Do you believe in miracles?

Sometimes something happens that blows logic completely out of the water and one witnesses magic happening in front of your eyes. When this happens I feel so humbled at the power of the universe lining things up in exactly the right way, mobilising all the moving parts perfectly, that you couldn’t have designed it better if you’d spent your whole life trying! But do you know that you can normalise the miraculous? Do you believe in miracles?

Perhaps it’s not really a miracle at all when you can do the groundwork to set one up! I’ve noticed this phenomenon of ‘miracles’ accelerating and happening much more frequently in my own life, but also for clients, which feels almost as incredible because it strengthens one’s beliefs in the manifesting process and that anything truly is possible when you’re willing to do the inner work.

Almost homeless with two kids, until…

A couple of months ago, one amazing client contacted me because she felt that she was subconsciously blocking herself from being able to buy her own house for herself and her kids after 23 years of renting, and she was stressed because if she didn’t get a miracle fast, she and her boys would be homeless.

She had found the perfect-for-her-right-now home, put an offer in, had it accepted and all the wheels were in motion so that she could mentally prepare for the move. She had followed her intuition all the way to find this house. It felt right, and everything had been lining up easily.

But then a snag was hit that seemed so unexpected, yet unsurmountable, that it seemed it would crash the whole thing down, leaving her and her boys without a home to move into and a deadline to move out of the property she’d been renting temporarily in just a couple of weeks or so.

My client is very switched on. She’s done a tonne of work on herself and was aware that she had some unhealed wounds from the past that were most likely sabotaging her success. But she also knew that she couldn’t tackle them on her own because they were deeply ingrained. She needed help through the stressful situation and to unpick all the threads of limiting beliefs, fears, grief and other negative emotions that were still held in her system, playing out the same sabotage patterns that had followed her through life. Because time was pressing we started our work together with a 3-hour deep-dive session.

Do you believe in miracles?

Supporting the journey of transformation 

Whenever I start working with a new client I never know what the journey will be. In each session, after an initial chat about what they’re conscious of, I take them into a relaxed, light trance-like state where they connect to their powerful Higher Self, and we work with whatever shows up in their energy field and unconscious mind, following wherever that leads. 

It’s important not to have preconceptions or fixed ways of doing things. Every person is so unique and the subconscious mind is so intelligent. It always knows best how to direct us to the most perfect and empowering outcome, but it can take quite an unexpected path to get there, so it is an adventure in trust and following the energy.

My job is to keep my head out of it, hold space for my client so that they feel safe and supported enough to open doors to memories that the ego would usually protect them from accessing alone, ask lots of questions to help them access their own truth and knowing in their body and intuition, and give them tools they can use for whatever their situation calls for. 

What usually comes up for a client are the unhelpful shaping patterns that still operate in us as adults, which were formed in childhood as a result of trauma, or through conditioning that went against who they were at a core level. Sometimes we might access past lives to clear vows and contracts that continue to operate in this life. And it’s not uncommon for someone’s soul to throw a tantrum because they feel at some deep level this life experience is not what they’d agreed to before they came down here to earth! And they need to express that before a deeper truth and gift is revealed. 

Once space is cleared of the relevant programmes and triggers we go on to embed new, empowering beliefs and tap into greater possibilities that feel aligned, real and alive with energy, and achievable from this new empowered perspective.

How long it takes in a session to unravel the threads depends on how strongly and deeply embedded these patterns are. First and foremost you need to have a strong intention for a breakthrough and put yourself first in your life. 

Next, you need to allow yourself time to go through the transformation process and carve out specific time in your diary where you can receive regular support. It needs to be the right support for you, with someone who you can trust to hold you, no matter what emotions come up. When the ego feels safe to let go of the self-protection and control the inner doors open to some of those hard to reach places and difficult to feel emotions. 

From there we can bring light to the shadows, releasing the long-held stories, misperceptions and conclusions and the false ideas one decides must be true about oneself because of what was witnessed in the past. Healing and transformation can then ripple out through life.

Once your system knows it’s safe to bring things to the surface you might find some other fears or doubts rise up to be cleared in the following days or weeks, but they aren’t usually as strong and they typically get cleared quickly.

Do you believe in miracles?

Fast worker of miracles! 

My client went through her own unique healing process in the deep-dive that underpinned her self-sabotage around the house. We followed up with one or two more calls to deal with the residual sabotaging doubts and fears that came up where she couldn’t believe things were going to work out because the evidence still hadn’t shown up yet in her reality.

But once we worked with those fears and appeased them, she was able to let the universe bring her what was truly hers to have, or let it go. She came to a place of inner peace and acceptance and let go of all resistance and control. 

The next day, her solicitor called to let her know that everything had been worked out. She had secured her new home! She exchanged two weeks later and moved in a couple of days after that.

It was amazing how things unfolded, and such an honour and privilege to be part of her journey.

The tip of the iceberg 

For my client, the house was clearly the most urgent issue that she needed to deal with, but often the obvious problems we believe are so insurmountable that initially prompt us to reach out for support are just the impetus to get ourselves to a coach, healer or therapist.

They are the tip of the iceberg, or the starting point. When that first thing is dealt with, with much less effort than imagined, it paves the way for the real work to happen that will make a deeper impact in one’s life. Plus, by then, you’ll know this transformation stuff works, so you can really trust and go for it in a much bigger way!

My client and I carried on working together as part of a three month programme and that is exactly what’s happened. I’m delighted to hear that she is also on her way to completing the rest of her intentions that she stated on her intake form, which was to be back working for herself after not being happy in her job, having no financial worries and more time to spend with herself and her kids.

She is smashing it, and I am so proud of her!

Do you believe in miracles?

Would you like some help? 

If you have a pattern playing out in your life that you just can’t seem to shake, or you’re going through a transition, or you’re stuck and lacking clarity in your work, your relationships or something else, then maybe you’d like to be supported through a deep dive session?

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Until next time,

Believe in miracles!


Much love,

Cathy x
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