Are you feeling like something’s not quite fitting right in your business or career, or maybe something’s missing?

Do you do lots of inner ‘work’ on yourself but still find the money, clients, love, happiness and peace are still not manifesting in your life?

Have you worked with high level coaches only to discover that when the programme ended the track you were following felt a bit forced, and not truly YOU?

If that resonates with you, then you could try a ‘REINVENTION’ experiment like I’ve just done over August, which has worked brilliantly!


The time lag between inner transformation and outer manifestation

I’d been feeling out of alignment again, not surprisingly. It happens regularly because of the nature of this transformation work I teach and do. I’d changed on the inside and because my business no longer completely reflected who I was, I had blocks to marketing myself in the ways I had been doing because I wasn’t feeling completely congruent.
I felt like my message was diluted. I was offering too many services because I was good at them, people requested them and they made me money. But I didn’t absolutely LOVE doing them.
When you do inner transformation work there’s a lag where you have to allow external manifestation to catch up with who you are now being. This often shows up as things not working like they used to. In my case this was my marketing, so I was feeling the discomfort of not attracting clients like I had been.
When this happens it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’re doing something wrong or there’s something you need to learn or do differently to ‘fix’ things, or that some expert will have the answer to your problem.
Actually you usually just need to be patient and trust that everything is in hand because you’ve already done the ‘work’.
But I forgot this, I was uncomfortable, and I’d started wondering who could help me.
Fortunately, at the very time this was at its most uncomfortable I was in mid-flow writing content for my recent Flow Alignment program. I was reminding my clients that, “…in order to find alignment you need to stop focusing outside of yourself for the answers and start looking inside”.
It was like being hit over the head with a brick!
Better listen to my own advice!

“What seemed like a pretty ambitious goal for a single session turned into one of the most significant experiences of my life.”


So I asked myself what I would most LOVE to do, even if it wasn’t following ‘sensible’ marketing or business advice.
And for me that’s working with people privately, and clearing deep patterns that have been holding them back across ALL areas of life, not just in their business.
While creating programs makes more ‘logical sense’ because you use your time more efficiently, for me to feel like I’m doing my best work I always end up putting lots of 1-2-1 work into my programs anyway.
And because 90% of my work with clients is less to do with what they DO, and much more about who they REALLY ARE, and what’s stopping them from stepping fully into their POWER, I realised my target audience was much wider than purely entrepreneurs.
Usually you make your niche narrower, and I was about to do the opposite – another business no-no!
And I significantly reduced my session fees – also usually not advised because “You’re not valuing yourself”
But I decided to not be ‘sensible’, and instead I followed my heart, with the intention of doing as many 1-2-1 transformation sessions in a month as I could manage.
It was an experiment, and I figured that at the end of it I would KNOW if I was more aligned, or if I should go back to following proper business advice!

The steps I took, and the outcome

So I put together my ‘Summertime Transformation Sessions’ and created an offer that was easy for people to say “Yes” to.
I made a simple sales page with a video explaining what I was up to and a link to my online calendar, and I shared it a few times on social media and to my list a couple of times. (It was the least amount of marketing I’ve ever done for a project)
Over the month I offered my 60 minute ‘Flow Alignment Sessions’ as one-offs so people could get a taste of my work, and did three to five sessions per day, three days a week, which for me was fully booked.
Most of these were amazing sessions where I was able to take people very deep to drop some really heavy baggage from the past, and they left feeling more expansive, empowered and unstoppable!
What I do in a session is hold the space and use my intuition to ask the right questions, channel guided meditations and direct energy to get to the heart of someone’s block. But I need a client to be 100% committed to enable the deepest clearing.
To get the most from just a one hour session it’s essential that a person feels able to relinquish control, and is ready to let go and move forwards.
Most people commented on feeling safe enough to face and clear their deepest fears and long-buried pain, but I could feel that others had barriers in place and that they weren’t able to drop their resistance so easily.
So at the end of the month long experiment I now have a really clear picture of WHAT I absolutely excel in, and I’ve received testimonials of the deeper impact in my clients’ lives since the sessions.
I also know what doesn’t light me up, which I’m going to stop offering.
And I know WHO is, or isn’t my ideal client, because the contrast was so obvious.
I’ve had to have firm boundaries and stick to time because often I had clients booked in back to back. And now if someone shows up who is willing but afraid to open up, I know to suggest they take more than one session to get the results they want.
AND I made notes of all the problems and issues that my ideal clients wanted to work on, as well as what they most wanted in their lives, so I have a huge amount of really useful content to use in my copywriting.
So it’s been an invaluable experience!


 My session with Cathy completely blew me away! It was so different from other coaching and mentoring that I have had. She seemed to get straight to the heart of things and started to blow my blocks away!”

The best thing of all was that I got to do lots of what I totally love doing – 1-2-1 energy work – and see how light, shiny and confident my clients were feeling afterwards.


Additional benefits of doing this experiment have been:

  • It’s been great for business because now people know and trust what I can do for them I’m beginning to enrol new clients for longer, more supported transformation programs.

  • I’m feeling really inspired, creative and have lots of ideas for fun new programs that I can’t wait to share and which are very ME!

  • Joint ventures and other opportunities are effortlessly opening up because I’m more aligned than I’ve ever been.

  • The results my clients have been getting in such a short time have been incredible, so it’s boosted my self belief, my self confidence and how I value my work.

  • I’m receiving comments from all kinds of people in my community that I have changed and that my energy and message feel much more powerful and clear.

  • The clients I worked with know they can come to me to get unstuck really fast, as and when they need to.

  • I’m getting referrals.

And it was pretty good financially.

After the session everything feels different. I feel braver. Clearer. Stronger, with more clarity and confidence that I am truly on the right track and that I am truly supported on all levels.” 



So that’s what I did, and it was SO MUCH FUN – which is usually a good sign of being on track!

And I’ve been excitedly sharing about it, rather than STRIVING to market myself, which feels fun and effortless too.


So I hope this inspires you to get creative with your own business. Maybe this model, or something else that really lights YOU up could help you discover an easy, fun and enjoyable way to move ahead.

Let me know if you decide to experiment, and if you’ve enjoyed reading this post or found value in it then please leave a comment below. I LOVE hearing from you – and please share it with your friends.


And if you’d like to have a chat about how I could help you get clarity, transform your current circumstances, and create your aligned life from your true power then email me at and we can arrange a complimentary call.

To your transformation.

Much love,

Cathy Ballard – Spiritual Buisness Mentor and Transformation Coach


P.S. Here are a few more comments from clients following the sessions:

“I booked a session with Cathy as I was quite stressed but especially because I could regularly feel this stress in physical symptoms: at some moments I could not breathe well at all and I felt a heavy pressure point on my diaphragm.
The session with Cathy was very emotional and the exercises /visualisations she led me through were very powerful. The same evening I could breathe really easily and the pressure point is now gone!”



“My session was Cathy was fantastic! Cathy helped me to relax from the start of the session. She intuitively helped me to clear some blocks that were holding me back.

Cathy very gently helps you to connect to your inner purpose and the rest just happens. I found the session valuable and I think Cathy’s work is just what we need when we’re stuck. I cannot recommend her enough.”

“I had been enjoying Cathy’s online workshops/videos and had been wanting to work with her for a while. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect and my thoughts were very scattered at the beginning of our session.

Cathy magically made her way through my mind clutter and get down to the nitty gritty! I loved the visualisations and finished the session feeling lighter, more free and with a confidence that with the right intentions life will turn out as it should. Thanks Cathy and I look forward to working together again in the future.”

“At the start of Cathy’s FLOW programme I experienced the most amazing results very quickly. I had been looking for a new home for nearly two years but within 48 hours of releasing a block with Cathy’s help I had found a house, made an offer and had it accepted.

The move went very smoothly and I am now happily settled in my new home.A year later I booked a 1-2-1 session with Cathy to free myself from a previous relationship I knew was holding me back. Cathy very quickly and specifically helped me to identify the blocks and cut cords in a way which made sense to me, without jargon, all the time enabling me to feel that it was safe to do so.  She reunited me with a happy and juicy vision of the future I had forgotten was out there.

I now feel so much lighter.  I have a technique that keeps “energy vampires” from feeding off my energy, I have clarity, I know what I want, and that I deserve to be happy.”

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