I wonder if you can relate to this… for years I used to go along to workshops and seminars on consciousness and personal development, and by the end of each one I’d end up leaving having not really learned anything new.

It wasn’t because it hadn’t been great content.

It wasn’t because the speakers or presenters weren’t any good.

It was because I already knew it all.


I never dared voice it out loud because there was a mean little voice in my head saying…

“You arrogant big head!”

And instead I would justify the time and money invested by looking for all the little positives, and when people asked what I’d got from it I’d say, “Great! Very confirmational…”

But I was getting so bored of hearing myself say that.

The thing is, I really did know this stuff because I’d been immersed in intensive conscious living for nearly six years while co-running a consciousness centre in New Zealand. I lived and breathed it and it became my default way of being.

But unlike those presenters, I didn’t value it, I didn’t have the guts to claim it, make a stand for it, market myself and get up on to a stage to share it with people.

I had way too many fears to do that.

I was terrified of public speaking and being in the spotlight. I thought you had to be extroverted and dynamic to be any good – I was quiet and introverted. I was scared of rejection, I didn’t think anyone would want to listen to me and I didn’t believe I could do it.

But I desperately wanted to be able to, and each time I went to a seminar I was hoping to find the magic key.


Fear Monster


Those very real feelings of FEAR kept me totally caged and stuck, living a life that wasn’t authentic, and where all my knowledge and experience stayed hidden inside me. No one except close friends and workshop buddies knew the real me.

But here’s the thing… when you keep denying who you really are and your true calling, you are likely to find that things become increasingly untenable in the safe life you’ve constructed.

And if you keep ignoring the warning signs you run the risk of getting ‘bitch-slapped by the universe’, where you have to go through some kind of shock or wake up call that’s never too gentle, in order to realign with your true path!

For me, I got to a place where the fear of staying stuck in the cage and not being true to myself became more unbearable than the fear of public speaking.

So I made the commitment to face my fears and took a stand to follow my heart, NO MATTER WHAT.

I got some support, I put a deadline in place, and I took massive action to create my first transformational coaching group for women, The Aphrodite Club.

The surprising thing was that once I’d taken the first step in confronting the BIG FEAR MONSTER in my head, it immediately shrunk to a manageable size that I could deal with.

Seriously, it seemed crazy that I’d ever let something so insubstantial stop me doing something that mattered so much!

So the moral of the story is… don’t let your fears stop you – EVER!

Fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real.

It is a phantom created by your mind to keep you safe based on out dated programming, and there is an UNLIMITED YOU in your heart, longing to come out and shine, that can help you through all that head sh*t!

So now I never let fear stop me. I keep taking those risks, and come from the perspective that anything is possible… and I won’t let my clients stay tricked by their stories into staying small and held back from their dreams either.

In fact, if fear shows up, you can bet you’re on the right track!

How about you? Do you sometimes feel that you have an impossible dream and that you just can’t break through your own fears to achieve it?

Whatever dream you have,  you really can make it happen.

And you do that by taking the first step – no matter how big and scary it is.

But the question is… will you?

Or will you let your pet FEAR MONSTER keep you in your cage?

Comment below and let me know!!

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Much love

Cathy Ballard – Spiritual Buisness Mentor and Transformation Coach





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