Manifesting a new world vision

Manifesting a new world vision together

I find it beautiful that the process of evolutionary transformation at the macro level for humanity and the planet operates within the same principles as calling in abundance for yourself.

After all, transformation is a PROCESS which brings you into energetic alignment, and to the point of attraction, with what you desire.

But there is no magic wand we can use for manifesting.

First we must access our POWER, and CHOOSE what we wish to experience with all our being. There is no room for self-doubt in this choosing. All parts of you have to be brought online with this possibility and end result.

When you do that, you are sending a powerful intentional message out into the intelligent field of consciousness which, as an extension of you, begins to organise itself in response to your choice.

But it doesn’t just obligingly show up with the thing you’ve asked for… not usually anyway!

It brings you the circumstances that will help you grow into the person who is energetically aligned to receive that experience – which is far more empowering, and elevates your vibration since you have to let go of the parts of you that would block your own receiving.

The challenge comes because the ego doesn’t like change, and will fight to keep the status quo, even if it’s really uncomfortable – because it’s familiar. It will try and convince you that some things are just too hard, you don’t have what it takes to make it happen, you’re not good enough, it’s not possible, you don’t deserve it…

And if your head isn’t already filled with this negative head talk, you could very well find that life just doesn’t appear to want to play ball either, and seems to sabotage you each time you take a step forwards, or barriers fall with impeccably bad timing across your path. 

If this is happening in your life, just know it’s all part of the process of growing you into the next level of your evolution. It will build resilience and cause you to mine your inner resources for the inner power that will move you past your block.

And this will have an incredible ripple-effect through your whole life, because the true gift of having desires is not in the receiving of the thing we want, but in who we become on the way to receiving it.

The challenge is to navigate the path by holding your vision lightly and your faith fiercely.

So as you go, keep connecting to your Infinite Self, because that is where you will find everything you need. Meanwhile, give your human self as much love, compassion, encouragement and validation as you can.

Be mindful and just go ONE STEP AT A TIME, moment by moment.

There’s no hurry!

In fact, time is so strange right now because we are shifting timelines, so letting go of time as we have known it will really support your transition. 

This self-mastery and resilience is the true gift, because if you can develop this you’ll be able to navigate through any challenge that life brings on your way to living an unlimited life, and one you want to share with the wider world.


The universe is always working in your favour

Choose the best world you could imagine – for yourself, for humanity and for the planet

Have your desires manifested as you would have liked?

If you’ve been feeling frustrated and stuck there could be many things creating this situation.

You could be blocking yourself through:

  • self doubt
  • inner constraints and resistance to what is happening in your life right now
  • you may have let go of your focus and vision because you didn’t 100% believe it was possible
  • you let limiting beliefs or fears, which could be conscious or unconscious, derail or distract you
  • the collective field of consciousness is influencing you
  • or you may not have clearly chosen what you want.

But you absolutely do have the POWER within you to create what your heart’s calling for. We all do. And as mentioned in this recent channelled message, more and more of us will open up and embody this power.

How about taking this time of a major global event as an opportunity to re-focus, and connect with the group mind of millions who are calling for something better for all?

What do you wish to create?

What is the life you wish to live?

What kind of world do you wish to leave as a legacy?

You are here to make an impact. Most Lightworkers aim too small, too safe. This is often what makes manifesting much harder, because it’s not in true alignment with the magnificence you’re here to be.

This is YOUR time.

The universe knows this, so it keeps you in a state of dissatisfaction, nudging you on until you choose a juicy, expansive enough vision to step into that it can really get behind, giving you the ride of your life so you feel truly ALIVE.

So why not dream up the world you would like to live in?

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Here are some more questions to get the creative juices flowing…

* What states of being would you like more of? – happiness, joy, laughter, fun, pleasure, freedom, upliftment, spaciousness, creativity, kindness, supportedness, abundance, vitality, purposefulness, satisfaction, fulfilment, contribution, ease, flow, gentleness, quietness, excitement, movement, momentum, peace, calm, connection, love, prosperity, empowerment, connection to Divinity, relaxation, intimacy, romance, adventure, wildness, lightness…

* How do you choose to show up in the world? 

* How willing are you to step into self-mastery, self-leadership and personal responsibility and accountability? 

* How do you choose to be loved, honoured, acknowledged, respected, validated, empowered, supported, encouraged, appreciated and held by others?

* Can you imagine a world where people are supporting one another, where everyone feels cared for and valued as part of a community?

* How much easier could you imagine life to be?

* How might it be if the wealth of the world gets distributed more fairly so people have more time to be, and freedom to do the work that they’re passionate about, rather than being slaves to making money to get by? What if the whole financial system changed to be more about serving all people, rather than just the few, so that everyone had access to the incredible abundance of our bountiful planet?

* How might the systems and governance in our societies, schools and organisations be restructured to be more supportive, to encourage values like peace, love, compassion, connection, empowerment, confidence, creativity, worthiness, personal responsibility, healthy boundaries, authenticity, abundance for all and living in harmony with Mother Nature?


Let your imagination and desires for a New Earth run free, and know that you are adding them to a collective vision that has so much creative power right now in this polarised time.

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Cathy portraitCathy Ballard – Mentor and visionary coach for spiritual paradigm-shifters and sensitive empaths.

Cathy teaches her clients to develop and trust their connection to Source, master their spiritual power and reclaim their worth and value, creating more joy, satisfaction and abundance as a natural by-product of authentic alignment.



Facebook: Cathy Ballard Transformation Coaching


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