“What do I need?” can be a difficult question to answer

Are you someone who typically puts everyone else’s needs ahead of your own – including your work or business’ needs? Perhaps you find it difficult to know what you need because you’re so unused to asking the question…

“What do I need most right now?”

If that’s something you’re not great at, then today’s three-card-pull could be for you, where I’ve asked this question on behalf of everyone who feels guided to watch this video.

As with all tarot cards there are multiple meanings, so tune in and let the messages sink beyond the mental level and deeper into your body and being to see what feels most true. Use your gut response or inner knowing to guide you.

And if something in any of these messages is for you today, do follow its guidance and put yourself first! It’s not selfish to do that. It’s really necessary.

 Time stamps

You’re likely to get helpful messages from all the cards, but if you just want to check the one card you chose, I’ve included time stamps for each of the 3 cards. 

Card One: 01:10

Card Two: 04.53

Card Three: 09.07

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