The Coaching Partnership


The perfect time to get expert support might be:

  • When you want to get to the next level in your business but you’re sabotaging yourself because your mindset isn’t aligned with your dreams and goals…
  • When you have major challenges in your relationships, finances, career or wellbeing that are draining you mentally, physically and emotionally…
  • When you have dramas in your personal life are diverting your attention and energy away from what you want to create…
  • There’s something else in your life that you want to change, but you’re not sure how to get from A to B, or what B even is…

Support can help you de-clutter your mind and emotions of anything not serving you, get clarity about what you want and what to focus on, give you an accountability partner, and can help you create a plan of action to make it happen.

It can be totally life-changing, and it’s such a worthy investment.



There are a whole host of amazing people out there who can help you, who’ll have heaps of training and experience, and who are wonderful, caring people you’ll feel safe enough with to open up to – which is when the transformational magic can happen.

Many give a truly valuable service that’s worth way more than the financial exchange asked of you – an inspired partnership that feels like a gift from the universe, bringing you fabulous results.

But maybe you’re concerned about, or have experienced investing in the services of experts who talk the talk, and are fantastic at selling you the dream, but who leave you feeling underwhelmed, under-supported and disappointed, because what you ended up with wasn’t what you’d hoped or expected from the marketing glamour you’d bought in to.

Or possibly the loaded discovery call you had with a coach, that pressed all your emotional pain buttons, prompted you to say yes to what was on offer in order to free yourself of that discomfort, rather than making a decision based on really believing that you could get results.

And maybe, because you love a deal, you were swayed to take action too quickly by the offered incentive of ‘£1000 off the coaching fee if you sign up by the end of the day’.

Don’t get me wrong, fast action bonuses are a great win-win for coach and client, but only as long as you have time to properly digest the information so you know what you’re buying, and it’s the right fit for you.

Fast Action Bonus!


Going by recommendation

When you’re looking for coaching support you might think about going by word of mouth from trusted friends. But be aware, a coaching partnership is a unique thing, and it’s crucial you click in the right way.

Just because it was good for your friend doesn’t mean they can get the best out of you.

Have a long enough preliminary call so that you can really tell if your personalities are going to gel. And remember you’re not paying to have a new friend. You’re paying for the transformation they can help you achieve.

But you do need to believe in them and trust them so that you’ll let yourself be stretched and challenged by them. And it’s just common sense that if you don’t really like them then you won’t get as much out of the coaching relationship.

Treat the discovery call as an interview process, so have all your questions ready. Find out how the coach will help you achieve your goals, what’s expected of you, and ask yourself if it feels believable and possible.

If you have particular requirements that their service or package doesn’t include don’t be afraid to negotiate. The coach may well be happy to accommodate you, but if they have their own valid reasons for not being able to give you what you want, don’t compromise yourself if it’s important to you.


Floow your intuition


Following your intuition

When you say to a coach “I just know I have to work with you…”, it’s fantastic for both parties because they don’t have to sell to you. It’s more about them informing you of what’s available and helping you choose the program that suits your needs. No pressure!

But if you’re in a really stressed place because of your life situation, the chances are that you’re in your head trying to fire fight, control things or think your way out of difficulties.

And when you’re in fear you can’t hear the voice of your heart, or your inner guidance so clearly.

So before you jump in and commit, remember to do what you need to do to feel connected to your heart.

Drop down out of your head to clear your mind, take some slow deep breaths into your belly and then tune in to the scenario of working with a particular coach on a specific program and see how it feels.

If it feels light, expansive, exciting, maybe even butterflies in the stomach, then those are signs that it would be a good decision.

If it feels heavy, contracted, like you’re forcing something, or if going for it feels like it’s a logical, fear-based decision that comes from the small, limited self, then wait.

It doesn’t mean it’s not the right coach. It just might not be the right time. Or maybe the universe has someone else lined up for you who would better suit your needs.



Make investing in your own success a priority – but use your discernment in choosing a coach

A discovery call is often how you and your potential new coach will work out if you’d be a good fit working together. It’s the sales conversation that helps you make a clear, informed decision about what program or package would suit your needs.

It should be a transparent conversation that comes from a place of service – with your best interests at heart, not their bank account.

If you feel awkward or uncomfortable, like you’re not being heard, or you’re sensing pressure to buy a particular package, then trust your body’s responses. They are never wrong, and they’re showing that this won’t be a good experience for you.

And if the coach is promising that they can get you the same success that they got just by following their 5, 7 or 10 step process, find out what that process is first to see if it resonates with you. Because even if their guidance is well meaning, it’s representative of their state of consciousness, not yours. So it’s not a ‘proven formula’ for all.

Talk to as many coaches as you need to, and when you’ve found a coach and a service that does resonate with you, you’ll feel aligned, safe and you’ll trust that they can help you. Trust is the essential ingredient you need to open up, face your fears and go for something you’ve never done before.



Expert coaches have usually invested tens of thousands of pounds or dollars in their practice, on their business and on their own personal development. You’re buying their expertise, and the value of their experience and knowledge of having walked the path ahead of you.

And the transformation they can help you achieve if you’re prepared to do your part in the process can be priceless.


Invest in your success


When you invest in yourself you are sending a powerful message out to the universe that you are worthy of receiving that transformation – you’re backing your own horse, so to speak.

And investing in that way should be a stretch because it galvanises your commitment to yourself.

If the price of the coaching program is too low then you might find you don’t value it enough to really take action and get the most from it.

I’m sure you’ve downloaded lots of low price or free courses from the internet that you still have sitting on your computer, untouched!

But that said, I have also experienced profound changes from participating fully in low cost or free types of program, and many people have told me they’ve benefitted from ones I’ve created.

It’s all dependent on how much you want the change and how committed you are to making it happen.


What you THINK you need is often not what you really need

I’m still going through a shift in my business right now.

I feel like a mole steadily digging it’s way through the dark earth, feeling its way round rocks and other obstacles. I’m not 100% sure where I’m going, but I’m following my inner guidance. I’m taking action doing things differently, and it’s an adventure!


Finding your way in the dark


I’ve surrendered control to Source like this a number of times in my life. And whenever I did, incredible opportunities and inspiration showed up to change my life.

But it’s definitely not a comfortable ride!

The discomfort made we want certainty and I started thinking I must need a coach to tell me the right way to go. But from past experience I found that expectations of certainty never work out, and right now’s not the time for another new business coach for me. And although I see a fabulous therapist to help me clear my blocks and limitations, I am being guided to trust that I have my own answers when it comes to my business.

I’m feeling more alive than ever as I do this, and like the mole, I’m aware that I’m creating a new path behind me, which I know will make it easier for others to follow who are on a similar journey.

The fear and panic that arises from not having enough, of not knowing where we’re going, of not knowing how to change, of not being able to make a decision from all the overwhelming choices available, or of not being successful enough, perpetuates our sense of separation from the Infinite Intelligence within us.

And it’s that lack and separation that drives us to look outside ourselves for the answers.

Last week I spoke with a woman who was in a right old panic.

She was ringing round lots of coaches trying to find the right one to help her develop her new business, but she didn’t have enough money to pay for business coaching and invest in the new business.

She was on the verge of spending £2000 with a coach when she called me because three unconnected people had mentioned me to her – she was following her intuition!

In less than an hour I’d helped her experience herself as whole and that she already had everything she needed. And before long she saw that she had a wealth of transferable skills and experience.

She didn’t need to do a long business coaching program after all.

It just took a mindset shift and a reframe to find the clarity to confidently set off on her new business adventure.

So this lack we perceive is an ILLUSION. 

The truth is we are not separate from anything so we don’t lack anything, and it is only a mind-made thought system – the biggest limiting belief on the block!

So before you invest in a new coaching program to create a six-figure business, to lose weight, to improve your relationships or find your perfect partner, take some quiet time to connect to yourself as the Infinite being you truly are – the version of you that is already whole, healed, perfect and fully abundant. Ask for guidance, and listen for the answers.


Something to celebrate with you – I’m a finalist!

Since I’ve been going through this recent transition in my business one significant thing I’ve noticed is that my perception of success has changed.

It’s no longer about how much money I make, but to do with the rapid transformation in my clients’ lives, and how confident they feel as a result of us working together.

And I’ve worked with a number of clients lately who’ve benefitted from short term, rather than longer, more expensive coaching packages, and it was perfect.

But it’s all down to personal preference, how much support they need, the resources they have available, what they’re wanting to realistically achieve in a given time and the inner and outer work they’re prepared to do to make it happen.

Seeing my clients transform their lives, and receiving such wonderful testimonials from them has given me a huge boost of self belief and confidence, and even inspired me to enter a national business competition – the Best Business Women Awards!

Thrilled to be a finalist for the Best Business Woman Awards 2016 – Category: BEST COACH

It was a full-on application process, but I’m delighted that I’m one of the finalists in the category of ‘Best Coach’! Whoop whoop!

So as I focus on what success means for me, rather than anyone else’s definition, the fear I used to have around financial lack and scarcity is losing its grip, and I’m feeling so much freer.

Happy days!

If what I’ve written here resonates with you and you’d like to find out more about working with me check out my different programs. They’re at different levels of investment relating to the level of support and length of time working together.

And I’m offering any new clients an initial one hour session for a low one-off fee, redeemable against any longer program you might choose.

That way you get to experience what it would actually be like working together, rather than me selling the picture of what it could be like, as you do in most discovery calls.

You’ll get clarity, clear some blocks and experience tangible results. And it will also help us know if you really need a longer program, or if it’s just a limited perspective that’s making you feel like you don’t have your own answers.

You may just need a few individual sessions to create significant change in your life.


So I hope this article has helped you feel more confident about finding the right coach and coaching package or program for you so that your experience is wonderfully transformational!

If you’ve enjoyed reading this post or found value in it then please leave a comment below. I LOVE hearing from you – and please share it with your friends.


If you’d like to have a chat about how I could help you get clarity, transform your current circumstances, and create your aligned life from your true power then email me at and we can arrange a complimentary call.

To your transformation.

Much love,

Cathy Ballard – Spiritual Buisness Mentor and Transformation Coach
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