
  • ️Put your unconscious mind to work on finding ways to make those dreams and goals a reality.

But it is also fun, relaxing and enjoyable too – and you don’t need to be arty at all!  So get ready to unleash your creativity and tap into the power of visualisation!

This is for you if you want to:

  • Get really clear about what you want to attract into your life; whether that’s success, love, improved health, support, fulfilment, breathing space to just BE, or simply to find more joy in life.
  • Connect to a bigger vision and get clarity about your soul-aligned goals and intentions for your business and heart-led projects in 2024 and ahead.
  • Refocus and recommit to the life you really want to live after the New Year’s resolutions have started to fade. 
  • Learn about the mechanics of manifesting and how to activate the Law of Attraction to bring your desires into your life with more ease, grace and joy.
  • Open up to a new level of success and abundance.
  • Raise your vibration, have a day completely for yourself in a luxury country spa hotel.
  • Have fun and be inspired by networking with people who share your passion for personal growth and success.

This will be a small, intimate group facilitated by Cathy Ballard, Transformational Life Coach and Women’s Circle Leader.  You’ll be expertly guided through transformational processes that inspire, ignite your passion and fire and connect you with the wisdom of your heart where your TRUE desires are found. These are the desires that spark joy, that make you come alive and that fuel you to keep going, no matter what gets in the way.

Whether you’re looking to boost your motivation, gain clarity, or simply have a great time, this Vision Boarding Workshop and Networking Day is for you. Don’t miss out on this chance to take a step towards a brighter future!

Vision board magic for manifesting - Shrigley Hall
Vision board magic for manifesting - materials

Pre booking is essential

Shrigley Hall Hotel and Spa, Macclesfield, Cheshire

Friday 23rd February – 9.30am to 4.30pm

Early bird rate is £79 – valid until 1st February 2024.  

Bring a friend to receive 10% off both your ticket prices. (offer is limited to 2 tickets, which includes early bird price)

Ticket includes:

  • Tea, coffee and pastries on arrival
  • Mid morning refreshments
  • All materials required
  • Light buffet lunch
  • Afternoon refreshments

There is an option to add on a twilight spa experience after your workshop, (6pm – 9pm), or why not make a weekend of it?  Visit shrigleyhallhotelandspa.co.uk for more information and to book.

Meet your hosts…

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Cathy Ballard

Cathy Ballard Transformational Coaching

Cathy Ballard is a transformational coach known for the safe, empowering space she holds for her clients to go deeply into themselves to find the resources and answers they need. She has had three decades immersed in the mind-body-spirit arena, leading women’s circles and guiding people to connect with their inner calm, personal empowerment and inner guidance through embodied energy work, meditation and mindfulness practices.

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Jenny Kirkwood

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