What to do when everything's going wrong


What do you do when your manifesting isn’t working, or worse still, everything seems like it’s going wrong and you’re stuck in a horrible place?

It can seem like a breakthrough is a million miles away…


ACTUALLY, it could be just round the corner for you if you stop resisting.


The universe is ALWAYS responding to you

When you set strong intentions for new experiences you want to create in your life that truly come from your heart, you send out a powerful creative force into the universe.


The universe immediately responds to the energy you transmit and cogs start turning in order to bring you what you want.


But it’s not like ordering a meal in a restaurant where you can have clear expectations of how your meal will be delivered, even if you can vividly imagine the experience of eating it when it arrives.


Life is not linear and predictable, so you have to let go of HOW something will happen.


When we get attached to HOW we think something should appear for us, and our expectations aren’t met, it seems like the universe isn’t listening, and it’s easy to get disheartened and give up on what you were wanting.


And when the exact opposite shows up… and it shows up repeatedly… growing in intensity… it would be quite understandable that you would want to throw the towel in.




Any chaos, uncertainty or challenging situation is very likely HOW the universe is indirectly bringing you what you said you wanted. Even if the evidence suggests the opposite.


Yes I know that sounds a bit bonkers, but stick with me here…
Wishing is not enough


Wishing is not enough

When you have a strong desire for something to be different in your life, you usually have a clear vision of how your life will be in that future version of you when you have what you want.


But just wishing for this thing to manifest is not going to make it show up if you are out of vibrational alignment with it, no matter how many affirmations or vision boards you do.


Your life really is the effect of all your thoughts, ideas and beliefs, and every judgement you’ve ever been on the receiving end of, which translates into an energetic vibration or signature. Your unconscious programs are causing you to think in certain ways that maintain your current level of reality, and your thoughts are attracting experiences to you through Law of Attraction that match your vibration.


So even if you want something to be different, if you have head talk that tells you why you can’t have it, or why you’re not worthy of receiving it, those programs inside you will be sabotaging your efforts to change.


You might not know you have these habit patterns of the mind, but your external life situation is always a mirror of your internal reality and thinking habits. If there’s something you want to change out there, then you need to do the inner work first.


The world can only change from within


But these negative programs, which are a heavy energy, are all lies. They mostly come from your story where unpleasant, scary or difficult situations caused you to make some kind of meaning about yourself when you were young – that you were a bad person, unlovable, worthy of rejection and exclusion, not good enough, flawed or just wrong in some way.


Or they might be inherited beliefs, karma and past life impressions, and so on that you have no conscious memory of.


However you acquired them, at some point in your past you didn’t like how it felt, or the negative emotions (energy) were too powerful, so you pushed them down inside you so you didn’t have to experience it consciously.


But unconsciously these programmes are still operating in the background, influencing your feelings, thoughts and your actions, and your energy. An unseen mental cage keeping you limited and small.


Breaking free from the cage of your mind


The power of true desire

Desires are Life’s way of helping us evolve into who we’re born to become. Source drops big juicy ones into our hearts, like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for us to follow, leading to our potential.


When you take charge and go for your dreams, you challenge the boundaries of your cage and step outside your comfort zone, the head talk is triggered… “You’re not good enough… Who do you think you are?…. It will never happen for you…. No one likes you so they won’t help you….”


You feel the old fear and heavy, uncomfortable emotional energy that’s tied up with those old programs, and if you’re not conscious, the temptation is to push it down again, step back from the edge and give up.


AND, since you set the cogs of the universe in motion by putting those desires out there, if you don’t proactively push at your edges, life will find another way to ‘help’ you change – usually with a shake up – illness, an intolerable situation, money dilemmas, freak accident – that will cause you to make choices that take you outside your comfort zone.


(Lovingly known as a kick up the bum from the universe!)


Releasing the program

When these scenarios happen and you feel the uncomfortable energy come up you have a choice.


You can avoid feeling it by distracting yourself with drama, numbing yourself through alcohol, drugs, sex, food, or pushing it back down by other means…


Or you can confront the lie and allow yourself to fully feel the discomfort of the energy and feelings that come up.


This takes courage, strength and perseverance, and often requires a huge leap of faith while you feel like everything’s going to hell in a handcart.


But as long as you don’t offer resistance to what’s coming up, and you trust that it’s part of the purifcation process, you will move through it, and then the program will be gone for good.


And that means that those situations in life that would normally trigger you just don’t affect you any more, you’re more resilient, and crucially your energy is changed. You are vibrating at a new, higher level because you’ve let go of old, stagnant energy from the past, and so you attract experiences that match your new vibration.


Be careful what you ask for…

So when things feel difficult, or like everything’s going to sh*t in life, think back to what intentions you’ve set recently. What have you been asking for?


What’s happening for you is not random. YOU ARE A POWERFUL CREATOR. You have Source energy flowing through you, responding to your thoughts, and it has brought you an opportunity to evolve and grow.


It could take days, weeks, months or even years to release strongly ingrained and unconscious programs and pushed down energy on your own because we can’t see our own stuff so we keep getting triggered.


It needs to be mirrored back to us. But if you practice the three Ms – Mindfulness, Meditation and Mindset that will really help.


If you want to release them FAST then you will need to work with someone to help make these patterns conscious. Because when you’re aware of them you have something to work with. While they’re unconscious they keep operating in the background, keeping you in your cage and limiting your results.



If you would like my support to help you release these limitations then there are various ways I can help you.


You can begin by downloading my ‘Flow Process’ transformational meditation. And if you feel drawn to going deeper through private sessions contact me through my website or email me at connect@cathyballard.com to arrange an exploratory call.


To your transformation!


Much love

Cathy Ballard – Spiritual Buisness Mentor and Transformation Coach

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