New Year Creation Ritual

When to do this ritual

I’ve been doing this practice for a few years and I have to say, this creation ritual really works!

I love creating a nurturing space for myself to do this, often in the week between Christmas and New Year where I tend to give myself full permission to pause any notion of work and I can turn my attention inwards with less distraction. But you don’t have to leave it to New Year. You could do it at any point in the year where you are ready for new beginnings, such as around your birthday, or at a pivot point in your life.

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A word of warning before you start!

This creation ritual is about visioning from the heart and tapping into unlimited possibilities.

Because you are an innately powerful creator, if you do this process wholeheartedly you will activate change in your life – so be careful what you ask for!

The manner by which that change will show up is what we have to hand over to the universe and trust that all is in hand, then let go of any expectations of how it will show up.

Sometimes we don’t like how it brings it to us; in fact, pretty often it’s the exact opposite that seems to show up and it’s easy to think the universe is against us and this manifesting shit just doesn’t work – at least not for us!

(Here is a link to my most-watched video where I explain how this happens)

So when that happens it’s actually a sign that the good stuff is on its way to you. You just need to hang tight, persevere and remember that this crazy-making phase is part of the manifesting process.

Through it we get another opportunity to heal old wounds, let go of limiting beliefs, unhelpful shaping patterns and lies we believed to be true about ourselves, and love ourselves unconditionally instead. 

This alchemical transformation process that happens within us causes us to move into an energetic match for what we desire.

So we must be willing to receive ALL that the universe brings us because life is pretty damn intelligent and knows what it’s doing. And it’s in that place of non-resistance to everything – including all the unpleasant, uncomfortable, scary and difficult things that the ego mind will try to fight – that we receive the flow of abundance that is also coming our way. 


My ritual – here’s what to do…

To start with I make a sacred space and carve out uninterrupted time.

I might light a candle, put on some relaxing music, light some incense, get some delicious nibbles and something to drink, and wear clothes that I will feel really good/comfortable in. Awaken all your senses.

Then I get my materials ready. I use a large A3 sketch book so I can go mad with coloured pens and paint, and let myself express what wants to come through me much more freely.

Next I meditate and get into a really good, high frequency feeling space. I call in my guides and connect to my Infinite Self/the Divine, so that I am connected to the field of all possibilities and the creative power of the universe. (Click here to download ‘Connect to Your Greatness’ mp3 if you’d like to be guided through this process)

Heart-Aligned Visioning Process

While I am connected to this higher frequency I tune into what energies I’m called to explore in the coming year. It’s a bit like setting your sat nav to take you to a specific place, but in this you are setting coordinates for the universe to lead you to a feeling tone destination.

This might be one or a few things – FREEDOM…  SUPPORTEDNESS… LOVE… ABUNDANCE… ADVENTURE… SELF CARE, etc. 

After I’m clear on this I feel into what my intentions are.

Here are some words for you to feel into that may resonate for you:

*NB You could also try tuning into archetypes that embody the particular qualities you’d like to embody yourself if this feels more powerful to you.

When you have the words or archetypes that resonate most for you, use different colours and allow your creativity to express itself. Write, draw or paint them into your journal or on a piece of paper.

Then, staying connected to this higher frequency space, let your heart flow your intentions onto another page, keeping your head out of the way as much as possible.


Possibility questions

Next comes the really juicy part of the ritual. Taking one or two of my strongest, most heart felt intentions, I ask these possibility questions… 


  • If there were no limitations and I couldn’t get it wrong, in 2022 I would create…xyz

 Again, just let your words free-flow out of you. Your heart is connected to All That Is, and has no limitations, so give yourself permission to be as creative as possible.


  • What might be in the way of me making …xyz a reality, based on my limiting beliefs, stories and unhelpful shaping influences of the past?

Know your adversary… This question helps you access your limiting beliefs, fears and blocks that your current ego identity will use to hang onto your existing reality. Making them conscious helps you to know what resistance you’re likely to meet on the way to your desires, and gives you something tangible to work with.


  • Why is it true that I can create… xyz and/or be… xyz?

This is the secret sauce to blasting through those limiting beliefs, and invites you to dive into all the quantum physics and Law of Attraction stuff you know to be true, as well as any healing and transformation tools or helpful people and allies that you might have access to, such as:

  • Coaches, healers, bodyworkers, therapists, support and service people, team members, etc
  • Angels, guides and Higher Self support teams you might work with.
  • Past tangible experience of your own
  • Real life evidence of people you know personally, or are in the media who’ve achieved what you’re asking for
  • Helpful qualities of your personality and spirit.
  • The truth that you already are, or have what you want, given that all possibilities already exist, and that the creative power of the universe is always flowing through you.

Just let your words flow like water without censorship.

Claim your power.

State what you know in your heart to be true, and what you are committed to changing or creating.

Stay connected to your heart and high frequency feeling as much as you can, and just let the guidance come.

You might sense that it is coming from somewhere other than you. That’s ok, just as long as it feels light and expansive, you know it is coming from the highest part of you.


  • What am I grateful for in 2021?

Self explanatory, but gratitude is a wonderfully high frequency to boost your energy and magnetic attractiveness to the abundance that wants to come to you!


  • What energies I choosing to leave behind in 2021?

These might be qualities such as self doubt, stress, powerlessness, stagnation and stuckness, blaming and complaining, impatience, intolerance, defensiveness, over-giving and people-pleasing, hopelessness or helplessness, unhealthy diet, scarcity, etc. It’s an opportunity to make a commitment to release what no longer serves you.


  • What other energies do I choose to welcome into my life in 2022?

This expands on the first question, and after going through all the preceding questions you may have found much more that you want to experience. 


After really diving into this process you should be feeling a sense of expansion, lightness, direction and renewed possibility.

Now you have to let it go and let the universe do its thing in its own sweet time!


In the meantime, I wish you a truly magical time this Christmas, and all the very best for an abundant 2022!

Much love,

P.S. If you’re new to co-creating abundance with Higher Consciousness and exercising your spiritual power, here is a free resource for you that you might find helpful to get you started – Magnetise Yourself to Money (Energy activation and pdf guide)

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