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The planet and humanity is in flux. We are in a huge transition to a better way of living and being – the long prophesised Golden Age. But with every transition it means that old ways of doing things, old structures and systems and old paradigms in thinking have to fall or be cleared to make space for the new and better – out there, and inside ourselves.

It’s an exciting time of rebirth, but this transition process is awkward, messy, frightening at times, uncomfortable, painful, irritating… and very necessary for our collective transformation.

When a butterfly is about to birth from its cocoon it has to struggle its way out. At times it gets exhausted and has to rest to conserve energy before trying agin. But the butterfly doesn’t give up. The life force that guides all in nature to the potential it’s coded with is guiding it to become what it is supposed to be. The efforts in that stage of a butterfly’s life before it reaches its full expression are nature’s way of training the butterfly and of strengthening its wings to fly.

This, you could say, is the stage humanity is in.

We are going through our struggles, and while we might not like it, the resistance we’re meeting has value. It builds our strength, resiliency, inner resources and self-belief, and helps us birth into our fullest expressions of who we’re supposed to be – as a race, and as the uniquely gifted individual human beings we are.

Return to centre

The human spirit is lighter and far mightier than the darkness we meet in our personal obstacles, and we have everything inside ourselves to heal and transcend them.

I believe we are all players on the stage of the most incredible show on earth right now. 

It might be messy, painful, frustrating, hellish, confusing and frightening, but it’s also exhilarating, remarkable, surprising, beautiful and transformative.

Universal laws still hold true. Law of Attraction still means that the energy vibration you are being will attract matching energetic experience. Quantum physics laws will still go on shaping our reality based on what we focus on.

All the fear and confusion stirred up in the media that humanity is responding to has distracted us, causing us to forget our Divine nature. But it only takes a second to unplug from the fear, connect to your heart and remember who you are when someone reminds you to do that, and then you reconnect to your spiritual power and knowing.

So as the distracted return to who they really are, and millions of other souls wake up, the path to the New Earth gets wider and clearer.

The show might not be over for a while, but we will make it through, and HOW we make that journey through is up to us.

We can go through it full of fear and judgement, with our wounds influencing our choices, resisting what we don’t want to feel or experience, or we can embrace the is-ness of it all, feel what needs to be felt until it can be released, transformed, healed or is no longer needed for your soul’s growth.

We are not meant to do this alone, and being with people who don’t get you is tough, so ask for help and get the support and community you need to walk the path with more ease, and trust in the unfolding of life.

Return to centre

What has your personal big struggle been?

The biggest challenges that have come up for me so far during the last few months have been around authentically expressing my roller coaster of emotions with my family as painful wounds and traumas came up from my teenage years that I hadn’t fully dealt with, and not hold them in just to make others feel comfortable. And it’s been tough sometimes to find a way to stay grounded and true to my beliefs about what’s been going on during this pandemic without getting defensive, feeling judged or letting differences of opinion cause division and upset when others see the world in such a different way to me. 

It’s been surprisingly intense, overwhelming and dark at times, and I’m incredibly grateful that I had the peace of knowing that this was part of a process, that I could trust it and at some point, I’d be through it, when so many others are caught in fear and uncertainty. It has really served me well to stay true to myself, while holding space for others’ perspectives and beliefs, and not making anyone wrong for where they stand. This whole blessed journey has brought me a deeply loving connection my family that I never imagined was possible and a sense of self-belief that has given me so much more confidence.

I’m curious to know what meaningful themes have come up for you to be healed through this great up-levelling process?

– Maybe you succumbed to the virus and struggled with prolonged sickness, shocked because you have always lived such a clean, healthy lifestyle – how could it happen to you?!! 

– Maybe you’ve lived life as a free spirit and have found the lockdown and other restrictions that have clipped your wings difficult? 

– Maybe you’ve suffered bereavements, break-ups, loss, loneliness or felt painfully separated from your loved ones?

– Maybe your beliefs and viewpoints about what’s happening ‘out there’ amongst all the confusion and conflicting information being presented to us in the media are different from those of your family and friends and your truth isn’t being honoured, so you’re left feeling disrespected, judged and even ridiculed, causing even more isolation and separation?

– Maybe you’ve been a very organised, structured person in the past who relied on planning and certainty to manage your work and your family life, and all that has been turned on its head.

– Maybe you’ve lost your job, and your security and sense of safety feels precarious.

– Maybe you’ve been feeling uncreative and stagnant, frustrated that you’re not clear about your next steps and craving a breakthrough and momentum.

– Maybe you’re just struggling to deal with the overwhelm of so many emotions… Bewilderment of what appears to be happening in the world, anxiety, depression, stress at not being in control of your life and not knowing what’s real, exhaustion from home-schooling the kids and just getting through the day, old traumas resurfacing that you thought you’d dealt with years ago, struggles with holding your boundaries and lack of alone-time and space, fear of the unknown, feeling less confident about the future, frustrated at not knowing what to do to be the change you want to see in the world, over-thinking, lacking hugs and touch, worry about your elderly loved ones, missing your hobbies and your social life…

The list is endless!

The tentacles of this pandemic have impacted us all in so many ways. 

But in every one of your fears and challenges lies the seed of your healing transformation.

Return to centre

Up-level your self-care and become more embodied

While it might feel intensely difficult to be with the experience of what’s coming up, the light that’s now pouring onto the planet is assisting our transformation, making it relatively easy and quick to calm the waves of discomfort and emotional turbulence.

By using some simple energy processes and viewing your situation through a different lens you can transmute energies, heal your heart, raise your vibration and find greater equilibrium and the inner resources to handle whatever circumstances you’re facing.  

Part of this collective evolutionary process is about being more embodied, while acknowledging and experiencing ourselves as spiritual, energetic, unlimited beings. It’s about learning to be at home in, and staying in our bodies WHILE we are processing the intensity of emotions, rather than taking off to a less uncomfortable place ‘out of body’.

Be willing to be uncomfortable.

If you fully allow it, the energy will pass through you, removing heart walls at it goes, and be released for good. But if it doesn’t seem to be shifting ‘fast enough’ for you or you go into self-doubt, or fears and emotions get too overwhelming, and you resist feeling and go into guardedness, then you slow down the process.

I’ve been doing two bodywork sessions each week, and yoga, walking or some other exercise every day. I’ve had lots of 121 healing sessions, I’m part of online healing groups and higher consciousness development programmes and circles, and I journal and meditate every day…

And I STILL find myself yo-yo-ing through intense emotions. 

But I’m getting through them very fast now and they are not derailing me.

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How to be of service in these chaotic times?

This is humanity’s greatest opportunity to evolve, and as usual, I’ve been waiting for inspiration about how I can best serve. I sense there are lots of us who have had this feeling of ‘getting ready’ because something momentous is about to happen that will require our gifts and talents like never before!

In the meantime, I’ve had an idea nagging me like a flea in my ear for quite a few weeks. Something always got in the way of me putting it out there before, but now feels like the right time to share.

Usually when I work with clients I take them deep into their unconscious to help clear resistance that blocks the energies of love, abundance, spiritual power and vital energy from flowing through their life. We know when we’re in our own way, don’t we? And we might have all manner of healing tools, but usually we can’t access our darkest shadows and corners on our own because our unconscious protections keep us from going there…

And that’s what keeps us stuck, unless someone helps us change our unconscious patterning, or outside events make us change – we often call this annoying nudge ‘a kick from the universe!’.

Return to centre

And that’s exactly what’s happening here on a grand scale. Our abundant difficulties are triggering us all right now and those previously hidden parts of ourselves are more increasingly breaking through the surface into our conscious awareness as part of this en masse awakening.

We’re being taken through an internal emotional and spiritual declutter, whether we choose it or not!

And while it might be fast, and getting faster, I know it’s not easy to trust that everything is going to be okay.

Things won’t go back to the way they were, and more chaos is still to come, but we will certainly make it through.

Right now, we are between timelines, and we have much personal transformation work to do in the process of anchoring the light frequencies for a New Earth.

I want to help others process what’s going on for them, so I have something new I’d like to tell you about in case you’re in need of extra support right now.

My intention is that this work will help you develop resiliency and trust in the process that’s unfolding for yourself and for the whole planet. 

So I’m really happy to tell you about… 

Return to centre

‘Return to centre’ – what’s it all about?

Remember how it was when you were taught to swim? Someone would have been there guiding you, reassuring you that you were safe, believing in you and encouraging you so that you believed you could do it, with a hand beneath you so you didn’t sink.

They couldn’t do the swimming for you, and you had to go through the panic and discomfort of getting splashed and gulping water from time to time. But if you did regular lessons to build momentum, before long you were swimming – believing in your own ability, no longer needed that supporting hand and able to bounce back quickly if someone dunked you or you got a bit out of depth. 

YOU did it. No one else.

This empowering, supporting hand is what I am offering through my ‘Return to Centre’ sessions.

When we’ve lost our own centre and positivity it helps to be lifted into a higher vibration through someone else’s light, energy and strength, and their conviction that everything is going to be okay. It helps us get into a higher resonance so we can access our own stability and feel the truth in our own hearts, especially when our heads have been so loud. 

I can help lift you into a higher state. I can also see your greatness and what’s possible for you beyond the limits of your ego/small self and the influence of doubt, fear and negativity. I can reflect back your brilliance to you so that you really see how amazing and valuable you are – and I won’t let you get away with playing small, operating from your default identity and old story – because that’s not the truth of who you are. It is just a temporary illusion that are caught in.

I will assist you to connect with Source energy and your Divine nature so you can see for yourself how you’re buying into limited thinking, know your own truth and sense what else is possible for you. 

If you need reassurance when you’re having a wobble and things look dark, I can help you reframe whatever challenges you’re experiencing so you can see and receive the gifts in the situation from your soul’s perspective, and manage the chaos and confusion from a higher place.

This will help you feel more at peace with not knowing what’s coming, and move beyond fear as you go step by step into the unknown, letting your inner guidance lead you.

These sessions will help you feel safer in your amazing, intelligent body, better able to access your own inner resources.

It’s a hand to hold as you manage the transition process from 3D to 5D, integrating your shadow aspects.

Return to centre

Next steps

If this resonates with you and you would like to find out more click here for full details.

I’m excited to offer this and I look forward to working with you at this most amazing time of transition to our New Earth that our hearts have been calling for.


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 Much love,

Cathy x
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