Are you pushing too hard because things are not happening fast enough?

Do you feel like you’re wading through treacle or banging your head against the glass ceiling?

Or have you got some inner tension in your body that you can’t seem to shift?

If so, it’s a good sign that you’re out of alignment.


pulling in two directions... you're out of alignment


Getting out of alignment happens when your head is pulling in one direction and your heart is pulling in another.


Your heart always urges you towards your true path, but the head hates change, it doesn’t want to do what seems uncomfortable, it doesn’t like to give up its agenda and it will put up a fight to stay in control, especially if you’ve already invested time, money and energy in a PLAN.


But ultimately – even if it doesn’t make logical sense – to find more ease, flow and happiness you must follow your heart and what’s really authentic for you.


Otherwise you can probably expect a painful kick from the universe to get you back on track if you don’t choose aligned action from your own volition!


Rigid plan following takes you out of alignment


I’m not saying that plans are wrong! Far from it. A river needs sides to guide its flow, and when it’s sides are strongest it often flows fastest.


The problem comes when we hold rigidly to the plan when the true course naturally wants to change and take a different turn.


Change is a funny thing. We know everything has to change eventually, yet we can really dig our heels in and fight it. And it takes far more energy to stay where we are and resist the current of life than it does to go with it.


But there is a large part of us that’s afraid of change, and fear is a powerful thing.


Our minds always want to know where we’re going. It makes us feel safe. So it can be really hard to let go of the trajectory we’re on, especially if it started off feeling very in flow and everything was going brilliantly.


But you need to trust the Intelligence of the Universe if it’s prompting a change of direction, because it knows what it’s doing.


Like any life in nature, you are coded with a potential to fulfil, and the universe will always lead you towards it.


It will guide you through your inner feelings – your compass for true north – gently nudging you to go to the next level of your soul’s growth. And when you follow it, and you get what you need, it will change direction again.


But if you ignore it, or you can’t hear it above the noise of your mind, then you will probably continue fighting, pushing, and taking two steps forward and one step back.


Two steps forward and one step back – out of alignment.


You’ll get there eventually, but do you want a bumpy, slow journey, full of resistance and struggle, or would you like to ride the flow in the slip stream?


How you enjoy the journey is totally up to you!


If you are feeling a sense of tension, of being pulled in two directions, then you probably need to stop, take some time to connect with your heart, reflect on what really matters to you, and reset your course for what lights you up.


Imagine how much more energy you’ll have! And when your head is pulling in the same direction as your heart, that’s when you experience ease and flow.


If you’re a spiritual action-taker, you want to learn how to live in the flow permanently, and you’re prepared to do what it takes in order to get back into alignment so life is more enjoyable, profitable and fulfulfilling, then we need to talk!


Apply now for a complimentary call by contacting me at, and let’s explore how working together could help you discover that for yourself.



pulling in two directions means you're out of alignment


To your transformation.

Much love,

Cathy Ballard – Spiritual Buisness Mentor and Transformation Coach


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