You've got the power!

When things seem dire, reclaim your innate power!

Are you someone who keeps track of what’s happening on the global stage?

When you consume the news, whether that’s mainstream news or independent sources, do you notice your energy shift?

If you’re a sensitive person, then current coverage about war, financial hardships, child trafficking, natural disasters, excess deaths, geopolitical tensions, Covid backlash, authoritarianism, censorship and control, and climate change – to name a few themes – could be having a huge effect on you.

And with so much chaos going on that is touching everyone’s lives, it’s natural to complain, throw blame and wish that someone or something to come along to fix this mess.

But the thing is, blaming, criticising or hoping for a saviour, whether on the world stage, or in your personal circumstances, puts the power to affect your life in someone else’s hands.

You are giving your power away to others at the time when you most need to reclaim it for yourself.

So don’t wish for a knight in shining armour!

It’s no one else’s job to save you.

This is your opportunity to activate and reclaim your innate personal power to direct the course of your life, and to use it to navigate the current challenging times in the best way possible.

You've got the power!

The use and mis-use of power

Power is often judged as bad.

We’ve all experienced being disempowered by someone in our past; someone in authority who thinks they know what’s best for us without finding out who we are or what we need, or someone who abuses their authority over a more vulnerable person/people because they don’t feel powerful or resourced themselves – think bullies. Or maybe you’ve had a tyrannical boss, parent or leader who experienced the energy of power like a drug, because it felt so good to them to feel their own power and wield it over others.

This mis-use of power doesn’t feel good when you’re on the receiving end, so we judge it, unconsciously make the decision not to be like that because we prefer to identify with being good, and so we end up unconsciously rejecting an amazing resource within ourselves


It is a latent energy within all of us, and it’s up to us how we use it – in service for self or service for others. 

 And it isn’t about using force, which is usually using will power and ego to ‘make it happen’. This is about awakening and embodying the energy of our innate power so that we vibrate with it and become it.

And when we’re standing in that frequency others cannot use their power over us.


You've got the power!

Breaking the grip of negativity

Many people will not be feeling empowered right now, what with all the crises going on in the world, any patterns of powerlessness, weakness, victimhood, stuckness, self-doubt, separation, fear and lack will be the strongest emotions in the forefront of their consciousness.

So if you’re experiencing these states, please know that you also have strength, courage, power, love, ease, compassion, creativity, freedom, peace… and a whole bunch of other positive states within you that you can harness to break through the grip of negativity. 

However, when we let our pain body take over our experience it can feel like things are out of our control, and tapping into those inner resources seems impossible. 

But it’s not. There is always a way through.

You just haven’t learned how to access it yet, but it starts with choosing what you want to experience instead of settling for your current reality – choosing for yourself, and choosing for the planet to help manifest a new world vision.

Right now many of us are doing this, and have done so for a long, long time. Over many lifetimes and generations, groups and individuals have been raising consciousness on the planet through the process of soul evolution.

We know that the planet and humanity are in the process of huge transformation, and transition into new states of consciousness. And as part of that process we’re experiencing a collective Dark Night of the Soul, where the old self dies and we have to let go of what we’ve outgrown and what no longer serves, which is painful, messy, confusing and uncomfortable.

So the shift is not being ramped up as a reaction to the chaos in society. What’s happening in front of our eyes, although it appears difficult, is the representation of the lower aspects of collective human consciousness going through its death knell.

So this is really GOOD NEWS!

It means we’re on the right track, and have collectively moved into a higher vibrational state. And now, anything that doesn’t align with this higher state is showing up to be faced, transmuted and released – in the world and in our personal lives – and that includes where we’re not standing in our true, innate power.

It may feel like times are dark, but have faith and trust the process.

The light revolution

Only you can reclaim power for yourself

No one really knows what goes on in the Whitehouse, Parliaments and other seats of government around the world, but this power is wielded by fallible human beings who are caught in a system that’s bigger than the individuals themselves.

Clearly some people love power, and manipulate events in their favour to get more. But others, especially in current circumstances, are stressed, in fear and under threat – of losing their positions and the power and influence they do have. And in trying to save their own skins, they make bad decisions that affect a lot of people.

It doesn’t help to see it as good or bad. It’s just human nature – in all its messy imperfection.

From a higher evolutionary perspective, the only thing that you can absolutely trust to be true is that all is exactly as it should be in this moment.

And to be free from the control of others who are in service to themselves, we must empower and free ourselves.

And only you can reclaim your power for yourself.

This is our individual and collective choice-point to grow up and take responsibility for ourselves, our lives and our world.

Dividing line


Cathy portraitCathy Ballard – Mentor and visionary coach for spiritual paradigm-shifters and sensitive empaths.

Cathy teaches her clients to develop and trust their connection to Source, master their spiritual power and reclaim their worth and value, creating more joy, satisfaction and abundance as a natural by-product of authentic alignment.



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