Releasing the blocks to receiving


Does something seem to be blocking you from receiving the abundance, love and success you dream of?

Do you feel like you’re pushing rocks up hill… frustrated that things aren’t happening fast enough… worried that the money, opportunities and clients aren’t showing up?

Do you wish things were different?

Well that resistance you have to how things are at the moment – all the things that you don’t want or don’t like – is actually what’s stopping the flow of all the good stuff coming to you as well. 


And it’s not just resistance to things you don’t want happening in your business…

If your personal life has any unwanted drama or difficulty, your resistance to that will be affecting your overall flow too.

The good news is that you can change that FAST!

You just have to release the blocks to receiving.

“But I don’t know how I’m blocking my receiving”, I hear you say…

Well that’s probably because you’re only willing to receive the good stuff.

What you need to be able to do is receive ALL of what life wants you to experience, without holding any resistance – and that includes the crappy, scary, uncomfortable, painful stuff too.

You need to fully SURRENDER.

When you surrender to whatever life brings and whatever you feel – without judging it as bad, without avoiding it, without craving something different – but fully allowing things to be exactly as they are rather than as you would like them to be, then you have the key to transformation, and to living your best life.


Surrender is the intersection between acceptance and change


There is a life force and intelligence underpinning all of existence.

It’s the same force that causes your body to function, your heart to beat and your hair to grow whether you’re awake or asleep. It’s the same force that organises the harmonious interconnection of everything in nature, and creates the stars and planets in the universe.

It’s pretty clever, and it knows what it’s doing.

And if it can grow a tiny acorn into its fullest potential of a majestic oak tree, then like every other life in nature, you can be sure that you too have a journey of growth to take that will lead you to fulfill a potential that’s way more than you can conceive from your current level of reality.

This is what we are coded to do – to live that fulfilled life and fully express who we are and can be.


However, when an acorn grows from seed to fully grown tree, and it is shaped by the weather and the forces of nature, it doesn’t complain, struggle against or fight its ongoing transformation.

We humans on the other hand have an ego that causes us to feel separate from the greater field of consciousness, it has all kinds of preferences and it wants to keep you safely in the known.

And it’s programmed to resist change.

So if you’re wanting to create a new reality for yourself, a better life, a successful business, a happy relationship, greater health and wellbeing, and so on, you will have some resistance to deal with.

You can’t avoid it. It’s part of the transformation process.

Now you might think of your ego negatively because it’s what seems to hold you back, but it’s actually helping you by doing this.


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A bit like resistance training at the gym, where first the muscles get broken down before they can build up stronger, the resistance that comes from our egos when we push against our edges and go for what we want actually helps us develop spiritual strength and resilience.

It gets us ready for who we need to be to attract what we want.

So when you’re struggling and you find yourself in a challenging place in life, you need to surrender to it and trust the process, even if it feels quite unbearable.

Remember how the universe is pretty intelligent… well at some level there is a reason for your current challenging situation.

In some way it is helping you become who you need to be, and one day further down the track you’ll be able to look back and understand why you needed to go through it.

So if you can accept and allow whatever is happening in the moment, without wishing or wanting it to be different, your resistance is gone.

There is a saying that ‘What you resist persists’, but the opposite is also true.

So while it might take a bit of time to get there, when you do release resistance the situation will soon change, bringing you back into alignment with the natural, abundant flow of life, which will guide you towards your potential without you having to try.


If you’d like some help to identify and release the resistance that’s stopping you from effortlessly receiving all the good that’s already lined up for you, then leave a comment below or send me a message.


I’d love to help.


To your transformation,

Cathy Ballard – Spiritual Buisness Mentor and Transformation Coach




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