Are you stuck in comparisonitis?

Do you sometimes find yourself grappling with a sense of stagnation, confusion, feeling lost and directionless… or just plain stuck?

When that happens, and the worry of staying in that place gets too big, especially when we start comparing ourselves to others who seem to have it all together, it can trigger a lot of shame, self-criticism and self-doubt, and then that can negatively spiral into even deeper levels of stress and anxiety.

So it can be a bit of a vicious circle. 

But you can bump yourself out of it.

If you’ve ever felt stuck, frustrated, or unsure about the path ahead, and the mind gremlins start running amok because you’re stuck in comparisonitis, in this video I share a few valuable insights that could help shift your perspective and bring a renewed level of self-acceptance and clarity to your life.

If you prefer to read, the transcript is below.

If you know me, then you already know that I specialise in helping soul-led women tap into their authentic power and uncover their true potential to create a life they’re truly passionate about. But creating that kind of life involves lots of small shifts, and it’s NEVER smooth sailing all the time.

Manifesting a life you love means that you WILL encounter challenges as part of the transformation process. And if you’re wanting to make big changes, then you need to be ready to meet some big opposition and resistance that will come up from inside you.

Challenges cause us to meet our limiting beliefs and programming so that we can finally let it go and grow into who we need to be. And that helps us up-level our frequency into a state that’s aligned with what we want to draw into our lives.

We all know this is true on some level from our personal experience, because every one of us has made successful changes at different points in our lives, yet a lot of the time we have huge expectations on ourselves and give ourselves a hard time when we don’t measure up.

One big reason we do this is because we compare ourselves to others who appear to have reached some level of success we aspire to, and we judge ourselves as being less than them.

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But comparing yourself to others is always a bad idea, so if you’re doing that here are a few things to remember…

Firstly, you have no idea what it’s costing people to keep up an image – especially people you see online. 

For example, although we crave authenticity, many people online only share their successes and they look like they’re living the dream, because the online world is a very shiny, perfection-oriented space that people feel they have to live up to. When you hear the truth about how much it’s been costing some people to keep up their image – financially and emotionally – it puts things into perspective.

Secondly, you don’t know what else is going on in someone else’s life

I used to be in a mentoring group with a few fabulous women who were amazing in their businesses, experiencing a much higher level of success than I was, and I felt like a bit of an imposter at times. But as I got to know them better they revealed that they were struggling with health issues, relationship difficulties and their general work-life balance wasn’t great, whereas I had all those things going well in my own life. It was a good lesson for me, and taught me to be grateful for what I did have whilst I was working on developing my business.

And lastly, you don’t know how many failures and difficulties other people that you’re comparing yourself to have had to face on their way to where they currently are. 

If they have genuine success then they will have done the inner work and taken a tonne of action to have earned it. So instead of judging yourself as less-than, let them be an inspiration to you and learn from them.

Stop comparing yourself to others - how do you measure up?

The answers are inside YOU, no one else.

The main issue with comparing ourselves to others is that by doing so we are focusing outside of ourselves and losing touch with our own innate wisdom and inner knowing.

The truth is, you possess an incredible source of guidance and answers within you, but the noise of everyday life, comparisonitis, self-doubt, and other external pressures… they can obscure this wellspring of wisdom AND cut us off from our self-compassion.

For me, this is where tarot can be really helpful – not as a mystical tool, but as a mirror to reflect what’s going on inside me. It can show me where I’m focusing that’s not helpful. It can offer fresh perspectives about my situation, and if I’ve been too busy in my head or looking outside myself it brings me back to myself and my inner guidance. 

Tarot might not be your thing, but there are so many ways that can help you to restore your equilibrium and positive regard that will bump off the negative spiral.

If there’s anything I can help you with then do please reach out, and if you’re curious about how coaching sessions incorporating the power of tarot could help you, then I invite you to take this transformative journey with me.

Check the description below the video for more details.

That’s all from me today.

See you next time!


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