Every choice you make is either an expression of love or an expression of fear. There is no other choice.

In October I finished a 40-day programme that’s possibly been the greatest leap of faith outside my comfort zone – ever!

It was based on A Course in Miracles, and the 40 days that Jesus went ‘out into the desert to be tempted by the devil’.


I don’t know the Christian scriptures and I hadn’t read ACIM before, but essentially that story was about seeing the ego for the false self it really is (the devil) and trusting fully in Divine Spirit, regardless of the evidence in front of your eyes.


The 40 day program allows you to see all the games the ego tries to play, you see your fears come up, you notice your grievances, judgements, justifications, arguments, your lack and limitations, hurts and resistance of the present moment.


And you fully come to realise that it isn’t who YOU truly are.


It’s about committing to have no plans, no ‘shoulds…’, to accept everything as it is, to not fix, force or try to change anything, to not criticise or condemn anything or anyone.


It’s about seeing everything and everyone as love, and as an extension of yourself – releasing the illusion that you are separate from Source and the Power, Love and Infinite Abundance that is your birthright as a ‘Child of the Universe’. And fully trusting that, no matter what, you are Infinitely Supported and being guided.


Many of the concepts and practices are similar to what I share in my Flow Alignment Intensive programme, and this time I felt really grateful and humbled to be on the receiving end.


In for a penny, in for a pound

I did some totally mind-bending, un-businesslike things to jump fully into this, which stretched my faith literally beyond belief – beyond my old beliefs about reality anyway!


I let go of forcing myself to do anything unless I felt the energy of inspiration. Whenever I felt a “I should be doing this or that business task” I stopped, because I could feel it coming from my head’s idea of how to run a proper business, and fear of not doing the right thing, or not following what the experts tell you to do.


I honoured my body by walking on the nearby common every day, I ate what my body wanted when it wanted it, and I drank loads of water. I found myself napping in the daytime, I meditated for hours at a time if it felt right, I read and listened to a lot of information on higher consciousness, and I did daily energy clearing.


Everything was focused on keeping my vibration high, which I really needed because I was experiencing a lot of detox symptoms like headaches, tiredness and mind fog.


I could sense a kind of fight going on in me as the false self tried to maintain the control it still had.


At times I questioned whether what I was doing was really higher guidance, and maybe it was all rubbish. And that I was stupid for being so reckless when I couldn’t afford it.


It was very intense!


But I tuned in to my Higher Self as much as possible to make sure my actions came from what felt aligned. I know that Higher Guidance feels expansive, light, loving, kind and empowering, and if the voice in my head didn’t make me feel like that I ignored it.


And even though it was hard at times to ignore the panicky voice in my head because I wasn’t doing the usual things to market myself, and my bank balance was getting very low, I carried on.


Eventually I got to the place where I would normally have been so stressed about the lack of money that I would have been having sleepless nights, I would have been racking my brains trying to DO something to change things around, and feeling like I only had myself to rely on to make it happen.


I went past the point of no return – a leap into the void where my head had no answers for what I should do. And all I could do now was trust that Source would lift me and carry me safely to where I needed to be.


And this time I didn’t go into fear.


I stayed connected to love and felt total peace and trust that I was supported by the universe, that I was inherently abundant, safe and that things would work out. And I was sleeping like a baby!


I began to consciously experience that fear was coming from the false, small, limited, mind-created self, and that while I gave it no attention and focused purely on feeling unconditional love, abundance and joy, eventually I came to a point where the fear lost its power.

Six weeks on…

Well, I may have a few little wobbles from time to time as I slip back into lower-mind level thinking, but I’m catching it pretty quickly now, and I’m still feeling that freedom from fear.


The integration is ongoing, but already I’m experiencing huge changes in my life. It’s been like opening a doorway into a new way of being.


While observing myself and my mind objectively and maintaining a high vibration of joy, it took a few weeks of trusting that everything was going to be ok, but just when my bank balance was at its lowest, new and old clients started getting in touch to work with me, and my bank account started filling up again.


It was quite bizarre to watch this unfold in such a detached way!


By consistently staying connected to Source for such a long period of time I started to feel and identify with my Unlimited Self as my true Self, so now I have an even deeper peace about life, trusting that every moment is perfect without resisting it (Brexit, Trump, whatever happens in my business or personal life, the weather!)


Everything happens for a reason, and everything we go through, collectively or individually, comes from the Divine Intelligence of the Greater Consciousness of the Universe. There are no mistakes. Whatever unfolds is part of humanity’s and the planet’s evolution, so there is absolutely no point in fighting any of it.


Life is abundant, it knows what it’s doing better than you and it will always support you. So you may as well allow everything to be as it is and surrender to the flow.




And at the level of consciousness All is One and is ultimately rooted in unconditional love. So you have a choice. You can choose to identify with love, the energy of Source and who you truly are. Or you can choose to let your false self stay in control and identify with fear, the force that keeps you believing you are small, trapped, powerless and separate from All That Is.


Love, abundance, joy, connection, peace, freedom… and anything else you desire to experience is available to you now. There is no effort that you have to make to receive it, and nothing that you have to do to earn it or be worthy of it, because it is already who you are.


You only need to tune into your unlimited Self and consciously choose it.

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To your transformation.

Much love,

Cathy Ballard – Spiritual Buisness Mentor and Transformation Coach
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