Oak tree – live your truth

What does it entail to live your Truth?

…And what are the symptoms that show up to help you be aware of when you’re not living it – so you can make new choices that are more aligned?

Here’s an analogy…

You know how any seed in nature has a specific potential coded into it – an acorn will grow into a mighty oak tree; a chicken’s egg into a hen or rooster.

Each one unique. Never two exactly the same.

Given the right conditions, environment, care and nourishment that seed will grow into its potential.

However, if you take it out of its optimum environment its growth will falter. So if you put a sunflower or a cactus in a rainforest where there isn’t much light and there’s too much rain they won’t grow well, if at all.

Likewise, if you return a faltering plant to the best conditions for its type, then it’s much more likely to survive and thrive.

And we can apply this analogy to ourselves.

Growing instructions for a human

We each come into this life with a specific potential coded within us, something we’re born to fulfil. And like the acorn, we have everything already within us that we need to fulfil that potential – if we let the Intelligence of Life do its thing.

But we can only reach that if our unique potential is recognised, nurtured and we receive the right conditions, environment and nourishment that will protect and grow us into who we’re here to become.

We need to take actions that are aligned with the Intelligent Flow of Life, or our growth will get stunted, or it will certainly slow down and we won’t flourish like we could.

And the thing that makes this tricky for us humans is that, unlike plants and other creatures, we have free will and an ego.

The ego is the thing that holds us back from fully stepping into our potential by:

  • Creating an identity built on all the lies and falsehoods you believed about yourself growing up and throughout your life.
  • Making you believe that you are a separate, solid entity, when really you’re vibrating energy connected to everything.
  • Convincing you that your personality self is your true self.


The purpose of life is to live your truth

The purpose of life is to live your truth

So I believe that what our real life purpose is, that we’re each here to fulfil, is to transcend the lies and re-discover, or remember, who we truly are – an Infinite, fully aware being, in physical form, connected to the Oneness, with the creative powers of the Divine, and to re-align with that Truth.

But to discover who you are for sure, you also have to experience who you are not – You get to experience duality.
Everyone has true desires in their heart – the ones that you know deep inside are going to help you access more of who are, and that will contribute YOU to the world in some way. But to manifest that reality you are going to have to release any beliefs you hold within you that are opposite to that.

Any part of you, conscious or unconscious, which says you’re not enough, not able, not capable, not deserving of receiving this reality has to go.

And as you take steps to change, the ego will put its foot down and dig its heels in, and all your stuff will come to the surface; all the pushed down, uncomfortable feelings and buried beliefs about yourself that you didn’t want to feel again. The stuff that makes you feel small, powerless, insignificant, unworthy, unlovable, stupid, ugly, unwanted, loathsome and not enough.

This is part of the transformation process and should be expected.

Some way along as you go for your dreams and desires – especially if it’s a big, audacious one – you will think you’re failing or that manifesting isn’t working because the exact opposite is showing up.

Events and situations out of the blue will knock you flat or raise doubts within you. Your head will fill with negative self talk, you might awaken your pain body and your ego will try all kinds of sabotaging tactics and trick you into thinking it speaks the voice of truth and reason.

But these are all lies. 

Because how could an Infinite being with full access to the creative powers of the Universe be limited in the ways that your ego would have you believe?

Your ego is really your friend

So all this negativity that the ego brings up is actually a good thing. It is doing you a massive service.

It might feel like crap, but much of the stuff that’s coming to the surface has previously been buried deep within where you can’t see it influencing your choices and behaviour, blinding you to what’s true for you and holding you back.

So going for your desires stirs it up so you can see it, and then – if you have the right tools and support – let it go.

It helps to think that whenever any difficult emotions rise to the surface, that the Universe has brought this about because it’s time for them to be released so you can grow to the next level. They’re on their way out of your system, and as long as you don’t identify with the small-self story, it will soon be gone for good.

The ego really is the perfect mechanism that Source created within us to help us experience all the many facets of life so we get to choose what we do, and don’t want. It builds our strength and resilience like resistance training does in the gym, and assists us to grow into the potential we were born to fulfil.

But where did all this crap come from?

Live your truth pic 2

How are the lies created that we believe about ourselves?

When we’re born we come into physical form as soul’s who are still aware of the connection to Oneness.

Newborn babies don’t have a sense of being separate from their environment or the people in their new reality. A separate sense of identity doesn’t start to happen until the ego starts to develop when they’re about two years old.

As a baby grows and adapts to its new world it learns what makes its parents or caregivers more or less well-disposed towards it. This learning happens at an unconscious level.

The conscious mind doesn’t start developing until a child is around six or seven years old – so in effect, as a young child you tune into the energy of your parents and mimic it; downloading their energy patterns and absorbing them like a sponge, because it’s far faster than consciously learning.

This mimicking is a survival mechanism because it’s clearly better for you to fit in and make mum and dad happy, so then they’ll give you food, clothes, energy, and hopefully the love and care that you need.

(Which is why, if you as a parent are frequently unhappy, often sick, stressed, worried, angry, etc, those same traits can appear in your children for no clear reason.)

And it’s for this reason that so many of our patterns are hard to release, because they’re not based in any obvious traumas we’ve personally had.

They literally don’t belong to us.
But they still run us.

Light workers come in with very different energy

But for many of us who are here to bring change to the planet, we came in with very different energies to our parents. Sometimes with rebellious streaks or just much higher vibrational light and energy. And this energy is often unsettling and challenging.

You being YOU (your true light-filled self) means things change – and most people don’t want change, because it makes them feel out of control or makes them have to look at themselves, which they don’t want to do.

It causes disharmony between you and your parents, your siblings or your social group, so it’s very likely that you struggled to conform and fit in.

You’re just not built that way.

Unfortunately, as a young person who doesn’t yet know who they really are as an important change-maker, you tend to make the disharmony created mean something bad about yourself – that you caused it, that you are wrong or flawed in some way, that you aren’t worthy, welcome or acceptable as you are.

And that doesn’t feel good. It threatens that inbuilt need to belong, to feel safe.

So to survive the best way you can, you further adapt your behaviours to hide your true self and real feelings, and you start acting from a false self to fit in, to be more acceptable and get your needs met.

Be yourself

Personal development vs developing consciousness

The Intelligence of life naturally brings us situations that stretch us and help us grow and develop, but many of these programmes still play out in our adult lives, keeping us trapped in an invisible mind-made cage, and stopping us from reaching our potential.

Personal development will help, but you can spend the rest of your life trying to clear all the confusing crap and lies of the false self away to find who you really are.

It’s pretty slow going!

The best and fastest way by far that I’ve experienced to create lasting change – in myself or for my clients –  has been through channeling higher guidance and energy work.

Where personal development focuses on the layers and works to strip them off through mind-level reasoning, channeling goes straight to the Source of who you are as a soul, and reminds you of how powerful you really are. It bypasses all the stories and masks we never even realised we were operating from.

Once you feel and know the truth of that, the layers of false self fall away easily.

This energy is pure consciousness – unconditional love that wants you to be happy and knows what you need to do to reset your default way of being to joy – because that is the essence of who you are.

Symptoms of not living your truth

  • You’re unclear what to do with your life and don’t know where to start changing it.
  • You don’t understand why nothing seems to be going your way.
  • You feel abandoned by the Universe – alone, adrift, disconnected, lost.
  • You can’t see any possibilities, feel hopeless, directionless.
  • You’re dreading Monday morning at work, or it doesn’t excite or motivate you.
  • You’re crabby, critical, frustrated, sad and nothing seems enjoyable.


Other signs that you’re out of alignment

  • Your house has been on the market for months and won’t sell.
  • You argue with your spouse or partner constantly.
  • Your child is doing badly at school
  • Your health is not what it should be.
  • There’s never enough money.

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Symptoms of living your Truth

  • When you come into alignment within yourself by following your inner Truth, your outer life becomes more harmonious.
  • You’ll be better prepared to handle adversity and have more resilience.
  • You won’t need others’ approval to validate your worth.
  • You’ll have the confidence to speak and live your Truth.
  • You’ll no longer feel guilty taking care of yourself.
  • You’ll trust life more so you can let go of pushing and striving to make things happen from the level of your small self.
  • And you’ll generally experience a much greater sense of flow, abundance and that everything is going to be ok.


To identify, understand, and define your personal truth is one of the most important things you’ll ever do in this life. 

How are you living your truth now?

Can I help you?

 If you have any questions about channeling, about issues you’re dealing with, or about how to create more significant transformation by working at a deeper level, read this blog or contact me about having sessions.

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I’d love to hear from you.


To living magically.

Much love,

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