We all tell ourselves stories. Our stories help us navigate life when we’re not sure what to do.

But are you telling yourself the full story? Are your stories serving you, and are there places in your life right now where you’re using your stories to cover up your true feelings, rather than being honest with yourself?

If you want to live a life of true fulfilment and happiness, then learning to be honest with yourself and committing to discovering, living and talking your truth is really important.

So, in this week’s card-pull I’m asking the question, “How can I be more honest with myself?”

It offers guidance around group energy and belonging, acknowledging how far you’ve come and deserving success, and going for your dreams.

I hope you find some of the guidance from the cards helpful. Do let me know if something resonates, and thanks so much for watching.

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Signs that you need to be more honest with yourself

  • Self-sabotage – you say one thing, but do the opposite.
  • Procrastination – you keep putting things off.
  • Complaining, but you don’t take action to change things.
  • You get defensive when someone gives you feedback that you don’t like or want to hear; you struggle with criticism – truth hurts, and part of you knows it’s true.
  • You’re not being productive – you’re busy being busy, but not accomplishing things that you’re proud of.
  • Blaming your problems on the world outside of you; ‘it’s someone else’s fault’, rather than taking responsibility for your life and being accountable for the things that happen. 

You might feel…

  • You’re in the wrong job, wrong relationship, wrong crowd, but don’t want to admit it for some reason or take action to find what’s right for you.
  • Bored – you fill your life with distractions because you’re not following your true passions and interests.
  • You’ve settled for life as it is and let your dreams slide.
  • Afraid to really live or go for your dreams in case you fail, you’re disappointed, you lose face, you lose what you’ve already got.

If you recognise any of these signs in your own life, maybe the messages in the cards can help you today.


Messages from the cards: “How can I be more honest with myself?”

Before I go into the messages from each of the three cards that follow, you might like to choose one card intuitively, or feel into all the messages to see what resonates.



As I ask questions about what might be true for you, tune into your body and notice if something lands, if you feel uncomfortable about anything or if you have a question mark about it. 

Be curious and open about what that might mean. Feeling your true feelings is where self-honesty starts and positive transformation follows.


Card number one : The Three of Cups

General meanings

Celebration, friendship, abundance that you can feel joyful about that you want to share with others, happy gatherings and success in various aspects of life that make you feel good.



So if this theme of friendships, gathering together with others, sharing and celebrating is relevant in your life right now, pay attention to your inner responses to the following questions and feel into what’s true for you.

Are you excited about your friendships, about gathering together with others? Is that something you’re seeking? Does it have a high value to you? Is it something missing from your life, or that you’re scared to go for in some way?

Is a group welcoming you with open arms, or are you standing on the outside looking in, wanting to approach, but something’s holding you back from joining?

Do you desire more loving connection in your life ?

Are you being invited to collaborate on something? How do you really feel about that; to either join another person or a group to create something together? Do you feel that you would fit in and be a really good team member, or are you letting your self-doubts, fears and limiting beliefs get in the way of what could be a great opportunity?

If you were truly honest about your strengths, gifts, passion and talents would it bring you closer to having that group connection or collaboration you’re longing for, or does being more visible make you feel self-conscious and pull back from being seen?

This card could also be saying that you’re getting a bit lost in the energy of the group, so maybe you’re losing sight of what you truly want for yourself because the emotional connection with a group that you’re already part of is so intense that it’s difficult to break away to follow a new or different path?

Are you letting your emotions lead and letting the group dynamic influence you without looking at the bigger picture of what you want for your own life?

 Do you really feel like celebrating with others, or are you just going along with something because you’re part of a group? Perhaps you’re not 100% interested, so what’s true in that for you?


Card number two: The World

How can I be more honest with myself - The World

General meanings

The world at your feet. Completion and successfully stepping out of one level and up and through to the next. New worlds opening up for you – literally as in travel, or figuratively as in new opportunities and success being available to you. 

It represents having been through many trials and tribulations, learning lessons and enduring hardships along the way, and now it’s time to reap your rewards.


The World card in tarot is thought to be a really positive, uplifting card with not much in the way of negative connotations, so in terms of self-honesty, maybe this card may be asking you to see yourself in a better light than perhaps you have been doing. Perhaps it’s asking you to see how amazing you are!

So where are you not acknowledging all the hard work you’ve put in and endurances you’ve navigated to now be at a place where you really deserve to experience the fruits of your labour? 

Are you someone who forgets to pause and reflect on how far you’ve come and to celebrate your accomplishments before you dive into the next thing? Or are you likely to finish one thing then focus on the next, and the next, and the next… and not really take the time to look at how well you’ve done and what you’ve achieved?

Do you feel worthy or deserving of receiving success, opportunities and good stuff after all you’ve done and been through? Or is something blocking you from allowing yourself to do that?

Another thing about The World being a completion is that after a completion is a new beginning, and often we have a lot of fear around new beginnings, so are you putting off completing something because of what might come next, or not knowing what’s coming next?

It also represents going out in the world with your gifts and expertise after having learned so much along the way, so are you holding yourself back from doing that and from sharing your valuable knowledge and experience? And if so, why might that be?

So another thing that might be relevant for you is wondering if your long-held dreams will ever come to fruition. So if you’re currently doubting that your dream is meant for you, especially if you’ve worked really hard to make it happen and it’s still not showing up, the invitation here is to feel into whether you are still excited to manifest it? Do your dreams still feel true to you? If so, you must keep them alive and move forward with confidence because they might just be within a hair’s breadth of where you are now, so don’t give up!.

And one final bit of guidance that the World card might have for you, is if you are currently in a position of getting what you have always wanted, but the journey getting there was a struggle that you got used to, that became part of who you are, you may feel some anxiety about now being in an unfamiliar place of success. It’s in that place of success that feels a bit strange and uncomfortable that we can sabotage ourselves, because part of us is afraid of the unknown and the unfamiliar, so be mindful of that and remind yourself that you deserve all the good that’s come to you because you worked so hard for it.


Card number three: The Knight of Wands

How can I be more honest with myself - The Knight of Wands

General meaning

Energy, enthusiasm, creative fire, being hasty, adventurous, warm, charming, self-confident, courageous, risk-taking, free-spirit.



The Knight of Wands often means that things are going better for you than you’d expected, that you have the solution to some problem and that you should be feeling enthusiastic and energised towards whatever endeavour you are focusing on or wish to create.

This is a card of going for it. Of putting things into action and getting things done.

In terms of being honest with yourself, this card could be asking you if you’re ready to go for it. Do you have the courage and self-belief that you need. Is anything standing in your way or needing attention before you can get going?

Do you need to be more bold, spontaneous, confident, fearless and self-assured in regard to your projects and what you want to create in the world?

If anything is lacking or you have any fears, then taking the steps to  build your confidence and create a proper plan of attack while your inspiration is still high will help you succeed.

As this card speaks of someone with a free spirit, if that is you, are you being true to yourself and giving yourself the freedom and adventure your soul needs to feel fully expressed, fulfilled and happy?

Does this represents someone else in your life? How does being around their free spirit make you feel? How does it impact you? Do you let them be who they are, or does it make you feel uncomfortable and want to control them?  

And if someone has entered your life with the fiery, charismatic qualities of the Knight of Wands, you could very well be swept off your feet because they have a flair for saying exactly the right thing at the right time. Be sure of their intentions, or you might find yourself being seduced into a short-term thing before they move onto new pastures.

And finally, another question that could be to do with relationships, work or any other area of life, could be where are you being too hasty? 

The Knight of Wands could be a message to pause and take a moment to reflect on how things are truly going, rather than blindly rushing on ahead. Take the time to think things through, see what’s really true or do the research needed. And if you do have a plan, stick to it!


So I hope some of today’s guidance from the cards was useful for you. Do leave me a comment below if something resonated, and thanks so much for reading. 


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