I’ve been having lots of fun with a daily practice of ‘ask-believe-receive’ lately. 

What I do is I get into a relaxed meditative space, merging and expanding into the infinite field of consciousness (Universe/Source) until I feel a heartfelt joyful connection. Then, into the field that extends out from me and my heart, I ask to be shown something that day that would surprise me in such a way that would delight me and let me know that it’s a result of the Universe responding to my request. 

It really works!

Sometimes I ask for specific things. Other times I leave it up to the Universe to choose.

One morning I asked to see an elephant. When I went to my ceramics class that day, one of my fellow students had made an elephant from clay.

Another morning I asked to see a leopard. That evening, when I went to see my parents, they switched the tv on and a nature programme on big cats popped onto the screen, which included leopards.

It took me a while to realise that these were the signs I’d asked for because they just seemed quite normal everyday occurances, but let’s face it, unless one escapes from the county zoo, an elephant is not going to be walking down the road in the leafy English village I live in any time soon!

It taught me to be more vigilant and open to how the signs might show up.

I kept with the wildlife theme and chose to see a dove. 

When I was talking to one of the ladies from my Bloom women’s group one afternoon about signs from the universe, she told me she dreamed about doves the night before! I decided that was my sign, too!

I’ve received lovely unexpected gifts and money. 

I bumped into someone in the woods who I’d wanted to introduce to a friend the next day. I hadn’t seen him for ages and it turns out he’d been wanting to get in touch with me for months, but had lost my details.

I needed a pair of shoes exactly the right colour, style and size as part of an outfit for a choir performance that I’m participating in next month. I’d looked online and found something I thought might be suitable, but before I’d got around to buying them, someone gave me a pair of the perfect shoes out of the blue.

There have been more examples of happy surprises from practicing ‘ask-believe-receive’, but I can’t recall them all. The ones I’ve shared above have been in the last two or three weeks alone!

It’s a lot of fun, it’s really uplifting to feel this magic, but more than that, it makes me absolutely know without a shadow of a doubt that I am influencing the field of consciousness that connects us to everything, because it’s responding to my requests. And that brings a lot of peace, strength, belief and makes me want to ask for more to see what else is possible.

You might like to try it yourself…

But a word of warning…

If you ask for surprises and leave it open-ended, you can expect a few unexpected things to catch you out. One evening in particular this showed up for me in a couple of ways. 

Firstly, I’d spent quite some time making a set of plates at my ceramics class. I like that ceramics always seems to throw up surprises and you never quite know what you’re going to get out of the kiln, but I hadn’t expected this.

I’d made one plate in a deep blue shiny glaze that I liked, and a few weeks later I decided to make three more. I glazed them with what I thought was the same glaze and left them to be fired (the colour of liquid glaze before firing is usually no indication of the end result).


Ask-believe-receive happy accidents

When they came out of the kiln they were a completely different colour, and more than that, the glaze wasn’t even a foodsafe one. They look nice though, so now these happy accidents are plant pot holders!

Unpleasant pheasant

An un-phleasant surprise!

When I got home and got out of the car carrying my box of plates there was a pheasant in the driveway. I live on the edge of a village surrounded by fields, so there are often pheasants around and they usually squark and fly off when you get too close. They also leave lots of big bird poos on the paths, so I wanted to discourage this one from going down the path to my house.

But this guy was fiesty and looked determined.

I blocked its path. It tried to dodge me.

I blocked it again and tried to edge it backwards. But the bird was having none of it!

It just gave me a mean stare and didn’t budge, so I found myself in a stand-off – playing chicken with an angry pheasant!

Why was it not flying off like it was meant to?

Then, this unpleasant pheasant went for me! I couldn’t believe it! I was definitely surprised!

I kept it off, but then it chased me round my car – three times! 

I was carrying the box and laughing so hard that I couldn’t get my keys in my hand to open the car. But I managed to put the box down, unlock the door and jump into safety!

I was trapped in the car and wondering whose resolve was stronger, his or mine. But eventually he stalked off, flapped his wings and flew over the hedge into the nextdoor neighbour’s garden.

I wish I’d had my phone with me to capture it. If someone nearby caught it on camera I would love to see it!

Anyway, the surprise was surprising, but I still enjoyed it. Maybe I need to be clearer about what kind of surprises I don’t want? Or maybe it doesn’t work that way?

I’m still experimenting and loving the magic that comes by inviting more surpises into my life. It’s certainly not boring!


What surprises have you had recently, and how did you react to them?

 I’d love to hear.

Much love,

Cathy x

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