Is the path clear in your work, your finances, your relationships, your well being?


When you have the clarity to know who you really are, and you know what you really want, there is no confusion about what action or direction to take – whether that’s in your work life OR your personal life.


You just take it.


It’s inspired action.


It’s action that feels right to YOU, so you can move forward with confidence, knowing deep in your heart that you’re moving towards the potential you were born to fulfil.


You align with the current of life which magically seems to lift you, that magnetises you to what you’ve been asking for, and brings flow and ease to everything you do.


But when you don’t know what you want, you’re fearful about the way ahead because you know to move forward you’re going to have to face some painful memories, or you’re struggling with dramas and life’s daily challenges, clarity and flow can seem a long way off.


Lack of clarity in your work or career can mean you’re travelling the wrong path for years, not receiving the financial abundance you deserve, feeling like you’re pushing rocks up hill, stuck on the hamster wheel or just going through the motions without any real joy.


It feels uninspiring, unfulfilling and frustrating, and there’s that quiet nag inside you that lets you know you’re out of alignment, you have a bigger mission to accomplish and you’re not being true to yourself.


Maybe you know what that’s like.


Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside awakens – Carl Jung


When it comes to our relationships we all want meaningful connection, but not being clear with our boundaries, our self love and communication brings all manner of heartache, misunderstanding and problems to deal with.


And if you lose yourself in the relationship and get caught in a lie just to keep the peace, or keep others happy, you end up in a trap of your own making.


So clarity about who you truly are and what you want is essential, because when you lack it you waste vital, health-giving energy fighting the pull of your spirit while you try to maintain the roles and masks you’ve taken on.


It’s exhausting! It’s like rowing upstream.


But to find clarity, restore flow and create the life you want, you first need to see and clear the lies that you’ve been living – the stories you sold yourself in the past that limit who you are being today.


These are the lies you hear in your own mind that tell you you’re not good enough, lovable enough, strong enough; that you don’t have what it takes, that you’ll never have abundance or that good things don’t happen to someone like you.


I’m sure you know these and have many more – the mind gremlins!


When you have clarity of intention the universe conspires with you to make it  happen – Fabienne Frederickson


The greatest lie of all is that you are separate from the one Divine Mind from which everything is created.


The truth is you are not separate.


You are like an individual wave on the surface of the ocean; connected to the unlimited Source of creative intelligence, powerful beyond measure, that responds to your every thought and emotion.


But our limiting beliefs, fears and imprinting are very strongly held in our unconscious, and these are what shape our current reality.


So to change your external world you must change on the inside first and follow the universal laws that govern creation.


Clearing your blocks to abundance

Imagine that you have your own personal river of abundance that can never dry up. It can bring you everything you need to live abundantly in every area of your life – abundant health, wealth and happiness.


But there are boulders hindering the flow so your river of abundance is far less than you instinctively know is available to you, but you can’t seem to free up the flow.


These boulders are all the limiting beliefs, fears and memories, each one blocking it up even more. Some are big boulders that you’re aware of, others are small ones hidden from conscious awareness, but even a small boulder has the power to wedge a big one in place and hold back the flow.


Typically, when things aren’t going well for us we look for an answer outside of ourselves to clear the cause of the current problem or to make ourselves feel happier. And that seldom works.


What we don’t realise is that the trigger of our current unhappiness is a painful past memory that was never fully processed – one of the boulders – which exists in our energy field at an unconscious level, negatively influencing our flow of abundance.


And once we start shifting these boulders by clearing the emotional energy holding them in place flow can be restored.


Would you like my help to clear your boulders?


When I work with clients we talk about your desires and the change you want to achieve in your life.


Then I take you through a transformational meditative process that takes you deep into your unconscious mind and connects you with your own Higher Guidance, which guides us to the specific memories that are holding back the flow and causing the current stuck situation. 


From there I use energy psychology, meditation and mindset techniques to help you release any fear, shame, guilt, grief, sadness, doubt or despair connected to whatever memories show up.


Often all that’s needed to find clarity and free yourself from your current problem is one session, because clearing one hidden block might release many more that have been held in place by it.


But the real power in this work is not in clearing a few blocks to create a small increase in flow.


You have many, many blocks that are holding back your river of abundance. So regular, consistent clearing means more and more of what you want will come to you. 


And it will come to you quickly, in magical ways that free you to become more and more your true self.


Opportunities will open up out of the blue, you’ll feel stronger, more confident, more alive and aligned because the flow will lift you up and carry you now that you no longer have so much resistance.


It’s a very gentle and safe process.


You’ll be conscious and engaged in it the whole time, and you will feel and know that it’s cleared.


So are you ready to rid yourself of the reasons, excuses, fears and resistance that are holding back all the good stuff that’s all lined up for you?


Yes? Good!


To get started straight away you can download my free transformational meditation, ‘The Flow Process’, which will give you a taste of what’s possible when you connect to your true desires and your Higher Guidance.


This 15 minutes audio will help you raise your energy and set your day up for success.



I know I can help you make positive transformation in your work life or personal life, so if you’re ready to go deep and do the inner work to bust through those abundance blocks, there are various ways you can do that. 


Contact me now and let’s arrange a time to talk.


I would LOVE to help you.


With all my love,

Cathy x

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