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Are you here to make a difference, lead and serve others – but unclear about exactly how that looks? 


Is searching for your purpose, fulfilment or meaning in life leaving you frustrated?


And if you knew what to do, would you like to make a good living from doing what you love, and what you’re brilliant at? 


Yes? Well, the good news is that’s TOTALLY POSSIBLE!


And it doesn’t have to be hard.


You just need…


We all have a unique role to play…

You come with gifts, attributes and experiences that only YOU have which set you apart from everyone else.

Your purpose is to value and express these gifts, to shine your light, to be who you are at heart, and to embrace the challenges that will come as you learn and grow.


Get paid most for what comes easiest to you.

If you’ve been brought up around role models who believe in struggle and working hard for a living then this might sound hard to believe, but… you should get paid the most for the thing you find easiest to do.

Yes, that’s right – it should be easy!

That thing you think is “common sense” that you probably think everyone knows – that is your purposeful gift that you are here to share with the world.

It’s that thing that’s so natural for you to do that you don’t have to think about it.

It’s effortless because you have such a depth of knowledge about it, you know it and live it from the very centre of your being.

It may even have come from your core would that plays out over and over in your life – making you more and more of an expert in it because you’ve seen this pattern from every angle.

But more often than not, because it’s so natural for us we aren’t conscious of it as something special so we don’t value it or feel comfortable charging for it.

But believe me, it’s exactly what your clients want because they are struggling with it. And you have an easy solution for something that would significantly help them in their business or personal life, so you owe it to them to offer your services.

And you owe it to yourself to get well paid for your depth of expertise.

And think about it, who would you have more confidence investing in, and find more attractive and appealing to work with…  someone who provided a service with effortless ease, or someone who knew a lot, but wasn’t as experienced?

No contest really!


Getting clear about who you are makes you magnetically attractive

This alignment of your natural gifts, your heart and your mind forms the foundation of your personal brand – your message, your experience, your identity and the values you stand for that people will know you by.

And once you get this foundation right your message will be clearer and you will naturally attract the people who need what you have to offer – your ideal clients.

For me, all my life I’ve been breaking free of my back story by exploring who I am, throwing myself into experiences way outside my comfort zone to see how I’ll react and what I can learn from it.

Basically to let go of the fear that I used to be paralysed with.

I’ve been fascinated about why we humans do the things we do – to ourselves and each other, about consciousness and human potential. And I’ve always been interested in why things happened in a certain way in my life, what positives I could take from it to help me grow stronger, and how to claim my power back to create the life I want.

Some might say it’s an obsession… I say it’s a calling! (Well ok, maybe a bit obsessive!)

And because of those many thousands of hours I’ve devoted to it I can now claim to be an expert. I can talk the talk – and walk the walk.

It’s authentic.

And that’s why people say they are attracted to working with me – because they feel safe that I can help them break free of their stories too, let go of fear, find clarity and powerfully create the lives they want to live.

For me, finding this alignment has helped me find a flow of abundance, opportunities, joy and fulfilment.

And the same will happen for you – once you’re clear about who you are and what you want.


Your personal brand will develop and grow as you do.

As a business owner there is no greater journey for personal and spiritual growth. There is a vast resource inside you waiting for you to tap into its transformational magic.

All the answers you will ever need are in your heart and once you’ve learned to trust your heart’s guidance you can step up into the life you were meant to lead, filling your life with meaning, joy and satisfaction.

But following your pupose requires you to step outside your comfort zone into the unknown.

At times you will feel uncomfortable, scared, unsure, lost, frustrated and possibly even very pissed off! And though your experiences will be incredibly testing at times, that contrast will help bring you even more clarity about who you are and what you want.

The key is to be prepared for the tough times, get a good support team around you for when you hit the speed bumps, then feel the fear and do it anyway!

Everything you learn on your journey will make you stronger, giving further depth and authenticity to your expression in the world.

So the rewards of living this purposeful life far outweigh the challenges.


If you’d like more clarity about your purposeful business, your direction or how to make the choices aligned with your heart that will totally transform your life, then why not apply for a complimentary call to discuss how I can help.

Just comment below or send me an email and take the first powerful step forward today.

To your transformation and clarity!

Much love,

Cathy Ballard – Spiritual Buisness Mentor and Transformation Coach

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