Things are always working out for your highest good

Whatever situation you find yourself in in life, something about who and how you’re being is equipping you for the next level of who you’re here to become – for your highest good and the highest good of all life.

But sometimes, a little guidance can be helpful to gain a new perspective, greater understanding, get unstuck or provide some validation or confirmation that will help us move forward in our evolutionary process with more ease and harmony.

So in this three-card-pull video, I invite you to choose one card intuitively or listen to the messages from each of the cards to see what guidance they might have for you today in answer to the question, “How can this situation work out for my highest good?”

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 Card number one : The Five of Swords

Highest good - The Five of Swords

General meanings

Conquest, ambition, winners and losers, conflict that brings about growth.

Guidance for “How can this work out for my highest good?”

In this card we see a young man who has a look of contempt on his face. He is quite smug and self-assured. He is looking at the enemies that he has managed to conquer who are slowly walking away in defeat, with a sense of loss and sadness. 

There are five swords and he possesses them all, having taken the swords off his opponents. The sky looks tumultuous and cloudy, which suggests that all is not well, despite the fact that this battle is over. 

This card often represents some kind of conquest, conflict or disagreement. There may have been some situation where there has been a winner and a loser, with the winner having used cunning or manipulation to come out on top, typically involving arguments or a battle of words and ideas, which the suit of Swords represents. 

Someone may need to win, but at what cost? If you let ambition lead in a negative way without regard to the consequences, it usually results in a situation of loss for everyone because you have annoyed or hurt those that you have argued with, and as a result, you are on the road to isolating yourself.

So the Five of Swords’ message to you – if it resonates with you today – might be that in order for your current situation to work out for your highest good, you may need to let go of certain battles and conflicts. 

To apply this to your situation, you may need to ask yourself if you have been engaging in any conflicts or battles that are not serving your highest good. Are you pushing too hard to win at all costs? Are you using tactics that are not aligned with your values?

The Five of Swords encourages you to consider the consequences of your actions and to let go of any behaviours that are not serving you or those around you. It may be time to seek a more peaceful and cooperative approach, even if it means conceding some ground. 

Ultimately, this will allow you to move forward in a more positive direction and achieve your highest good in the long run.


Card number two: The Hierophant

Highest good - The Hierophant

General meanings

Tradition, formal education, conformity, morality, belief system, routine and ritual, rebellion, new approaches.

Guidance for “How can this work out for my highest good?”

The Hierophant represents someone who has accepted the role of authority. This could be you or someone in your life, and understanding this role will somehow help your situation work out for the best.

The Hierophant’s role is to bring the spiritual down to earth. He has the ability to connect with a Higher Power and transfer wisdom and sacred knowledge to his acolytes, but in quite a conventional or traditional way, as part of a power structure with established rules or law and order. 

He points to the path of knowledge and education as a way to bring practical solutions to worldly problems, and he might represent a teacher or mentor; someone who counsels people when they’re in trouble, or the card can represent systems, institutions and structures that have traditional ways of doing things.

Although he can be wise, he can be quite stubborn and rigid in regard to his attitudes, ideas, beliefs and points of view.

His message could be that now is a time to embrace the more conventional ways of doing things, to conform and adapt to the expected and established structures and beliefs, rather than striking out and following your own innovative ideas. Following good, practical advice will quiet the panic and help you find peace of mind.

It could be that you are being asked to embrace a role of authority because that is your rightful place. You’ve earned it because your wisdom, experience and knowledge makes you a person of presence. You may be here to teach, so step into that because people will listen to you and respect your authority, which will carry you forward.

It might mean that your situation can work out for the best by finding a teacher or going back into education of some kind and studying something that you’re passionate about; something that will grow you on many levels, perhaps connected to what you’re here to be and do – your purpose or soul’s mission in life.

He might be bringing a warning against being too stubborn, especially in matters to do with spiritual beliefs, morals and ethics, so perhaps you need to let go of being too rigid in your stance. Stay open to new ideas and outside-the-box thinking beyond your own restrictions.

He might also be a reminder to you that YOU have a direct connection with Source / the Divine, and that by owning that and spending time in prayer and meditation you will gain the insights you need to turn your situation around or improve it. The solution is there, you just need to bring it down to earth.


Card number three: The Six of Swords

Highest good - The Six of Swords

General meaning

Transition, loss, leaving something behind, moving on, moving out of troubled water.

Guidance for “How can this work out for my highest good?”

The image in the Six of Swords shows a woman and a child in a boat being ferried out of rough waters by a boatman to a land across the water. 

Their backs are towards us and the woman’s head is bowed, covered by a cloak – so perhaps she’s got some reason to hide her identity and they are fleeing something. There’s a sense that she’s experiencing some kind of loss or sadness in her flight; leaving something behind. 

So the Six of Swords message – if your present circumstances are quite challenging –  suggests that in order for the situation to work out for your highest good, you may need to consider making a journey or transition of your own; one that might be moving from a difficult place to a more peaceful and harmonious one.

This might involve physically moving to a new location, changing your mindset or beliefs, or letting go of negative patterns or behaviours, or something else that you may be attached to.

Although the transition might not be easy, with perhaps more challenges or obstacles to overcome along the way, and the letting go could be difficult, the sadness of the “loss” will ultimately be replaced by greater clarity, and the calmness of the water in the distance suggests it will bring about a new understanding and a new acceptance of the changes in our lives.

Intuition can help in this process, but it’s more important at this particular time to think logically to ensure your success. By having a clear, objective plan, staying focused on your goal, keeping a positive mindset and not dwelling on the past, you can make progress and eventually reach a more harmonious and better place.

So, overall, the Six of Swords encourages you to trust in the journey and have faith that things will work out for your highest good in the end, even if the path forward may not always be clear or easy.


So I hope some of today’s guidance from the cards was useful for you. Do leave me a comment below if something touched a chord with you, and thanks so much for reading or watching.


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