What do you do when you’re feeling out of balance?

There is a lot of change and chaotic energy around right now. What’s happening on a global scale and influencing collective consciousness is impacting us all at some level, but it’s especially strong if you’re someone who’s sensitive and empathic. 

Have you been juggling lots or struggling to keep all your plates spinning lately? 

If so, maybe this short message from the Two of Pentacles will help. 

Watch or read the transcript below to find out!

The Two of Pentacles – For when you’re feeling out of balance 

I got a nudge this morning to pull a card and share, so if the message is for you today and it resonates, do let me know in the comments, like it and maybe share it with your friends if you think anyone else really needs this message.

And don’t forge tto subscribe to get the latest content. So, the card that I pulled is the Two of Pentacles

As you can see on the card, there’s a man who is juggling two large pentacles within an infinity symbol and he’s balanced precariously, but he could be doing a little dance! And in the background are two ships on a very big, rolling sea.


The key meanings

So the key meanings of this card are change, balance and being able to ride the ups and downs of life.

The Two of Pentacles - Out of balance


Infinity sign

The awkwardly balanced infinity sign represents that change is the only constant there is. Everything is in flux, and that whatever change you might be experiencing at the moment is a necessary part of your growth. It’s something that’s brought to you by the higher intelligence of the universe.


The dancing man

The dancing man himself suggests that in order to handle all the ups and downs of life that are just natural, that it would be good to take an attitude of seeing life as a dance, rather than a straight linear path. 

Try and be in the moment, trust that you’re exactly where you need to be and accept that change is inevitable, even if it is unsettling, or feels unstable at times and out of your control. 

If you can allow, rather than resist this uncertainty, it will really help you to stay afloat and to get back into flow when things become a bit more calm.

Check out my vlog on how transformation is a dance, not a straight line, which talks about this more.


Balancing act between two important things

Another message or meaning of the Two of Pentacles, if this card resonates with you, might be that you’re trying really hard to do a balancing act. There might be two things that are really important going on in your life right now that you’re trying hard to keep in balance, and they are taking up a lot of your energy and focus.

So, if that’s true for you right now, then the card suggests that it could be really helpful to take a step back, zoom out from where you are right at the moment so that you can get a different perspective or a wider view, where you might discover an easier way to move forward or a creative solution that works better for you, and to prioritise and give attention to these two things that are important, and find ways to accept and adapt to the change.  Because you can do that; you have all the resources within yourself to do that.


Is balance precarious for you right now?

So, if balance is precarious for you right now, especially if it’s to do with material or financial resources, or personal energy and health are an issue – because that’s what the suit of Pentacles represents – this might be a message to just be careful as you ride these ups and downs, and to trust yourself that you’ll be able to adapt to the change.


The two ships

And the two ships in the background further reinforce this idea that life always has natural it’s ups and downs, and if it was just flatlining the whole time it would be so boring. So just trust that you are exactly where you need to be, go with the flow, enjoy the crests as much as the rest part in the bottom of the wave, in the wake. Find ways to find balance so that you can manage everything that’s coming your way.


And so, if you found the Two of Pentacles useful for you today, do leave a comment to let me know, and I will see you next time.


Dividing line


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