Are you a human DOING or a human BEING?


One of these states is an abundance blocker…

How much of your day are you busy ‘DOING’ – whether that’s activity or thinking? Probably LOTS! When you’re ‘doing’ you’re in the state of energy expenditure. You are not RECEIVING, or in a state of energy income. That requires BEING.

In this video I’m talking about unconscious ways that we perpetuate NOT receiving, purely because we are so often in DOING mode, which has a profound impact on our ability to call in what we desire. Plus I take you through a short energy exercise so you can practice receiving, filling up and raising your vibration – which makes you more attractive to the abundance you wish to experience. Click the video to find out more…

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Lastly, here is an energy process mp3 for you to download that people have been raving about, bringing more abundance into their lives – ‘Magnetise Yourself to Money’:


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