Confusion to clarity


Clarity is a manifestation of alignment

When you lack clarity about the choices you have to make, or a direction to take your life or business in, that confusion can bring up all kinds of unhelpful, bogged down feelings.


At some time or another we’ve all been there – running around in circles, getting nowhere fast; not really knowing what you’re doing and forgetting to do things. Time passes in a flash and it feels like you’ve accomplished very little.


Sometimes it feels like wading through treacle, or like you’ve got one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake – your wheels are spinning like crazy, you’re expending loads of energy ’trying’ to get somewhere, but still not really moving.


It’s not a comfortable place to be.


And to get away from those uncomfortable feelings it would be pretty common to jump online and Google for a solution to your problem; to find an expert who could tell you what you need to do to change things so you can feel better.


You might find yourself getting drawn to people who tell you how YOU TOO can make a six figure business in no time at all, manifest your soul mate in three easy steps or get the body you’ve always wanted without exercise…


But even if you found an authentic expert who you absolutely knew their claims to be true – because let’s face it, a lot of marketing is built on hype and stretched truth to get you to buy products and services – even if you did believe in them fully, and you knew they were selling the system that totally worked for them…


It doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you.


And unless you do something different to change who you are being on the inside… IT NEVER WILL WORK!


The ‘How to…’ of absolutely everything is out there on the internet, and even if you followed every step to the letter, you will never get the same results unless you are first in vibrational alignment with what you want to receive.


In vibrational alignment

“But I don’t know what I want” is often the response I hear from my clients.


Well, although you might not have clear details about what exactly you want to experience, you actually already do KNOW what you want.


That knowing is already inside you. You’ve been defining it your whole life (and across lifetimes) from experiencing the duality of life, and discovering the contrast between what you like and don’t like; want and don’t want.


And all that contrasting experience has helped you fine tune what you want from all the rest.


So your clarity already exists, and you are emanating that from the core of your being because it’s a fully integrated part of you.


But what happens for most of us is that our fears, limiting programmes and small thinking fill our minds with conflicting thoughts and ideas about what’s possible, what we deserve, what other say would be right or good for us and what would keep us safe.


And because we end up listening to our noisy, relentless thoughts and follow the advice of others rather than trust our own knowing, we disconnect from the quiet voice within, and sooner or later we’re lost, off track, and unsure of the direction we need to go in.


Sound familiar?


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 14.48.03

For me personally, clarity is one of these qualities I constantly aim for because it points to our truth. It’s something I’m so passionate about helping my clients find because it sets you free to be who you truly are, which is essential for creating an authentic business.


When you have clarity you know what you want, which means you can get into alignment with it energetically and stop sending cross-purpose messages out to the universe.


You know where you’re heading and you simply know what to do next. So you do it.


You take action, and you keep taking action. And that builds up momentum, so that even when the usual mind gremlins might try and throw you off, you’re in so much flow that you hardly give them any attention.


And that creates transformation.


So a clear mind is a great tool – for your work life and as the basis for living a balanced, conscious life.


A clear mind means there aren’t any more annoying, unanswered questions, or noise and tumult going on in your head. It’s a great state to be in and my preferred way to live, which is why I value simplicity so much, as a way of keeping on top of everything.


Clarity comes when we think simply, yet intelligently and powerfully, from a place of what is really important to us – and then let go of all the rest.


To reach total clarity in your mind you can use different techniques:

1. Meditation

A clear mind is the absence of thought. So finding meditation techniques that help you empty your mind, break you out of your current reality or distract you from your constant mental commentary will create a kind of freshness and openness for new insights to enter your mind.


Everyone is different when it comes to meditation styles that work for them, so explore what feels good to you. There is no ‘right’ way to meditate. For some it might be sitting for an hour on a meditation cushion watching your thoughts, for others it might be walking quietly in nature, and for others it might be gardening, yoga, swimming, listening to relaxing music or even doing housework.


It should be anything that distracts you from your thoughts and creates a sense of inner mental spaciousness.


2. Ask yourself powerful questions in solitude and silence

Make a date with yourself to have some quiet, undisturbed alone time to reflect on yourself and your life. Unplug from your phone, your computer and the tv, and set aside time to ask yourself some big questions:
  • If I could have it any way I wanted, if anything was possible, what would I want?
  • Deep down, what do I desire?
  • What’s the truth of this situation?
  • What next step am I being pulled toward?
  • What feels right?”
Listen to the answers from your inner being and journal about them, then act in alignment with your inner guidance.


3. Stream of consciousness writing

Spend 10 or 20 minutes writing down anything that comes into your mind. If you don’t know what to write or how to start, simply write “I don’t know what to write…” and let it flow from there.


You can be sure that your mind won’t be empty of thoughts for long! Don’t over-think this. Just write until your mind feels clearer.


If you read back what you’ve written after you’ve finished, you’ll usually notice your thoughts jumping from one thing to another. One moment you might be thinking about your appointments for the day, then what to have for dinner, then what you want from the shops, a conversation you had earlier, where you want to go on holiday, bills you have to remember to pay… on and on, and on!


As random as they may be, all these things have been on your mind occupying mental energy and attention, cluttering up your mind. So when you write them down you clear them out.


And when your mind is clear you get more in contact with the creative inspiration from your inner guidance.


4. Conscious breathing to slow down your thoughts

Thoughts and confusion eventually clear on their own. If you are stuck in confusion it always indicates that you are lost in thought.


Thoughts are sort of like clouds. They roll in and cover up the clear blue sky and the shining sun. Then they roll out. Thought does the same thing. It rolls in and covers up your clarity, and then it rolls out.


If you focus your attention on your breathing for 5-10 minutes, consciously following your breath down into your belly so your energy is dropped down from your head, your busy mind will slow down.


From here it’s much easier to reconnect with bright ideas and you will start to feel a pull toward something new.


5. Mental decluttering – release the ‘shoulds’, fears, other peoples’ opinions, critical head talk and limiting beliefs

Our minds are typically cluttered with all kinds of stuff – particularly when we are facing a difficult choice or navigating a challenging transition. That clutter drowns out the voice of our inner guidance system. So you need to release this mental clutter in order to make clear choices.


Close your eyes and focus on the issue at hand. Imagine you have a balloon which you are holding by the string in one hand. Give it a colour.


Now bring to mind all those thoughts, fears, worries, judgements, negative or unpleasant feelings, pushed down uncomfortable memories that you don’t really want to feel, and any unresourceful emotions and limiting ideas about who you are and what’s possible for you.


One by one imagine them leaving your energy field as you add them to the balloon. Picture the balloon growing bigger and bigger with every thought you add.


Keep emptying out in this way until you’re done.


In the other hand imagine you have another balloon, but this one is vibrant, shining and light coloured. In this balloon imagine putting in all the inner resources you might need or want to move ahead in your life right now… support, ease, joy, clarity, energy, connection to Source, harmony, awareness, inner knowing, confidence, right timing, inspired action, and so on.


Again, keep adding empowering thoughts to the balloon and picture it growing bigger and bigger, the light becoming more and more vibrant until you’re done filling it up.



Now let go of the first balloon and imagine it floating up and away into the sky far above you until it’s disappeared (or send a rocket up to blow it to pieces!), and feel how you feel in your body. You will probably sense a lightness.


Next, take the second balloon and imagine drawing that balloon and all its qualities into your heart, and feel how your energy changes.


Now bring to mind the issue you’re facing, and approach it from this new place of awareness. Ask “What’s the next best step I can make right now to move ahead on this issue – and wait for guidance to come to you from this clearer state of mind.

Surrender to the flow of life

So next time you are feeling confused and overwhelmed, take a moment to step out of your current situation, and try one of the five techniques above. It’ll get easier with practice to clear mental clutter, tap into your inner clarity, and trust the answers that come from your inner knowing.


What do you do when you are distracted by confusion and mental clutter? How do you regain clarity? 


Let me know in the comments below, send me an email – or share with your friends! I LOVE hearing from you!.


And if you’d like more clarity about your purposeful business, your direction or how to make the choices aligned with your heart that will totally transform your life, then why not apply for a complimentary call with me to discuss how I can help you take the first powerful step forward today.


To your transformation and clarity!

Much love,

Cathy Ballard – Spiritual Buisness Mentor and Transformation Coach

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