In this video I’ve pulled three cards to go with the question “Where is fear holding you back?”

If you’re finding it difficult to make any headway towards your dreams and goals in some area of your life or work, you feel stuck in a rut but don’t know how to change things, you can’t gather any momentum or fear is getting in your way, then one of these three cards could have some guidance for you.

Take some breaths to centre yourself and clear your mind of distractions, bring your issue into focus and feel its presence in your body, then let your intuition guide you to choose a card.

Sit and reflect on the guidance for a few moments, even if it doesn’t resonate immediately. As you take it beyond the mental level and deeper into your body, feelings and unconscious mind, you may find some new awareness that casts light on your current situation and helps you move through it.

I hope it helps! Let me know if it resonates.

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Where is fear holding you back? – Transcript

In today’s video I’m doing a three-card pull asking the question, where are you letting fear get in your way?

So you can choose either card one, two or three; just intuitively tune into that, or you might find messages in more than one card. So just take whatever resonates with you and let me know in the comments if anything does.


Card number one – the King of Cups.


Is fear holding you back – King of Cups

The King of Cups is someone who is a master of his own emotion. He’s someone who’s been through the mill, he’s had a long life, he’s had a lot of life experiences, he’s navigated all the ups and downs of the emotional realms and he’s realised that you don’t need to sweat the small stuff.

So you can see him there surrounded by a tumultuous sea; it’s not a calm flat scene. But he’s there on his rock on his throne, so that stands for him being solid within himself.

Water, and the little fish popping out of the water, often represents something that’s coming from the unconscious, so something that’s rising up out of the tumultuous emotional world will come into awareness; something from the unconscious mind, so just be watchful of that. But trust yourself, because he knows what to do.

He’s been through this so many times. He’s got the inner strength and he knows how to feel the feelings, let them move through him, watch and observe how he responds and reacts, and he knows not to get attached to these currents and flows that are passing through his life.

So if you’re feeling fear in your life about moving forward in some way, then his advice would be to feel the fear, notice it, maybe look into the past and notice where you experienced something similar, and think how did you navigate that to get through it?

But essentially it’s trying to say to trust yourself, that you’ve got this. You can ride out the waves that are happening in life at the moment that are causing the fear that you’re responding to. Find a way to go inwards, find some ways to calm yourself and withdraw from the scene of whatever’s causing all of the ups and downs and anxiety within you, like maybe do yoga or get out into the garden or nature and do something that calms you and brings you back to yourself, because you’ve got the answers inside you. You’ve got that wisdom, and fear is just fear. It’s just something in the mind and you’ll be able to move through it.

So that’s the King of Cups…


Card number two – the Seven of Swords

Is fear holding you back – the Seven of Swords

If you chose the second card, that is the Seven of Swords. This shows a man who is looking back over his shoulder at some kind of camp in the desert. He’s carrying five swords and he’s left two in the ground. The story around this card is that he’s running away in some kind of deception or some kind of betrayal. Maybe he’s stealing and he’s seeing what he can get away with, so there’s a feeling of deception. 

So if that has any kind of resonance with you about whatever the fear is that you’re moving through, it could be something that you’re going through; maybe you’re deceiving yourself, maybe you’re deceiving someone else, maybe you’re just trying to be really strategic about getting out of something and taking what you can.

But if there’s anything that’s not above board, the message of this card is to come clean with it, to trust that honesty is the best policy and that whatever you learn from this, even if it feels embarrassing, or you have to eat humble pie, or you have to face something that you feel really ashamed about that you’ve done, or that you don’t like about yourself, then come clean. Own up and learn from it. You’ll move through that and be able to take that through into the future. 

But it’s often the fear of being able to do that in the first place that gets in the way, and once you’ve met that fear, then the rest will tend to go really smoothly.

It can have a different meaning which is about going it alone. Obviously when you’re breaking into something like a new pathway; a new journey in your business or life, or relationships or something, then that can be really scary. So the guidance from this card then, is to be strategic. 

Work out what you need; what do you need to take with you? What do you need to leave behind? And go through this in quite a logical process, and that will really help you. Don’t let the emotions of fear get in the way of you making a plan.


Card number three – the Eight of Wands

Is fear holding you back – the eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands shows eight staves flying through the air, and each one of them has new shoots coming out of it. In the background the sky is really clear and you can see this landscape with hills in the background and water.

The meaning of this card is of fast-moving energy. Something is approaching really quickly and it’s going to land soon. And it’s maybe going to bring something new that’s going to grow, something positive, something with potential is coming. And there’s nothing in the way of it.

Often you get tarot cards with lots of clouds in the background which represents mental cloudiness, but this is clear thinking. Something is coming without any mental blocks to receiving it, but you just need to be patient.

So in terms of fear, this card could be saying that things are definitely on the way, so don’t get stressed and impatient. You need to have some patience because it’s going to arrive soon, whatever it is that you’re waiting for.

And another side could be when things are moving really quickly, when we actually get into the flow of life when we’ve taken some risks. If you think about life like a river and you’re caught up in the roots of trees on the bank, and you’re holding onto them because you’re afraid to move into the flow. If you did move into the flow, it would be fast moving and it would take you to where you want to get to, but it can be quite scary to let go of that control.

Maybe that’s the fear that you’re experiencing, or maybe the fear is that things are not happening fast enough?

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So I hope one of those cards resonated with you today if you’re feeling some fear at the moment, and maybe more than one did.

Let me know in the comments if it was helpful.

Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you want to get more videos from me, and I will see you next time.

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