In this video I’m talking about why it’s important to learn to listen to your Higher Guidance and to trust yourself so that you can get back into alignment with your unique blueprint.

When you can do that it will help you to fufill your life’s highest potential and mission, and support you to live your best, most joyful, abundant and fulfilling life.

This is especially good to know when you’re feeling out-of-kilter with life, burnt out, anxious, dissatisfied and disappointed.

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Your blueprint is uniquely yours

We all come into this life with a specific blueprint; a design unique to us that contains our highest purpose, talents, characteristics, tools and abilities that will help us to best fufill our life’s highest potential and mission.

So if we have this inner map that can lead us to living our best, most joyful, abundant and fulfilling life – why are do many people feel out-of-kilter with their lives, burnt out, anxious, dissatisfied and disappointed?

Simply, it’s because they are not in alignment with their blueprint, and instead they have been influenced by their conditioning, made poor choices, have negative behavioural patterns and beliefs, and they’ve bought into societal expectations.

But the good news is, you can always get back into alignment when you start listening to your inner guidance, and then life can flow for you again.

Here are a few ideas on how you can do that.

Learn to listen to your Higher Self - Blueprint

Remind yourself that you are an Infinite being

The way to fulfil your blueprint is to love yourself, listen to your inner voice, take action despite your fears and start creating with intent.

But the power to make this happen comes from finding the truth that you are not just a small human, separate from everything, powerless to make change unless you use a lot of personal effort and energy; you are an Infinite Being, connected to All That Is and all possibilities, and powerful beyond measure.

When you realise who you really are at this quantum level, connected to everything, and that you are energy and consciousness, you don’t need to find more books seeking the truth. Seek the truth by listening to your higher guidance within. Have a conversation with your inner voice every day.

Build a relationship with your Higher Self so that you recognise how it makes you feel in your body and how it sounds in your head.

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Be careful of taking advice from other people

That’s not to say that you don’t let other people inspire you, but when you’re listening to advice from others, you need to evaluate the source of that advice. Ask yourself, “Is this the advice from someone who is on the path of listening to themselves and following their blueprint, or do they want to impress others? Do they let other people influence them as opposed to listening to their inner self?

If you can find someone to guide you who is dedicated to listening to their inner self, this can be very helpful to get you to a similar point. 

But if you choose to take the advice from people who aren’t listening to themselves, and they’re instead trying to make everyone else happy, you’ll create the same situation for yourself.

It’s very important that you always listen to yourself first, and try to find other people to learn from who are also listening to themselves. 

But you are the only one who can change your life, and you do that by listening to your inner voice. 

You can listen to me telling you this, but even that doesn’t make it true for you. You have to decide for yourself if what I’m saying is true. 

Sometimes the small self gets in the way and fills your head with doubt, but a lot of people will hear their inner voice, or feel a knowing in their bodies strongly enough to know that what I’m saying is true. But again, that’s up to you to find out.

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Start listening to higher thoughts

Start listening to your thoughts. Start listening for the higher thoughts that make you feel good, the thoughts that are loving, encouraging, kind, inspiring. The thoughts that champion you and remind you to believe in yourself. Start asking your Higher Self how to get on the path to fulfilling your blueprint.

Stop listening to other people when it comes to making decisions about what to create in your life, or what is the right thing to do. 

Start asking your Higher Self the questions that you would have asked those other people, and just see what comes.

The only thing that can guarantee real success and accomplishment for you is to start listening to your inner voice. Nothing else is going to work in the same way or as well. Only your Higher Self has the right guidance for you. 

Following someone else who found something that works for them – and they may be genuinely wanting to share about it from their heart – who then tells everyone that they’ve found ‘the way’, and to follow them, has only found their way. If you’re feeling vulnerable and lost, and want direction, then that can be very attractive to you when you’re in that place. And it’s very easy to buy into the illusion that someone else has the answers for you. 

I’ve done this plenty of times!

But the chances that it will work for you is unlikely because everyone has their own unique blueprint and way of being in the world, and their own specific purpose to fulfill. 

So it’s not enough to simply follow what someone else says. You have to start talking to your Higher Self and find your own truth for yourself; find your own blueprint and follow that. 

At those times when you have followed other people and it didn’t work out, and then you got mad at them because of that, really, it’s not that you were mad at them, you were just upset that you didn’t listen to yourself, to your inner voice, when it told you what to do – because it always knows what’s best for you, and it always whispers the right guidance to you. You just didn’t trust it and believe in yourself enough to follow it. That’s all. 

So just love yourself, forgive yourself and move forward, knowing that the next time you’ll do what’s best for you. 

Learn to say no to advice when it’s not what you’re being told from your inner being. When your inner guidance tells you what to do, just do it, rather than looking to confirm with somebody else that it’s a good idea. Know that it’s the right thing to do despite what anyone else says. 

Don’t let the world make you doubt yourself. Be strong in your knowing that your inner voice is always right – for you.


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In summary

To fulfil your blueprint love yourself; listen to your inner voice. Take action despite your fears and create with intent. After you’ve found the truth that you are I Am, stop searching outside of yourself. Seek further truth by listening to your inner voice. Everyone has a unique blueprint, so everyone will hear something different from their inner voice. It’s not enough to just know this to be true. Start your own conversation with your Higher Self so that you directly experience it for yourself to make it real, and develop your faith in its guidance.

Start a conversation with your inner being so that you get to know what your truth feels like. Let other people inspire you, experiment and try new things, and the feedback you’ll feel in your body from those experiences will be your compass. 

To know if what you’re hearing is guidance from your Higher Self, typically it will be something that lifts you, lightens you and makes you feel energised and enthusiastic about moving forwards in a particular direction, which you can feel in your heart will be more aligned than something that feels dense, heavy, laboured, difficult or uninspiring. And if you find yourself doing things because you think you should, then that’s a really good indicator that you are in your head and listening to others rather than listening to your Higher Self.

But you really do have all the answers for creating your best life within you, always there for you to access. So no matter what place you find yourself in, the perfect guidance is always available if you make time and space to listen.


If you’d like support to connect with and feel your own intuition and inner truth and back into alignment with your blueprint, then I can certainly help you. 

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