Surrender yout trust to the flow of life. It knows the pathways you haven't yet dreamed of.

You are a powerful creator. Life wants you to have what you want and it’s always at work bringing you your heart’s desires.

Do you believe me?

Maybe you can accept that on some days – those days when you feel the flow and ease; awesome clients and opportunities to do your best work are pouring in, you’re feeling flush, you’re all loved up and it’s like you’re on top of the world, exhilerated by the magic and beauty of unfolding events.


Then it feels like you’re soooooo connected – an abundant and happy child of a loving and generous universe.


And other days it feels like everything’s gone to shit, out of control, set backs show up one after the other, people press your buttons, calamity descends… You’re blocked, grumpy, exhausted, stressed and miserable – not at all what you’d planned or wanted!


Does it mean that life is no longer supporting you?


Has life deemed that you’ve had enough good fortune and now it’s someone else’s turn?


Has the universe got better things to do than indulge your desires?


Not at all!


The creative intelligence of the universe is constantly doing your bidding.


When you’re clear about what you really want, and you want it with every fibre of your being so it’s on your mind and in your heart, you can trust that the universe is at work, turning creational cogs so that exactly the right situations come into your experience to help you get it.


Plus it will be bringing things to you that you don’t even know you want yet!


But you might not recognise an opportunity showing up when it’s wrapped up in an uncomfortable or painful situation because too easily you mind will jump in to judge that it’s wrong or bad, or shouldn’t be happening.


When your mind resists what life is bringing you, you stop the flow.


Our minds love to create meanings around our experiences. It makes us feel safe to know WHY something has happened, even if it’s not what we want. But these stories we tell ourselves are illusions based on our limited thinking that trap us into believing we’re powerless.


When things don’t appear as we would like or expect them to be we tend to focus on the ‘problem’ and let our heads fill up with negative commentary… “Why does this always happen?” “I can’t afford it” “Why can’t I get a breakthrough?” “I don’t have what it takes” “I can’t change because…” “I’m not good enough” – and that impacts our feelings, our energy and behaviour.


And “It’s not meant to be” is an especially tricky little saboteur that can be mistaken for inner guidance, which stops you pushing just that little bit further into discomfort to reach your treasure.


Of course, when your predominant thoughts are on what’s not working, bad or stuck, Law of Attraction unjudgingly makes sure you get more of the same!


It’s the universe responding to your focus.


But here’s the thing…


You can either choose to believe what your head is saying and let the programmed thoughts keep you small and trapped in an invisible mental cage, or you can choose to focus on what you do want.


It’s up to you.


Your true spiritual nature

is powerful beyond anything

you can imagine


Are you willing to trust life and let go of the story?


It’s a pretty scary thing to do – especially when your mind is screaming at you to see ‘logical sense’.


But if you’re truly committed and prepared to take a risk on your dreams, come what may… and you don’t give energy to the fears and the limiting head talk, you will find that the fear and drama soon passes and life will bring you what you want in ways better than you could ever imagine!


Either that, or you’ll realise it wasn’t what you really wanted after all, and something more wonderful usually shows up instead!


The truth is, you are not your thoughts.


Your true spiritual nature is powerful beyond anything you can imagine, and you are infinitely connected to the will of the universe. You are at the centre of it and it all unfolds from you.


So you can trust that life has your back.


It will never leave you unsupported, because at the deepest level it is who you are, and it is responding to your desires in exactly the way you need to create the happiest, most abundant and fulfilling life possible.


So have faith and stop resisting what life has brought you. That crappy situation has inside it the key to transformation!


Much love

Cathy Ballard – Spiritual Buisness Mentor and Transformation Coach


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