Channelling energy

What is channeling?

Channeling refers to the practice of allowing non-physical entities to use a person’s body for the purpose of communicating spiritual knowledge and guidance, and sending high frequency energy from higher planes of reality.


Not everyone channels in the same way, but when I channel it feels like consciously taking a step back in my mind to create an expanded state of awareness, and mental space for higher energies to occupy, which then use my voice to speak, or my body to write or send energy.


It’s somehow beyond ‘thought’, and is more a matter of getting my personality self out of the way, and trusting that whatever ‘drops in’ is what I need to say.


Some channels work with one entity, such as Esther Hicks who channels Abraham, Lee Carroll who channels Kryon and Darryl Ankar who channels Bashar.


Other channels experience being connected with different entities at different times, depending on the intention and purpose for the communication. These might include transmissions from the angelic realms, spirit guides, nature spirits, Ascended Masters, saints,  and other highly evolved beings from this planet, dimension and reality, or another.


It may all sound a bit woo woo and out there, but scientists like Einstein, talk of there being ten, or even many more dimensions to what we perceive as ‘reality’. And because they were willing to be open to possibilities beyond the level of the mind, humanity has been gifted with so many incredible breakthroughs.


So you could say that they were channeling Higher Intelligence, even if science can’t ‘prove’ it, or if that wasn’t the word they used to describe it.


How does channeling help us?

I first started practicing channeling when I went out to New Zealand in 1998. Before that I’d never heard of it, and to be quite honest it freaked me out quite a bit when I witnessed my partner at the time channeling profound wisdom in words and a voice that wasn’t his own!


But at the consciousness centre where we lived this soon became our daily practice, so after a while it was my normal world!


I discovered very quickly that I could channel Source energy and information very easily, and while I never had entities speak through me back then, I would get images and ideas to relate back to individuals or groups I was working with.


Channeling helps us to gain higher knowledge, insight and greater clarity about situations and events in life. It can give us a birds eye view of who we’re being, and put into a wider context the experiences and challenges we’re having so we can understand them better.


If you practice channeling yourself it helps you grow spiritually because the practice builds a bridge between you and the unconditionally loving consciousness of Source.


It’s powerfully transformational, gives a soul-level perspective so we can accept things and move through them faster, and helps us make decisions that are in alignment with the potential we were born to fulfil.




What to expect from a channeling session

When working with channelled energy you can expect to experience high frequency unconditional love that cuts powerfully through any negative beliefs and emotions, and boosts your energy and vibration, leaving you feeling happy and light, open to inspiration, with a whole new outlook.


Rather than mental analysis, I experience the process as gradually unveiling one layer after another in more of a ‘felt’ organic unfolding, honing in on the core issue and often clearing multiple issues at once. It makes the hidden parts of ourselves visible and reveals the truth about how something is… and as they say, “the truth shall set you free”.


Like anything, take on only what resonates with you. Keep your feet on the ground and trust your own knowing.


However, you might not believe in faeries and unicorns, but a message could be wrapped up in the context, so stay open and feel into whether there’s any truth in the symbolism or energy of what’s communicated. If it brings you insight about your life in some way, then trust that’s how you needed to hear it to get the shift.


Working at this level reconnects you with self trust

When you are stuck, and think you don’t know how to change your circumstances, or don’t feel empowered to, you might go and seek advice from someone to help you. There are lots of well meaning experts out there who believe they know what you need to do, and they can appear like saviours!


So you look to them as the one who has the answers to your problems. And while you might get results while you’re working with them, as soon as you’re back on your own you’re stuck again. And it can feel really demoralising because you’re doing everything you were told.


The tendency then is to blame yourself – “I must have done something wrong…”  “I’m no good…” “There’s something wrong with me…”


But really, you’ve done nothing wrong.


The reason for things not working is that the blueprint or model they were guiding you through was aligned for them – not you.


No one knows better than YOU what’s best for you, but when you doubt yourself and your own guidance, and you give your power away to others whom you presume know best, you can end up feeling very lost and confused. This seems especially true when you have a business because there is so much noise out there about how you ‘should’ be doing things.


But your Greatness already knows exactly what you need to do to get back into alignment. So channeling will connect you to your knowing, developing your self trust.


And that bird’s eye view will help you see clearly what’s possible for you that you may never have considered from your previously limited perspective of reality, and reveal the next steps along the path.



Experience channeling for yourself

Every channel is unique, and when I channel it’s usually very grounded, practical and actionable guidance and could be around the following areas:


  • Getting clarity about your current challenges in the wider perspective of your life, and the steps you need to take to move through them.
  • Creating harmonious relationships, and developing boundaries.
  • Making a life-changing transition.
  • Find the courage and confidence to go for your dreams.
  • Following your purpose and shining your light in the world.
  • Physical healing.
  • Opening up to receive money and abundance.
  • Developing self trust, self belief and your true value.
  • Connecting with your Higher Self and inner guidance.
  • Accessing your Greatness and innate power to generate the life you know is possible.
  • Learning mindset and transformation tools to use in daily life.


You can ask anything you like in a session, and bring any issue. Often you will receive very concise, clear information, and other times you might be taken into a transformational guided process to release energetic blocks and shift your mindset, or be introduced to energy tools that will help you manage your life situation.


Sessions last approximately an hour, and a lot can happen in that time!


There is usually more information given than can be integrated in the session, so all sessions are recorded on MP3 so you can listen back multiple times.


If you’d like to experience this wonderful work for yourself, or find out if it can help your particular situation, contact me at, and let’s have chat.


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