Thinking is overrated

It’s got to be said… thinking is over-rated. If we want to change our worlds, we need to rely more on being able to FEEL – somatically, emotionally and intuitively – so that we know what we truly need. And once we know what we need, to take the appropriate steps to create it.

We are so much more than we THINK we are

We usually have to slow down enough to be able to connect to our feelings, our inner knowing and our inner wisdom, but it’s from here that we can understand the infinite nature of our value, worth, and potential, and it’s this that inspires creativity and evolution.

In contrast, thinking is always based in the pastOur minds make decisions based on data available regarding what worked or what didn’t work before. It analyses, evaluates and judges, but it doesn’t create anything new.

Yet we give thinking so much importance.

You could say that it’s this dependency on thinking over feeling that has ended us all up in this global state of chaos.

We’re so busy in our heads thinking that we’re distracted from being able to feel our disconnection from one another, from our Divine natures, from our intuitive knowing, and from our environments and the earth we live on.

It’s clear that thinking alone is not enough.

And of course, thinking can be very addictive and very good at putting us down or telling us we don’t have what it takes to do something.

So we shouldn’t believe everything we think!

Right now, we are on the cusp of a worldwide shift in consciousness. If you are a Lightworker, an energy-sensitive, empath, healer, edge-walker, outlier or conscious change-maker – which you probably are if you’re reading this – then you will be more aware of this than most.

Because as YOU know… we are so much more than we THINK we are.

Each one of us is Source Consciousness – infinitely connected to All That Is, yet also experiencing what it is to be an intrinsic part of the living eco-system on earth as an individualised embodied being.

However, while we might know that at some felt level, we have simultaneously been conditioned to believe that we are separate from Mother Earth and her myriad life forms, separate from each other and separate from Source and the creative power and love that we really are.

This conditioning is so strong in us collectively that our own thoughts serve to imprison us, making most of humanity believe that we are victims of circumstance and powerless to change our reality.

Your mental cage keeps you small

 The mind is meant to be a servant – let it work for you

While most others are attached to their thinking, which perpetuates the same level of consciousness that created the mess we’re in, YOU, dear lightworker, have much more access to your intuition, inner knowing and Divine guidance.

This is why I believe that, for those of us who are awake and aware to the shifting energies on the planet, this is our time to step up and lead the way.

We are needed now more than ever.

Have you been feeling something exciting rising in you, wanting to pull ahead… even while your small self has kept its foot on the brake?

That could be the pull between your powerful soul’s mission and the societal conditioning that tugs at your thinking, keeping you tethered to the status quo.

And although maybe you can feel who you are and what’s possible for you, it’s still really hard to break away from that mind control on your own, because those tethers are strong.

So what if you could begin to retrain your mind and write it a new programme that actually supports your life?

The good news is, you can!

You can programme it to know the truth, that:

You are worthy of love, abundance and all good things.

You are good enough and perfect just as you are.

You are also a perfectly imperfect human; you are allowed to make mistakes.

The universe is always working in your favour.

You are loved and lovable.

You are safe, taken care of and divinely supported.

You are Infinite Spirit experiencing itself as physical through the lens of your human life, and as Spirit it is possible to be, do have or create anything you desire; you only need believe it, choose it and receive it.

You can reinforce this truth by practicing meditation and mindfulness, by slowing down enough to listen to your inner being, rather than identifying with your ego, and by learning to be truly present in the moment in order to feel this greater truth.

You can write these statements of truth down on post-it notes and have them visible in lots of places so that you are constantly being reminded, and can reconnect to them if you get de-railed or distracted by life events that throw you out of centre and back into your head.

And because the body holds so much wisdom, when you take the time to pause and connect to your somatic felt sense in the body, to be the observer of your experience, as well as helping to gently heal and release the energy from past traumas, it helps you to disengage from the incessant pull of the thinking mind that is full of limiting beliefs, fears and negativity, and which causes so much inner disharmony.

There is lots that you can do on your own to instil these new habits and ways of being. There are plenty of books on the subject and free videos on reprogramming your subconscious even while you sleep. But of course, it helps to have the right people around you to support your journey and help you believe those truths about you when your doubts creep in and the mind takes over.

If you would like to deepen your self-belief, transform your mindset and unhelpful programming in order to go for your dreams and desires, or have safe support to heal from past traumas in an area of your life, maybe I can help you?

Check out my Transform Healing & Alignment sessions, for one-to-one healing and coaching support.

And for a hands-on fun and practical experience that will help you get out of your thinking mind and connect to the field through your body, you might be interested in this article, Dowsing for Beginners: all you need to know to get started.

 Remember, don’t believe everything you think!

Until next time,

Much love

Cathy x
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